Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey I am still alive

Hey everyone!

I know I have a few faithful readers to my blog. I have not given up on blogging. I have just decided to take a longer break than normal. Usually I take a week this time I have taken almost a month. Sometimes you just don't feel like you blog means anything to anyone. The reason I do my blog is to share with you truths from God's Word that he has helped me with and that I have preached to the flock that God has given me. ONe of those weeks I was on vacation. The Lord been blessing us mightily. I am amazed of the good grace of God in my life. Because I know I do no deserve anything the Lord does for me in my life. I fail and mess up so bad in my life but he still loves me and is faithful to me even when I drift from him. I preached a message last night on When the Wind Blows. I will be sharing this message with you all soon. All I know is that God breathe on us last night and he was all over me last night as I preached. For those preachers out there I Believe you know what I mean. I praise God for that last night. We only had 21 people last night but oh did God meet with us last night. Well I just wanted to let you all know I am coming back. I will once again post next month. I just pray that this blog will continue to glorify God and that to those that read it will encourage at times, but at other times it will challenge us. Till Jesus Comes!!

Bro Tim

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Jerry Bouey said...

Bro Tim, your blog is an encouragement to me. I may not always post something in reply, but I am still reading what you post. Take what break you feel you need, but do keep blogging. God bless.