Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Even So Come Lord Jesus

Rev 22:20
He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

I preached this message last Wednesday. I love reading what the writers of the Bible said as there last message to us. Here is John the Apostle finishing up one of the most mis understood books in the New Testament, and he gives us some hope to look forward too.

We should Expect His Return. The way we expect his return is we must be watching for it. If we are in sin we are not watching for his return.
We should be Excited about His Return. I am excited to know that he could back at anytime. I am excited to see what is on the other side.

Why should we want him to return.

I. The Wickedness of Society. Society is very wicked. I mean think about what has already happen this year multiple mass shootings and we are only in Feb. And if we see what is happening politically for our next president it is not looking good for us.
People are sinful
People are self-centered.

II. The Wavering of the Saint.
In our faithfulness- People in our churches just are not as faithful as they use to be. It is like pulling teeth to getting all our church meeting at every service. You know the excuses that we here. Faithfulness also to reading and praying. We all have times where we spend more time with the Lord.
In our Focus- We get our focus off the Lord entirely to easily. You know our family gets attack by the devil, or sickness pervades our homes and then we just start forgetting who is in control. God is still in control and the best thing we can do is live Is 26:3. We must keep our focus on the Lord. If we keep our eyes on him we can make it through any storm that may enter our life.
In Our Faith- In my life my faith sometimes is not as strong as it needs to be. If we would just trust God like we need we would be a whole lot better off. Easier said than done.

III. The weariness of the Saint.
Weary in the Battle- This battle is not going away, and sometimes I just get tired of battling this Wicked Flesh of mine that is my greatest problem, and then the World with its influence, and lastly the Devil. Sometimes we just get weary in the battle.

Weary in the Body- The sickness of this body just gets weary sometime, and not only that the pains we go through sometimes you just wish Jesus would come back, but lastly the Sorrow we go through is this body. The death of people we know, and the heartbreak we lots of times feel.

I did not write this to throw a pity party no. I wrote this simply to say EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS. I pray this is your prayer. The last prayer in the Bible would definitely do us good. God Bless You till next time

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why our you offended?

Great Peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them. Ps 119:165

One of the saddest things I believe that is happening in our churches is people getting offended and getting out of church. Most people that leave church were offended either by the Pastor, by a teacher, or by a member. The reason people get offended is because they haven't died to self. In my own life I have been offended and I have also offended others. I do know that people that get offended by something out of the Word of God has a heart problem. Lets take a few minutes and disect this verse.

Great Peace have they which love thy law.If there is one thing missing from peoples lives it is this thing of peace. Some of the worst grudges that are held are people that claim to know the Lord as their Savior. When we get offended we must realize that we are not where we need to be at with the Lord. A person that gets offended usually is out of the Word of God, and they are not Praying like they need too. We are to try to live with all people in peace. and nothing shall offend them.
THe word offend means to stumble. It means in the hebrew study that you not stumble and get out. If we are where we need to be with the Lord nothing will offend us. So now lets get to where the rubber meets the road.When was the last time you got offended?Why did you get offended?What happen when you got offended?

Most Christians wear there feelings on their shoulders. That is why they get offended. I have been saved for almost 15 years people have done things to hurt me, people have said things to hurt me, but by the grac of God I am still in the Battle. THe next time we get offended at something someone says or by something they do lets check and see where are heart is. PEOPLE THAT ARE DEAD TO SELF WILL NOT GET OFFENDED. May the Lord help us to die to self and to let nothing offend us. Till next time God Bless You

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Som thoughts on First Peter 1: 3-5

I shared some of these thoughts with our church on Wednesday night. I was planning on starting a series about some things we find precious in I Peter but couldn't even get to the verses that start that so Lord willing we will start that Wednesday Night. Also please pray for our church we have a virus going on that knocked out about half our church this last Sunday and couple more have got since Sunday. Thank You for praying.

Now I just want to look a little at these verses I pray you get a blessing.

The first thought I found while studying we find in verse number three and it is the phrase abundant mercy. I am so thankful for God's abundant mercy toward us. We know mercy is God withholding judgement from us. What a blessing because all we deserve is to be in Hell, but I am thankful that abundant mercy wasn't only for me when I got saved, but since I got saved how many times have I needed that abundant mercy. The times I walked out God's Will and he showed me love and kindness and longsuffering. Praise God for his Abundant Mercy.

The Second thought I see is verse 4 and it is the Inheritance I have on the other side. You know people on earth get inheritances that eventually go away. THey either spend it all or they die without spending it. I am thankful that Jesus went to prepare a place for me up in heaven and that he is coming again. Today things are corruptible, things are going to last on this earth, even the most beautiful building you have ever saw will fade away. I am thankful that it is reserved for me. Guess what that means no one can take away from me. What a blessing to know that I have an Inheritance waiting for me on the other side. We get discouraged so many times, and get defeated but we can rejoice in the Lord knowing that God has reserved something for me. If that don't make you happy something has got to be wrong.

The Third thought I found was about our blessed salvation. I am so thankful that we can not lose our salvation if we could how many times would we have lost it. Now that word kept in verse number 5 is a blessing. It means guarded thank God that God is guarding what his son paid for on the cross of Calvary. I am thankful for what John 20 says that no man can pluck us from his hand. I am thankful that the devil may be able to mess up Christians lives because they allow him to but he can not touch our salvation. I am thankful that salvation is Free and Forever.

So the next time the devil gets on your back which I am sure will be sometime today remind him where he is going and where you are going. Put on the whole armor of God and fight the devil. Just a few thoughts from a message preached this last week. May God bless you till next time. Even so Lord Jesus Come Quickly.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's Real

I remember when I heard Bro Tony Hutson preach that he said when his Dad was dying that he pulled to the bed and said Son it is real. Tomorrow is Sunday and many Christians that claim to be saved will stay home and not go to church. Some because they are just too lazy and some because they have been hurt. The sad thing is their is a lost and dying world out there watching our every step and they see when a Christian don't go to church how real the Lord is to them. I really don't want to take it from that point of view. I want asked you a question How real is he to you this day? Other people worship their Jesus, or their God and they are very sure that what they have is real but it is not. We worship the true God and many Christians live their life like he is not real.
When you wake up how real is he? I am guilty in what I am about to say but is the Lord the first person we talk to in morning thanking him for another beautiful day, and thanking for another day to live on his earth to be a blessing to someone. If he is real to us like he should be he will be the first one we talk to in the morning.
When you go to church is He real?
Is his presence flowing out of you that you are anticipating what the Lord can do. He wants to show himself so real in our services but we hinder him. We hinder by not obeying the voice of the Lord. That means if we have sin in our lives we will not obey his voice, but how about when he wants us to testify of his grace to do we obey or when he tells us to sing whether with music or without do we obey him. The only way God can do want he wants in the church is when the members have been obedient to all the Lord has said.
When we are in the valley his he real?
I know when he drops blessing in our life he is real, but what about when we go through the hard times is he still real. Many people have turned their back on the Lord because they went through a hard time. It may have been a lost of a love one, or it many have been a financial lost, or someone may have done us totally wrong. Remember every thing that happens in our life the Lord allows. SOmetimes it is to get us back in line and sometimes it is to help us just grow a little closer to our Lord. There have been many valleys that I thought I am not going to make it the Lord is no where to be found and then suddenly he shows up and makes himself real in my life.
In closing so many other areas of our lives we can talk about but the one thing I know is I want people to see God real in me. There have been times people have but I hope from now until Jesus comes back people by the grace of God can look at my life and say God is real to him and in him. May that be all our prayers. Till next time God Bless.