Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep the Fire Burning

I Samuel 3:1-10

It was the job of the priest to make sure the fire never went out. In todays world of Christianity there is not much fire burning. In our churches it is hard enough for people to be faithful to the House of God. People have a lot of excuses why they don't come to God's house. With that being said we need to have a fire burning in our churches so people can come and see what is burning.

We need Old Fashioned Preaching- we need preachers to get a backbone and preach thus saith the Lord. We have people in our church tell me you don't sugar coat nothing well we are not suppose too.
We need Old Fashioned Praying- Oh how we need to get back to praying in our churches. One of the least attended services is Wed the Hour of Prayer.
We need Old Fashion People- we need to get back to living Holy lives before the Lord. It is still God's command for us to be Holy.
We need Old Fashion Praising- People will shout at a game, or at the T.V. but when it comes to God's house it is like pulling teeth to get a Amen! How sad.

It must be started- Before you get a fire burning in your soul you have to know that you have been saved. It is not a hope so think so salvation it is a know so salvation. I pray you all know that you are saved by the grace of God.

It must be Stoked- When you have a good fire you have to keep the fire burning so you have to stoke it. How do we stoke it.
a. By reading and obeying the Word of God daily
b. By praying on a daily basis.
c. By serving in the local church.

More than anything what we need after the fire is burning is my last point. My last point is it must spread.

It must spread.

Who does it need to spread to:
Well our children need to see a fire burning. After the age of 18 over 70 percent of young people turn their back on God.
1. Hypocritical Parents
2. No Realness in the Church

More than anything the people that need to see a church burning for the Lord is our Community. They need to know that there is something real down at the church house.

To close I know a short thought today I believe the Lord wants me to start posting more regular again. I want to ask you this question are you not tired of the formalism in church, don't you want the spirit to move, then we must surrender all to him and get on fire for the Lord. Till next time God Bless YOu.