Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Serious is Your Walk With God?

Before I get started this post is not done in a mean spirit. This post is not to throw stones at anyone that reads my blog. This post is specifically from the heart on this issue. How serious are you about walking with God? How serious am I about my walk with God? This a great question. . It seems like today that many Christians have used God as a fire escape. It is great that I am not going to hell, and that I am going to heaven, but our Christian Life can be so much more than that. I see so many professing Christians that have no joy, or no peace, or sometimes not even a sound mind. I believe this has to do with their walk. I myself have been guilty of having no peace or joy at times in my life. I believe it is time for Christians to get serious about their walk for Christ. We need to get more faithful for the cause of Christ. Everyday we have people quitting the battle. The reason many quit the battle is because they try to live life their own way. If we live our life it is hard and full of burdens if we let Christ live through us it may be hard, but at least we have one to walk with us through the hard times. I believe there are a couple of areas I believe we need to get serious about in our Christian Walk. Again if you are doing these things praise God however I believe none of us have arrived and we all can do better.

I In our Scripture Time.
How much time do we spend in the Scriptures? Or better yet Why am I reading? Is it because I love Jesus and want to get closer to him, or is it because of obligation. We should all have a reading time in our walk. This time is for reading, meditating, and memorizing God's Word. As We know this because we have been caught and preach to for years about the Word of God becoming more of a part of our lives. The one thing I am realizing is when I am not in the Word of God like I should be I tend to drift away, and I know i am not growing like I need to be. A good indication that we have backslid is are we spending more time in his Word of less. I think we never can spend to much in his Word.

II. In our Supplication.

How much do I pray? Or better yet when was the last time we got ahold of God in our Prayer life. I read much on prayer, and it amazes me that it is preached, taught but seems like the least practice in most people's lifes. If I have sin in my heart God will not hear me. If I am praying out of obligation most likely my prayer life is stale. The closer and more serious we get about praying the more we will grow in our CHristian Walk.

III. In Our Soulwinning.

Now lastly this is area where I know I have struggled in lately. The reason we are here as Christians is to make disciple out of those that are lost. If I fail in the two area's above then most likely my soulwinning is naught. It will be sad one day when countless millions will stand before God empty with no souls to their account. This is a area I believe we must get more serious in our lives. People every second go into eternity and have to face a Holy God. What are we doing to help them find Christ.

In closing I hope this is a reminder, and that it strengthens us to do more for Christ. If we are lacking in any of these area's I hope God will help us to do better in them. Remember people are always watching us when we say we are a Christian, and maybe if people see we were more serious about being Christian more people would turn to Christ. Till next time God Bless You.


Jerry Bouey said...

So true - if we don't spend adequate time in the Word of God, we won't have the Scriptures come to mind as they should in our soulwinning; and if we do not plead with the Lord in prayer for the lost, when we encounter them, we will surely be lacking in wisdom to counter their arguments and have an answer suitable to their situations in life.

maranatha777 said...

Bro. Tim, this is so very true!!! It's good to see you back to blogging! I have missed your posts! This was VERY meaty!!!


Sis. Julie said...

Very good post Bro. Tim!! This post is very much needed. I needed this one!!