Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What do When the Devil is on Your Back?

First Before I post this thought I want to thank those who still come by. I want to be more faithful to posting but sometimes I wonder if anyone is really keeping up on the posts that the Lord gives us. I want to let those who our my friends on here things are still going well at the church and God is still blessing. I pray you allow this simple thought today to speak to your heart. We need Christians to stay in the battle no matter how hard it becomes.

We all go through times in our life where we are closer to the Lord than at other times. The devil lies to us how good the other side of the fence is. The Bible tells us that Satan desireth you and he will not quit. Satan desiring to sift Peter in Luke 22:31. It is good to know that Satan can not do anything without God's permission. I was thinking recently about area's in my life that I seem to have the most trouble in. I know what they are and I also know Satan knows what they are. I know in my own life I get tired of being defeated in the same areas of my life. I pray and asked God to help me and really want to have complete victory in my life, but for some reason when tempted I fall back in the devils trap. I know most Christians have areas that they struggle in. Remember the devils ultimate goal in our life is to get us to quit on God. I know the reason biblically why I get defeated it is because I have not yielded to the Holy Ghost. I know what the Bible says and I know greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. Maybe I am missing something and maybe no one else that reads this has this problem but I believe we all do. I know we are never to quit on God even though I have thought about it in the past. I know people who have given into the pressure of the warefare between the devil and God in their life and now they are not in church and some don't even mention God anymore. I believe the devil has won in their lives. I also know that if we don't yield to the Holy Spirit we also can end up in the same position they are. When I get defeated in an area in my life first I must recognize it is sin and I need to confess and forsake it. I also realize and thank God for this that I have a long suffering God who understands where I am being tempted and will always be faithful to me. I also realize that the only way I can defeat the devil is by staying in the Word and by staying on my knee's. My question to you is when you are defeated in an area what keeps you going. I am reminded for what Jesus done for me and thus I can not turn back on the Lord I must keep going. It will be good one day when we lay down this robe of flesh as one song puts it, and we get a new one and the devil can never again defeat us. Praise the Lord that he will see us through even when we fail him. I don't understand why Christians want to stay in a carnal state. I fail the Lord but I want to get the carnality out of my life so I can be a better soldier in the Lord's army. If we have a desire to live for God, we will want to be close to the Lord. The only way the devil defeats us is when we backslide on God. I pray this was a help and also lets us press on till Jesus comes. Till next time God Bless.

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Sis. Julie said...

I still come by!! I'm sorry I don't post comments like I should to let you know. A lot of time I don't have the time to leave comments once I read the posts that I want to read. But when I do have the time I try to go back and comment. I just don't always remember to do that.

I'm so thankful for how the Lord is using you!! I always knew God would!! You and Sis. Crystal are a real blessing to us and we love you both dearly!!

Thank you for being such great friends to us!!