Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trust the Lord

Before I get started today I want to say a couple of things. First thank you for all those that know about my wife being diagnosed with cancer. We will be seeing the onocologist on the 14th. We are believing God is going to heal her, but if not the doctor believes we have caught it at a very early stage so we may just have to have surgery and no other treatments please pray for us. We know that God has a reason for my wife and I to go through this it is so first that we trust him, and secondly one day we will be able to comfort other that go through this, secondly I want to say we had a wonderful revival God breathed through each service and I believe our peope got much help. NOw to the post this week. The storm we are about to embark on is one that may get rough but I do know this God's grace is sufficent in the storm so I pray that if you read this that you remember no matter what you are going through that God is still on the throne and that he loves you.

Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths.We are admonished here my Solmon in this passage of scripture. We know everything that happens in our life happens for a purpose. This is a very famous passage of scripture and may can quote it but lets look at in detail.

I. Trust with all thine heart. This is easy to say but hard to do from a fleshy person. I know some think they are real spiritual but in my life I have a hard time doing this. We trust in the Saving our Soul. We nail that down but something about trusting him in everyday life is different. It is hard to Trust with every bit of my heart I believe God can do anything in others lives but sometimes have a hard time believing he can do it for me.

II. Lean not unto thine own understanding.This is where alot of us live our lives leaning to our own understanding. We try to help God help in our lives and God says no. He will not share his glory with any one. How many times do we make an own understanding decision. We make decisions many times without even consulting our Lord and Savior. However for us to a spirit-filled christian we have to give God all our heart. I believe as Christians that many times God is trying to get us to the point to where all we can do is look up to him.

III. In all thy ways acknowledge him. Sometimes we live our lives without ever acknowledging the Lord. SOmetimes we get so busy and forget to bring Jesus into to the equastion. The Word again is that little word all, just like trust with all thine heart, here it is in all thy ways. We must trust him in all our ways. and we must acknowledge him in all our ways. All means all.

IV. and he shall direct thy path.We have a part to do before God fulfills his promise. If we don't do our part God is not obligated to his. We must put everything in the Lords hands in our life. He wants to do so much for us in our lives but we don't allow him because we are not obedient to this passage of scripture sometimes we go through things because we don't do what this passage says.

To close I really pray that the Lord would put us in a position that we fully trust him. I know in all our lives we sometimes don't understand why we go through things that we go through but I heard a statement from a Preacher recently. He said God Holy to make a mistake, and God loves us to much to mistreat us. God will never mistreat his Child. God bless you till next time

Friday, September 19, 2008

Revival: Now or maybe Never

This is an old post, but the Lord layed it on my heart to post today. I asked that all those that read this that they would pray for our revival this coming up Monday through Friday that God would breathe and shake our church and that we would see more than just a meeting but a true revival.

Our church is going to have revival next week. I believe our church really does need revival. We have to be able to affect our community and the only way that is going to happen is if we get a revival started in the community. It starts with each member of our church. Our country also needs revival however in my opinion our country may have gone to far with us telling Israel they had divide the land that God gave them. However in this post I want to get it down to a personal level. We need revival. We need a shot in the arm to keep going until Jesus comes. We go through many trials some from the Lord, and some from our own doing. I believe we are in the end of end times look at what is going on. I believe most of the body of Christ don't want revival they just want to keep living the way they are without God getting in their business. How sad but true with most saved people. I personally have been a many of good meetings, but I have never seen God get a hold of a person for any length of time and start a fire of revival with that person. The post title is for a reason. We don't know how much more time we are going to live as matter of fact we are not promised tomorrow. So we either have revival now or we may never have revival. The Word of God says are life is like a vapor. We know the Lord wants us in close fellowship with him. When was the last time you talked to the Lord and it seem like he was in the room with you? Why do we always wait for Revival meeting to have revival? I was talking to someone and they said the greatest revivals are the ones not plan by man but when God sweeps in without a revival meeting. THis is what we must see in our personal lives. He wants us to love him so much that he can use us mightily. The only thing that stops God from using us in us. For those that may not go to our church that reads this you can have revival. We turn from our will, way, and turn to God's will, and God's ways. In closing how long will God give out the call to revival and we keep turning it down before he moves on and finds someone who really wants revival. I pray that he gives me this chance and that for the first time I would experience a holy ghost sent revival in my heart. God bless you till next time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

When the Wind Blows

In John 3:8 the Holy Spirit is likened to wind, and also in Acts 2:2 when the church of pentecost is about to start the Holy Spirit is likened also to a wind.

There are several winds that I see blowing in the church that are not the wind of the Holy Spirit.
The first wind I see in the church today is the Wind of Confusion-People are so confused in the church today in general. You have some churches that are preaching false doctrine or doctrine that itches the ears, you have easy believism in the church, and then you have Pastoral Dictatorship in churches.
The Second wind I see is the Wind of Complanecy- People today in our churches are so complacent today. You can't get most Christians to hand out a tract, testify in the church, come to Sunday School, or better yet there are only Sunday Morning Christians. People don't care about living for God. If they do they do, and if they don't they don't. There is no fear of God in their lives. I don't understand after being saved for 15 years, and really serving in the church for 15 years why people don't do more for Christ in the church. We are definitely living in the ladociean age of the church.
The Third Wind I see is the Wind of Compromise. Churches are compromising some of things they allow in CHurch.
1 Compromising the Scriptures- You have so many churches that use to stand KJV and now they are using different perversions of the Bible.
2. Compromisng th Singing- In our independent baptist churches you have the praise and worship music coming in. Give me the old hymns they speak to the heart.
3. Compromising the Standards- Churches are lowering their standard in the church. Lost people should come however they want they need Jesus, but when you have church members that know what is right dropping their standards in the church you are asking for trouble. James 4:17

These are some winds that are blowing in the church today. Now more than ever we need the wind of the Holy Ghost to blow through are churches. I want to share several things that will happen when the Holy Ghost blows through.

I. You will find Conversions- People will be getting saved.
Bear faithfulness
Bear fellowship
Bear Fruit

II. You will find Conviction- Christians will get right.
So many of our people come to church the same way every week, and God hasn't work in their life for years. But when the Wind Blows you see these people getting right with God.

III. You will find Changed Lives- WHen the wind is blowing you will see the people in the church growing and conforming into the image of Christ.

IV. You will find Commitment- People are committed to nothing today. When he blows we become more committed to our church, and to being a Christian

To close we need to the wind to blow in our churches more than ever today. I am tired of hearing how things use to be, we serve the same God that the move in the church years ago. He hasn't changed we have. God Bless You till next time.

Friday, September 05, 2008

We need a Shaking

I told you I would be back. I know that God wants be to continue putting posts up. I pray they will continue to be a blessing to all who read.

The Bible tells us over and over that we need to be right with God in all area's of our life. We can look at People like Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul that God did use in mighty ways even inspite of their failures. We all sometimes get into Christian ruts in our life. What I mean by that is we all get cold on God sometimes. There is none of I believe can say I am always on fire for the Lord. I am always being directed by the Holy Ghost of God in all areas of my life. We all have times where we are stronger for our Lord. In my own life I have got the point where I am tired of failing the Lord in the same area's of my life and I am ready for God to shake me. I want my life to be different than the normal Christian life. I know people that enjoy living in mediocre or lukewarm as Revelation Chapter 3 tells us, but there are some that want excell in the Christian Life. I know that this comes with a cost. It should be the desire and motivation of all our hearts to live spirit-filled. The reason more people don't come to Christ isn't because of the day we are living in because the Holy Spirit is still convicting hearts, it isn't because everyone is saved. It is because when we walk in this world people don't see the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We need a shaking from in God in Several areas of our life I will hit them and then let you allow God to work in your life.

We need a Shaking in Our Study.

We need to be students of the Word of God. We don't just need to read it, it needs to be a part of our everyday life. I know this is area where I have struggle so far this summer but God has shown me and I am trying to study his word more. I want to know him in my life in more intimate way.

We need a Shaking in Our Supplication

As a Christian I humbly have to say that this has been an area where I have struggle almost my whole Christian life. We need to power of God and the only way that comes is through Prayer. We have to have a stable prayer life. I have preached and taught on this subject because even though I pray I can not say I have a prayer life that is always effective for the cause of Christ. I humbly asked all those that read this When was the last time you got ahold God?

We need a Shaking in Our Soulwinning.

I am not going to spend long on this thought. Just that I fail in this is area and need to do better. We need to reach people for the cause of Christ before it is too late in our lives. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?Just a quick thought that was on my heart that God has been working me over on. Will you allow God to shake you to the point that you would be a more effective Christian. God Bless Till Next time.