Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great and Mighty Things

I know it has been a while since I post. I am still alive. It has been a rough couple of weeks in the church nothing bad just regular pastoral duties. You know families mad at one another, and then people getting there feelings hurt over misunderstandings. I am going to try to start posting regularly once again. I pray I may gain new readers that will gain some encouragement through the posts.

Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me, and I will answer thee and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.

I preached this last Wednesday Night at church. At the beginning of this chapter we find the Word of the Lord coming to Jeremiah the second time, and to start out I am glad the Word of the Lord comes more than once. I believe everytime you go to church the Word of the Lord should come to you. What we need in this hour of concern in our nation is for God's people to act on the Word of the Lord. We live in a church age that is lukewarm at best, and many people don't even hear what is being preach to them. If they hear it I know many are not heeding to the Word of the Lord. But my thought for this post is this verse. First we are told to call on the Lord. I know the day we got saved we called on his name to save us, but I believe we have lost sight that we still need to call on the Lord in everything we do. I am glad I am calling on one that is very attentive to what I need. I am glad that he is waiting to hear from me. Now to the next point I will answer thee. You know God answers us according to his will. He will answer us yes, no or wait, I know in my life many times I get the wait answer. That brings us to another thought we can not treat God like a microwave. We get upset when we don't hear the answer we want in our time. God is soverign and he will answer in this time. His ways and thoughts are above are thoughts. Now we come to the reason for this post. He will show great and mighty things. The church today settles for the status quo. I still want to see God do great and mighty things today. I know God can still do great and mighty things.

In the Salvation of Souls God can still do the great and mighty. He can still save souls that we think are hopeless. People we are praying for he can still save them. He is still in the soul saving business, and God want to use us in the area of reaching lost people to do the great and mighty.

I believe God still wants to do the great and mighty in the church. He still wants to fill the church up. He still wants to perform miracles in our churches. He wants to heal people from their infirmities. He wants to put marriages back to together. He still wants to bring the wayward home.

To close the reason we do not see the great and mighty today is I believe we just don't believe God. We don't have the trust in God to do it. Today most churches have not seen the move of God in the church. Even though he says he is there. What do you need today in your life. I know one thing He can still do the great and mighty. God bless you till next time.

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Jerry Bouey said...

Bro Tim, I was reading one of your old posts in an email from May 4/08, and tried to follow the link to your site to read any comments that might have been left on that post. I couldn't find the post, and was wondering if it was accidently deleted. Here it is to repost if that was the case (I appreciate your posts and don't want you to lose any of them). Hope you don't mind. God bless.

Put it in the Lord's HandsWow! It is hard to believe that this week is my third anniversary in posting a blog. I want to thank those that still come by and visit me and leave comments or don't leave comments. I pray this blog has been encouraging yet I pray that some of the stuff has been convicting.

Prov 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths.

We are admonished here my Solmon in this passage of scripture. We know everything that happens in our life happens for a purpose. This is a very famous passage of scripture and may can quote it but lets look at in detail.

I. Trust with all thine heart.This is easy to say but hard to do from a fleshy person. I know some think they are real spiritual but in my life I have a hard time doing this.We trust in in Saving our Soul. We nail that down but something about trusting him in everyday life is different. It is hard to Trust with every bit of my heart I believe God can do anything in others lives but sometimes have a hard time believing he can do it for me.

II. Lean not unto thine own understanding.This is where alot of us live our lives leaning to our own understanding. We try to help God help in our lives and God says no. He will not share his glory with any one. How many times do we make an own understanding decision. We make decisions many times without even consulting our Lord and Savior. However for us to a spirit-filled christian we have to give God all our heart.

III. In all thy ways acknowledge him.SOmetimes we live our lives without ever acknowledging the Lord. SOmetimes we get so busy and forget to bring Jesus into to the equastion. The Word again is that little word all, just like trust with all thine heart, here it is in all thy ways. We must trust him in all our ways. and we must acknowledge him in all our ways. All means all.

IV. and he shall direct thy path.We have a part to do before God fulfills his promise. If we don't do our part God is not obligated to his. We must put everything in the Lords hands in our life. He wants to do so much for us in our lives but we don't allow him because we are not obedient to this passage of scripture sometimes we go through things because we don't do what this passage says.May the Lord help us to be obedient in our part and we know GOd will do his part