Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't Let the Waves Overflow You

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Ps 42:7

We are coming upon the time of the year where we are about to have a chance at Hurricanes once again. During this time of year when the hurricanes come the waves get really big anywhere from 10 to 25 feet during a storm. I was thinking that many times when the storms come into our life we sometimes feel like the waves are going to overtake us. We must always remember that Christ is still able to speak peace to our storms.

I Waves of Distraction.
Waves come in our life to distract us from our fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We seem to get distracted from many area of life. Satan is the master at distracting God's children. I believe the church of God is allowing the devil to distract a whole lot more than before. Sometimes he uses family to distract, sometimes health problems, or sometimes even financial problems. We must keep our eyes on the Lord.

II. Waves of Doubt.
I remember for a while I use to doubt if I was even saved when I was in Bible college. However sometimes the doubts come in what we are doing with God's Will. We know God see's the final picture but we don't understand always what he is doing in our life. The main thing is our service for the Lord. Where we go to Church what we do in the church, these things sometimes are used by the devil to get us out of the Will of God.

III. Waves of Discouragement
We all get to points in our life when we get discouraged. We are not to live in it, but we are all bother by it.We get discourage where we are with the Lord. We look at our life and think man I haven't grown very much and we get discouraged.We get discourage when things in our families life are not going the way of the Lord and it discourages us.We get discourage with the way things in churches go. We want to see the move of God and then it don't come, and Satan gets you to the point whether you believe anything is ever going to happen.I am sure there are many mores waves that come in our life but I thank the Lord that he can to something for us that are spouses or children can't do, and parents can't do, our pastor can't do.HE CAN SPEAK PEACE TO ANY WAVE THAT COMES IN OUR LIFE. This is what keeps us going in life. He is a Friend that knows our needs and I believe he hurts when we hurt. He loves us and knows when we can't handle any more of the wave and he speaks peace


Bro. Szekely said...

Very, very good post, my brother!

I need to read it over and over again and then heed it.

I pray God keeps you and yours safe "as the storm passes by".

Lord bless!

Sis. Julie said...

Amen Bro. Tim!! This is an awesome post!! And very timely for me to be reading. I can tell you that the devil has tried to distract and discourage me in what we are going through with Michelle. But God is always there in the Person of the Holy Spirit to tell me He is there to help me through. I'm so thankful I have Him to help me through. I'm thankful for His ability to calm those waves in my life. They are very boisterous right now but I'm trying to keep my focus on the Lord where it needs to be.

Thank you again for this post!! I know it will help others who read it as well.

Maranatha said...

Great post, Bro. Tim! I read it at just the right time. As we approach John's surgery, I have felt like the waves were crashing down. But praise the Lord that He has been faithful to us and has pulled us out of the deep waters!! :-)

Thank you for encouraging my spirit today!!!