Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's Real

I remember when I heard Bro Tony Hutson preach that he said when his Dad was dying that he pulled to the bed and said Son it is real. Tomorrow is Sunday and many Christians that claim to be saved will stay home and not go to church. Some because they are just too lazy and some because they have been hurt. The sad thing is their is a lost and dying world out there watching our every step and they see when a Christian don't go to church how real the Lord is to them. I really don't want to take it from that point of view. I want asked you a question How real is he to you this day? Other people worship their Jesus, or their God and they are very sure that what they have is real but it is not. We worship the true God and many Christians live their life like he is not real.
When you wake up how real is he? I am guilty in what I am about to say but is the Lord the first person we talk to in morning thanking him for another beautiful day, and thanking for another day to live on his earth to be a blessing to someone. If he is real to us like he should be he will be the first one we talk to in the morning.
When you go to church is He real?
Is his presence flowing out of you that you are anticipating what the Lord can do. He wants to show himself so real in our services but we hinder him. We hinder by not obeying the voice of the Lord. That means if we have sin in our lives we will not obey his voice, but how about when he wants us to testify of his grace to do we obey or when he tells us to sing whether with music or without do we obey him. The only way God can do want he wants in the church is when the members have been obedient to all the Lord has said.
When we are in the valley his he real?
I know when he drops blessing in our life he is real, but what about when we go through the hard times is he still real. Many people have turned their back on the Lord because they went through a hard time. It may have been a lost of a love one, or it many have been a financial lost, or someone may have done us totally wrong. Remember every thing that happens in our life the Lord allows. SOmetimes it is to get us back in line and sometimes it is to help us just grow a little closer to our Lord. There have been many valleys that I thought I am not going to make it the Lord is no where to be found and then suddenly he shows up and makes himself real in my life.
In closing so many other areas of our lives we can talk about but the one thing I know is I want people to see God real in me. There have been times people have but I hope from now until Jesus comes back people by the grace of God can look at my life and say God is real to him and in him. May that be all our prayers. Till next time God Bless.


The Preacher said...

I like what Joshua told them hebrews before he deid," choose you this day", every morning I choose this day to serve him.

Sis. Julie said...

What a blessing to see you are still posting Bro. Tim. I'm so sorry I haven't been by in a while. There has been so much keeping me from reading everyone's blogs. I know when you were here for Ronnie and Jessica's wedding you said you had considered not continuing with your blog. I'm so glad you have decided to do so. I am finding out that many people visit my site that I had no idea did. So you are getting readers you just don't know that you are. You have been such a blessing to so many...don't you even think about giving this up!!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Tim, excellent post. I know that He is real during the hard times because that is when He scootches up real close and makes Himself real to me. Pray for my beloved who has been diagnosed with colon cancer (at least stage 2 right now) We will find out more this afternoon. It is at times like these that I feel so blessed! I don't know how the unsaved do it.