Friday, September 12, 2008

When the Wind Blows

In John 3:8 the Holy Spirit is likened to wind, and also in Acts 2:2 when the church of pentecost is about to start the Holy Spirit is likened also to a wind.

There are several winds that I see blowing in the church that are not the wind of the Holy Spirit.
The first wind I see in the church today is the Wind of Confusion-People are so confused in the church today in general. You have some churches that are preaching false doctrine or doctrine that itches the ears, you have easy believism in the church, and then you have Pastoral Dictatorship in churches.
The Second wind I see is the Wind of Complanecy- People today in our churches are so complacent today. You can't get most Christians to hand out a tract, testify in the church, come to Sunday School, or better yet there are only Sunday Morning Christians. People don't care about living for God. If they do they do, and if they don't they don't. There is no fear of God in their lives. I don't understand after being saved for 15 years, and really serving in the church for 15 years why people don't do more for Christ in the church. We are definitely living in the ladociean age of the church.
The Third Wind I see is the Wind of Compromise. Churches are compromising some of things they allow in CHurch.
1 Compromising the Scriptures- You have so many churches that use to stand KJV and now they are using different perversions of the Bible.
2. Compromisng th Singing- In our independent baptist churches you have the praise and worship music coming in. Give me the old hymns they speak to the heart.
3. Compromising the Standards- Churches are lowering their standard in the church. Lost people should come however they want they need Jesus, but when you have church members that know what is right dropping their standards in the church you are asking for trouble. James 4:17

These are some winds that are blowing in the church today. Now more than ever we need the wind of the Holy Ghost to blow through are churches. I want to share several things that will happen when the Holy Ghost blows through.

I. You will find Conversions- People will be getting saved.
Bear faithfulness
Bear fellowship
Bear Fruit

II. You will find Conviction- Christians will get right.
So many of our people come to church the same way every week, and God hasn't work in their life for years. But when the Wind Blows you see these people getting right with God.

III. You will find Changed Lives- WHen the wind is blowing you will see the people in the church growing and conforming into the image of Christ.

IV. You will find Commitment- People are committed to nothing today. When he blows we become more committed to our church, and to being a Christian

To close we need to the wind to blow in our churches more than ever today. I am tired of hearing how things use to be, we serve the same God that the move in the church years ago. He hasn't changed we have. God Bless You till next time.

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Jerry Bouey said...

Good message, Bro Tim.

He hasn't changed we have.

Ouch! So true.