Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Som thoughts on First Peter 1: 3-5

I shared some of these thoughts with our church on Wednesday night. I was planning on starting a series about some things we find precious in I Peter but couldn't even get to the verses that start that so Lord willing we will start that Wednesday Night. Also please pray for our church we have a virus going on that knocked out about half our church this last Sunday and couple more have got since Sunday. Thank You for praying.

Now I just want to look a little at these verses I pray you get a blessing.

The first thought I found while studying we find in verse number three and it is the phrase abundant mercy. I am so thankful for God's abundant mercy toward us. We know mercy is God withholding judgement from us. What a blessing because all we deserve is to be in Hell, but I am thankful that abundant mercy wasn't only for me when I got saved, but since I got saved how many times have I needed that abundant mercy. The times I walked out God's Will and he showed me love and kindness and longsuffering. Praise God for his Abundant Mercy.

The Second thought I see is verse 4 and it is the Inheritance I have on the other side. You know people on earth get inheritances that eventually go away. THey either spend it all or they die without spending it. I am thankful that Jesus went to prepare a place for me up in heaven and that he is coming again. Today things are corruptible, things are going to last on this earth, even the most beautiful building you have ever saw will fade away. I am thankful that it is reserved for me. Guess what that means no one can take away from me. What a blessing to know that I have an Inheritance waiting for me on the other side. We get discouraged so many times, and get defeated but we can rejoice in the Lord knowing that God has reserved something for me. If that don't make you happy something has got to be wrong.

The Third thought I found was about our blessed salvation. I am so thankful that we can not lose our salvation if we could how many times would we have lost it. Now that word kept in verse number 5 is a blessing. It means guarded thank God that God is guarding what his son paid for on the cross of Calvary. I am thankful for what John 20 says that no man can pluck us from his hand. I am thankful that the devil may be able to mess up Christians lives because they allow him to but he can not touch our salvation. I am thankful that salvation is Free and Forever.

So the next time the devil gets on your back which I am sure will be sometime today remind him where he is going and where you are going. Put on the whole armor of God and fight the devil. Just a few thoughts from a message preached this last week. May God bless you till next time. Even so Lord Jesus Come Quickly.

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maranatha777 said...

You said:

"The times I walked out God's Will and he showed me love and kindness and longsuffering. Praise God for his Abundant Mercy."

How many times I have had to draw on His unending mercy in my own life, Bro. Tim! Great post!!! Great verses :-)