Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is Your Issac?

We will find a great story in Gen 22 about Abraham and Issac, I love this story of course it is a foreshadowing of what Christ done for us taking our place. However the Lord gave me a message last June that he allowed to preach that I believe help some people in my church and in a revival I was able preach. One person came up to me and said it was one of the best messages they ever heard. I told him praise the Lord that it helped him. The thought comes from verse two. The Lord told Abraham to sacrifice his son whom loved. The Lord was testing Abrahams complete surrender. Today in church people believe some or mostly surrendered is alright but God wants 100 percent of your life and wants you to love him above all other things in your life. With that being said I would like to share with you a couple thoughts that you may need to place on an altar.

The First thought is Your Family.

You know I have been preaching for over 10 years served in the minstry longer than that and the one thing that gets in the way of serving the Lord is family. People miss church because family comes into town. It is amazing to me how many times family comes in town on church day. People put their kids above God. I believe children are a gift from the Lord, however they are still to be second place in your life. People put their kids sports above God. I wonder how many may need to say Lord I love my family above you and I am sorry and place them on the altar.

The Second thought is Your Friendships.
I have heard this several times well preacher we have been friends for years. Teenagers tell me we have been friends since grade school. Friends either draw you closer to the Lord, or they cause you to drift. Sometimes the reason people are in such a rut is they will not place their friendships on the altar. You are not to be friends with those that are in darkness in this world. We are to try to reach them with the gospel.

The Third thought is Your Fleshly Amusements.

The things you listen too. Some CHristians God has been after there worldly music for years, and just won't give it up. They love there music above the Lord. One of the musics we deal with here is country people just don't see a problem with it. Even though it talks about fornication, adultery, beer and things of that nature they say oh GOd don't care REALLY, the Bible says everything we do ought to glorify God.

The things you watch, do they glorify God. If Jesus was to come down and be in the room with you could he watch it with you.

The Fourth though is Your Future.
We make plans and never include God in them. God wants are todays, and tomorrows. This point is mostly to young people have you layed your future on the altar. Above any plans you have you need to surrender your life to God. GIve him a white piece of paper sign it and ask God to fill in the blanks.

In conclusion what is God asking you to give up in your life, do be more pleasing to him. Till next time God Bless

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