Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning Your World Upside Down for Christ

Acts 17:6b These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;

I preached this message a couple of weeks ago and the Lord really dealt with my heart about this thought in my own life. The church in general today is not doing much on a personal level in reaching lost people. Most of our churches are full of people that have never led someone to Christ. Many in our church have never given a gospel tract. Now this fact is very sad, because all you have to do is pick some gospel tracts up and leave them somewhere. We have such a freedom in this country of taking the gospel to a lost and dying world and many never do.

Now the Bible tells us to preach the Gospel to every creature this is in Mark 16:15. I am glad that we can support world-wide missions. How can we do this? Well some have gone in our place and they have gone to the missionfield. They have left all here and went to other countries. I am not against home missions but I believe true mission works our overseas to people that have never heard the gospel. We can support it by giving to missionaries in our place. We waste so much money that one day if we just realized what heavenly benefits we would get if we just gave 20 dollars a month to a missonary I believe that all those souls will be put on your account.

I do not really want to deal with that thought I want to talk about you effecting your world. If you are a young person that would be you school, if you are an adult that would be your job, and together that would be where ever you may be. If we would just become soul conscience I believe we would realize how much God could use us in reaching souls. The story here in acts 17 these men have been preaching and many have got saved as the result of these men. I want to give three things I believe you must have to reach your world.

I. A Burden
Now before someone disagree I know that it is a command to reach lost people but I believe if we would get back to realizing that people are dying and going to hell all around us we may get a burden. What if God were to pull back the portals of Hell tonight and allowed us to hear the screams, and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth I wonder where we would be after we saw that. I believe Christians know there is a Hell but by the way we witness I wonder if we truly believe there is one. What we need in our churches is to fall under conviction for our lack of reaching souls.

II. Boldness
If you are going to affect your world you are going to have to have boldness to reach lost people. I believe God will allow you talk to anyone in whatever state of life they are in if we ask. I heard people say I am not bold in my speech well I believe he will give you that when you stand before people. I told our people that even when I go to doors today and I have knocked on lots of doors over the last several year that I still get that anxious feelng in my stomach but once I talk to that first person God gives me the boldness to talk to people.

III. A Biblical Life. You can not live like a hypocrit and reach your world. God still wants us to live a holy life. WHen at work or school when people tell bad jokes you should leave. When it comes down to gossip as a child of God we should stop it. The reason souls are not being saved is not because of the wickedness of society because think of Noah's day the Lord found one that was living right. The reason souls are not being saved is not because God has lost his power. He is still willing and able to save anyone. The reason souls are not being saved is because the world sees no difference in the lives of professing Christians. We need to get back to talking different, acting different, dressing different than the world.

To close this thought this evening I praise GOd that even though I may have messed up in the area that i can find forgiveness and tomorrow is a new day. I pray that you take these thoughts and allow God to use you to further his kingdom. God Bless YOu!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some Thoughts from a historic but Sad Day for America

As I sit here pondering on the thought that we now have a president elect that many of us born Again Christians didn't want. Before I truly get started it is a historic day to put a man that is no of the white race in office to be the president of the United States. I did not vote against Obama because he was black. Some sadly did vote that way and that shows as a nation how much further we truly need to go. So it was historical in one sense but the sadness of the day is that we now have a man in that literally on T.V. told us if his daughter got pregnant he would want her to get rid of the mistake. How sad? We have a man now that no doubt will divide Israel's land. We now have the most liberal man ever to be in Senate going to be running this country. With all that being said this country deserved what it got. We have long kick Jesus out of almost all public things. We as a Christian people in the majority have told God let me run my life and let me do what I want to do. Things we use to call sin our no longer sin. The excuse we use today is I have liberty. We forget what that wonderful verse in I Cor 10:31 tells us and that is to bring glory to God in all things. We forgot that God still expects his people to be holy and righteous. He still expects us to be different. I hate to say that the majority of the church makes God sick. Now as we journey through these next couple of years maybe God's people will truly come back to him. I haven't pastored long but I am convinced that our lips praise him but our heart is far from him. The road will be hard I believe for real Christians over the next few years. But the church has always strived when facing persecution. I am not God so I don't know how bad it may get for Christians that believe the truth. Will we face churches being closed down? Will we face the threat of jail if we preach the Bible? Will we face martydom at sometime I don't know? Here is what I am going to do over the next few years. I will pray for Mr Obama to trust Jesus Christ as his Savior. I will pray that our nation will turn back to a Holy God in repentance. I will pray that my life will glorify my Lord and that whatever I may face I know that God's grace will get me through. To close maybe we are that much closer to the return of Christ. May we end this post with what John said Even So Come Quickly Lord Jesus. Till next time God Bless you and remember it is our duty to pray for our leaders. I Timothy 2:1'2.