Monday, March 24, 2008

What will it Take to Persuade Them?

This message I preached this last Sunday morning. People play games with God every Sunday thinking that they will get another chance. It will be late one day. I pray that this will burden you even greater for those that you are waiting to get saved.

Acts26:28 Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

Paul is before King Agrippa here and has just given his testimony of Salvation and told the king what God told him to do. Whenever Paul was brought before someone he always gave his testimony. The King says that Paul almost persuaded him to be a Christian. Today in this world every Sunday people come to the house of God unsaved and leave out the same way. I believe some of the reason's for this are simple the gospel is being waterdowned in so many places however this is happening in many places where the Gospel is preached every week. Sometimes I wonder what will it take to persuade a person to give up their life of sin and turned to a Holy God. I want to give you three things that I hope would persuade someone to be saved.

I. Calvary
The first point is Calvary how some one can hear what God has done for them and turn away from the Lord is beyond me, however then I think of when I turned from Calvary and I understand. When I think of all the Lord did leading to Calvary and on Calvary it just amazes me people will still turn away from him. What a awesome picture of love on the cross was portrayed. When I think of the beaten he took from the Cat of Nine Tails I wonder how someone can turn away from that, when I think of the nails being driven in his hands and feet I wonder how someone can turn away from that. When I think about the agony he took upon himself, and being rejected by his father I wonder how someone can turn away from that.

II. The Consequences

If Calvary don't persuade them I wonder if Hell will persuade them. Hell is a real place that is not preached from our pulpits very often now. The Lord Jesus spoke more on Hell than he ever did on heaven. Their our some things about Hell that Scripture tells us. The first thing is that immediately after someone dies without Christ then they lift their eyes up in Hell. Secondly their is a flame that torments those that occupy Hell, and lastly and probably the saddest is that they will be in Hell until they stand at the great White Throne judgement where they will be cast into the lake of fire will they will burn forever. I believe most people that are lost just don't believe God would allow them to go to these places, but I am here to say it is the just thing for God to do

III. The Coming of the Lord.

The last thing I want to talk that I would hope would persuade people is that Christ is coming back to take us out of this sin sick world. As a child of God we have such a hope that one day we will leave this earth and have a new body with no pain or problems, we will have a new mind where we never think a foolish thought again. We will spend eternity basking in the glories of heaven. As nice as that is for us the person left behind at his coming will be left to believe the lie of the anti-christ and they will.

As I close this post first I want to asked those that may read this and play church will thou be persuaded, and for those that have love ones that are still lost I wonder sometimes what it will take to persuade them to be saved.


maranatha777 said...

Great message, Brother Tim!!! I'm thankful that I was persuaded :-)


Anonymous said...

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