Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Acts 11:26

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch

This message I preached this last Sunday. So I wanted to share with on this blog.

Where would we be without Christ? I sometimes look back and see if Jesus would not have saved me when he did I can see where my life would of headed. God is been so good to this preacher. I deserve to be in Hell today and so do you, but God in his infinite mercy loved us and saved us. I am glad he saved me how about you? I believe sometimes as Christians we forget the miracle that God performed the day we got saved.

When he saved me....

I got forgiveness. I am so glad that when he saved me he forgave me of all my sins. Past Present and Future. I am glad that every sin that I ever commit was put under the blood the day I bowed my knee and repented of my sins and trusted Christ. The Devil tries to bring those sins up all the time in my life and in other Christians lives but he is a defeated foe.

I got a family. I thank God for the family of God this morning. I am glad that I was put into a family that loves me. In many Christians lives our family at church is closer than our earthly family. I don't have much in common with my earthly family. They don't understand where I am at with the Lord, but I have much in common with my church family. We have something in common and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I got a future.

My future is God is preparing a place for me to spend eternity. I will get to spend forever with my Lord and Savior. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I gave a couple of benefits we got when we got saved. Let me tell a couple of things we get to do now that we are Christians.

1. I Get to Go.

Church. I live in America where we have the freedom to worship God. I think we sometimes forget this. I don't have to go to church. I get the priviledge to be around God's people. I get the priviledge to stand and teach and preach his Word. I told our church when we get to the point we have to go to church. We need to get alone with our Lord and get back to our first love.

Crowd. God chose me to be able to go and give the gospel to a lost and dying world. What a priviledge that God gives us as Christians.

I Get to Give.

Myself- I am glad that God gave us a free will. He gives us the choice.

Money- GOd gives me the priviledge to give to his church. We get to give our money to the Lord. I use to hear a saying God loves a cheerful giver but he will take it from an old grump also. I pray that you are faithful in giving to the Lord in his church. For everything God has done for me the least I can to do is give him what he asks me to give.

To close I am glad that I am a Christian. Are you ?


Sis. Julie said...

Amen!! I'm glad I belong to Him!! He has blessed me and given me so much in my relationship with Him. All these things you have mentioned and so much more. I can't praise Him enough for the multiple times He dealt with me about getting born-again. And I'm so glad that I let my relationship with the devil end and began a new relationship with and in Christ. I just can't praise Him enough!!!!

maranatha777 said...

Oh YES, I am so glad and SO thankful to be a Christian!!! What a great post, Bro. Tim!!!!