Friday, April 11, 2008

Dealing WIth Weariness

Dealing with Weariness
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. We all get weary. I preached on this thought a couple of Wednesday nights ago. We get weary in well doing. As a preacher, or teacher we give and give and give and sometimes we don't get back and it causes us to get weary. There is not a preacher alive that does not get weary. I hope we all try to live for our Lord. The goal of my heart is to stay in fellowship with my Lord at all times. Do I do this no but so want to be an intimate disciple of Christ.
What do we get weary of?

Weary of the Flesh We all battle our flesh everyday of our lives. I get tired of my flesh. I get so tired of me in my life. We realize that Paul told us we should crucify the flesh. Crucify means to put to death. We must put our flesh to death every morning we get up. If we do not do this the flesh will have control, and the spirit will be envying for that control. I wonder how many of us live in the flesh. If I do things my way and allow my flesh to have control then that means I will get weary. The reason so many Christians faint and give up is because they have not learn the truth of abiding. If we abide in Christ we realize we can do nothing without Christ. Who has control today in your life? Flesh or the Spirit.

Weary of the World.We are not be wordly. John 2:15-17 tells us this. I know I have people that visit my site that believe it is alright to dress like the world, listen to the world music( that is what contemporary christian music really is), go to worldly places but God tells us we need to be Holy. The world may make fun us for if you are lady for wearing dresses and skirts all the time, or if you are a man wearing pants at all times but they need to see a difference. The problem with the church today is there are too many worldly people in the church therefore the power of God does not fall on the church. I also get weary of the world by what goes on in the world. I am tired of seeing Homosexuals flaunt their lifestyle in front of us, I am tired of seeing millions of babies being aborted, I am tired of seeing a corrupt government. This sometimes will make us weary. The only way we can deal with the weariness of the world is by setting our affections on things above.

Weary of Fighting I am tired of fighting the devil and his demons. I am tired of the devil winning in Christians lives. The last time I check we are to be different. The devils fight us on our faithfulness to the Lord. This is all areas. Our Church Attendance, Our Bible Reading, Our prayer time, Our soulwinning time. He fights us. Another fight I am tired of fighting is this fight of Promoting Truth. We have so much spiritual deception going on in churches today, that so many people have been decieved.That is what I am weary of So how do I deal with weariness.

I. Lean on Him He is in control. He knows everything about us. He wants us to trust him 100 percent with our daily lives.

II. Lay my Burdens down.My burdens are the Lord's. We as Christians get weary so many times because we struggle with the burden instead of relinquishing it to God.I pray this was a blessing and a help. One day we won't be weary anymore and that is when we get to heaven, but until then lets stay in the fight. Till next time God Bless.


Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

There is a lot to be weary of. You are right about that. Each of the things that you mentioned is right on! And your conclusions are perfect. Lean on Christ. Lay your Burdens Down. Great post!

maranatha777 said...

I'm saddened that I am not weary because of the things of Christ :-( I am weary because of my lack of faithfulness in the things of Christ. I stand convicted at times and have no reason to be weary of well doing. This was quite a toe stepper - it has gone right along with my Pastor's preaching as of late. :-) Me thinks the Lord is trying to hit me up side my head!! :-)

Sis. Julie said...

The Lord knows I get weary....I think we all do. But thanks be to the Lord for His strength when we are weary. But it takes us seeking Him for that strength.

The Preacher said...

great post preacher, keep it up. I am counting on you

Bro. Szekely said...

Great post, Bro Tim!

I too get weary, and your post reminds me once again of the things that weary me.

But what's so good about that is I'm also reminded from your post of the ways to keep from getting weary in well doing!

Thank you, brother, for the exhortation and the encouragement.

Lord bless!

Jerry Bouey said...

Excellent post, Bro Tim. Too many times we get weary in the work of the Lord - but as Kate pointed out, the problems are often with ourselves. We are not as faithful or separated as we should be, we compromise, and we get weary of the battle with our flesh - but not of the Lord! When we put our eyes back on Him and His Word, we are given sweet rest and renewed strength! God bless.