Friday, July 25, 2008

A Pure Heart

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart;for the shall see God.

I was reading the beatitudes and some of them jump out at me. I may teach these in Sunday School I don't know yet. But I will at least teach a couple of them. As read this passage of scripture there are some things I realize about God. God is Holy, He is Pure, and he wants us to be these things. Don't get me wrong the heart is decietful we know this but the Bible say we should be pure in heart.As we look at this the word blessed means happy. That means if heart is not pure we are not happy. The word pure means clean, clear. We can live with a clean heart. David asked the Lord to create a clean heart. The bible says that we are to guard are heart with all diligence. It takes work keeping a clean heart.
We must keep a pure heartHow?
I. By Spending Time with the Lord.We must have fellowship with to Lord. How do we fellowship with the Lord.
A. By Studying. We must do more than just read the Bible we must Study the scriptures. If we stay in the Word the Holy Ghost can show through the mirror of the Word of God what we need to get out of our lives.
B. By Supplication. PrayerWe must pray, we have to keep the lines of communication opened with God. If we don't we will not keep a clean heart.
C. By Seeking.I believe we need to seek the Lord fervently to keep a clean heart with him. We need to beg God to help to keep a clean heart.

II. By Attending Church Regulary.A person out of church will not keep a pure heart. The Man of God preaches through the leadership of the Holy Ghost what we need to hear to stay clean.
We must be Faithful.
We must be Fervent.
We must be Fruitful.

III. By Looking For Christ.We must live are lives daily expecting the return of Our Lord. People that don't keep a pure heart will not be looking for his return. The Bible tells us that every man that has this hope purifies himself. Most Christian live there lives the way they want and do not have the fear of God in their lives.As close this post this should be something we strive for in our lives.

To have a pure heart. The rest of the verse tells us we shall see God. Another post. But we shall see his Power, Presence, Protection, peace, Provision. After this week I do plan on posting more at least every other day.


Sis. Julie said...

Very good Bro. Tim!! I look forward to what else you have coming up for us.

Cindy said...

Bro Tim, this is an excellent post and I guess God is talking to me because the sermon this morning was on the exact same subject. Thank you!