Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Redeeming the Time

Eph5:16 Redeeming the time,because the days are evil.

If there is one thing that amazes me is how fast our time goes in a day. I mean we are almost through half this year and it seems like yesterday this year just started. We know that we are living in perilous days and that we are living in the last of the last days. It seems like people are wasting more and more of their time. The Lord is coming back soon I believe and I believe until he comes back I wonder how we spend the time he gives us. What are some things we can do with our time?

I. Wasting It. How do we waste our time?
A. By Living in Sin.If we live in sin we are wasting the precious time the Lord has given us.

B. By Living to Self.Sometimes it is all about us and not about the Lord. We say I am too busy to read and pray however we have time to do the things we love to do. We live to self alot of times in our lives.

II. Witnessing with Our Time
We are called to be a witness. I know I can witness more and need to but to be right with God we have to fulfill the Great Commisson in our lives.
Why Witness.
Because they are hopeless without the Lord.
Because they are heading to Hell.

III. Worshipping with Our Time.
We need to spend our time worshipping the Lord. Everyday we should have a time of worship. We can not survive without worship in our lives. We must get alone with God. The time Christians waste they could be worshipping the Lord.

IV. Watching with Our time.
Each day we need to be watching for the Savior to come. He can come at any moment and we must be ready. Are you watching for him or have we become to busy with the affairs of this life to heed to the command of the Lord.
Lets take each day as another precious day the Lord has given us and redeem the time.


Bro. Szekely said...

Great post, brother!

And I know what you mean - the older I get, the more time just flies right on by. When I was a kid, 24 hours seemed to drag, but now I'm almost 42, and time has become a precious commodity.

Just like your post intimates, time was given to us by God...and for God! May we spend it well for our Lord's sake.

This just came to mind: "For every minute we're angry, we lose 60 seconds of happiness".

Anyway...Lord bless!

Sis. Julie said...

We definitely should be redeeming the time. Time is running out to get accomplished what we need to for the Lord. I so want to see my family saved and others as well. It won't get done unless we get busy praying and witnessing!! Not to mention the other things God has for us to do!!