Monday, March 17, 2008

Why the Browns have not been posting.

I don't know how many come to my site and read my posts that go to Mrs Julie blog. I just talked to them this afternoon and they are find. ON Friday they had a storm come through where they lived and it fried their motem so they have no internet access. It fried more than that also.

Now I have a prayer request to all those that read my blog. Please pray for Andrew Stringer. He is a pastor that I went to school with over 10 years ago. He is only 33 and had a massive heart attack on last Tuesday. The Lord has been blessing over the last week but he still needs more prayers. The next couple of hours and days will tell a lot. The doctors said that they were amazed when he walked in alive. Just keep his family in your prayers he has 3 kids and a fourth on the way. His wifes name is Andrea. Thank You for praying. I will be back to regular posts sometime this week.

Bro Tim


maranatha777 said...

Thanks for the update on Sis. Julie - I was wondering what happened to her :-) I will be praying they get a new modem soon :-)

I will be praying for Bro. Stringer and his dear wife!


Christopher Cline said...

My family will also pray for Pastor Stringer also.

Lord Bless

Sis. Julie said...

Thank you Bro. Tim for posting about our absence from the world of blogging. I'm just thankful we are able to get online at all even if it is by dial-up. It sure does make us appreciate dsl. My husband won't even get on the computer at all simply because he is not a patient man. Not when it comes to computers anyway. LOL!!