Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What to Do When you Have Had Enough

I Kings19:4But he himself went a days journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree, and requested for himself that he might die; and said It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers

The prophet Elijah had just performed many miracles and proving Baal a liar, and then Jezebel says she is going to kill Elijah. THis is one of the greatest prophets in the Scripture later on he is taken up without even seeing death. However this woman causes him to flee and he goes into the wilderness gets under a tree and tells the Lord I have had enough let me die.

How often do we as Christians get to this point of we are just tired of fighting. We are tired of fighting family, we are tired of fighting the flesh, we are tired of fighting the world, we are tired of fighting the devil. We are tired of struggling to stay in God's will. We are just ready to throw in the towel because we are weary in the battle. I know i have been to that place i my life several times. We go through money problems or problems with people we love so dear, and just say what is the use. I want to give several things we could do and I pray that we will do the right one.
I. We could just give up.We could just throw the towel in and say that is it Lord I want no more apart of this, I am just so tired of this. The sad thing is many Christians get to this point and do throw the towel in. Oh they still go to church, pay money, sing, teach but inside they have just given up. THis is the Easy thing to do giving up, but we can't give up we must keep lifting high the royal banner and proclaim Jesus is Lord. I am so thankful that my Lord didn't give up on the cross he finished what he came to do and we must finish this race even with its many stumbling blocks and many turns we don't understand.

II. We could just run.We could do what Elijah did run from the problem, run from the situation. We could just go on and never deal with the problem. We could act like it was never there. This don't work either because until we deal with the problem it will always come back until it is dealt with. HOw many times have you just felt like runny from the problems when you have had enough.

III. We could just Rely.Here is what we do when we have had enough.

A. Get Spiritual Food.We need to get in the Word of God. We must seek the Lord and seek an answer to our problem.

B. Get on our Knee's.Get ahold of the Lord of hosts in our life.

C. We must hear the Voice of God. God fed Elijah and then took him into the mountains and he heard the voice of God. The only thing that gets us out of this mold is we must hear His Voice. People can try to get us out. The Pastor can try to get us out, but the only one that will get us out is God. When we hear his voice it gives us strength to go on.

In Closing We must realize that God knows everything we are going through. He knows what we need to make it through the I had Enough times. We must never give up, We must never run, but we must rely on him this may be the Lord's way of getting back in that sweet fellowship with him and leave what burden is on our heart with the Lord. I know easier said than done but I recall the vere in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which streghteneth me. I don't understand all that we go through but I know who does and I am in his hands. He is mine and I am his. God Bless YOu Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

This was an absolute blessing, Bro. Tim!!!! I have passed it on to a friend of mine who is struggling!!!


Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

That is a fantastic lesson. We must learn not to run but to turn to God! Great post! Keep it up.

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

I liked this post so much that I linked to it over at my Watchman Awards.

The Preacher said...

i enjoyed your blog, i just came acros it today hope to read more in the future

Joe said...

If we must run, we must run to God.

Good post!

Jerry Bouey said...

Thank you, brother Tim, for this great reminder. I am afraid I have just given up on the fight at times (like this past winter) - just got tired of fighting the world and the flesh and depression. Instead of drawing further away from the Lord, I should have been running to Him. God bless.

Jeff said...

I came across your site after I typed in God I've had enough. There were some other sites but yours seemed more compelling. I'm in my mid 50's, unemployed with no security to speak of except God. I've sent out close to 200 resumes with few replies to wind up unemployed still.
There is a movie that I saw a few years ago called ('Conversations with God') based on a true story so said. In this movie a man is homeless,down and out and basicly with out a cause. His life has been like a roller coaster and he is on the brink of not caring anymore. God comes to him and asks " Have you had enough yet?"
The man starts to write with Gods instructions and his life turns around for him.
I feel like this man did and I await to hear Gods word to me in which direction to go.The problem is that we expect and want immediate gratification. God on the other hand has been there all along and has been waiting for us to turn our lives over to him, instead of the usual "Please help me, I'm in trouble again".
I know that God knows my situation
and will not reject me, even though I've been rejected by man over 200 times in the past 5 months.It's just hard feeling that you're letting your family down even though that don't feel that way.
In closing- You need to wait upon God, for he has waited longer for you to come to him than you have waited for him to come to you.

Anonymous said...

I typed in 'I've had enough' also and came to this site. Tim, you described how I am feeling perfectly. I've had enough of the BAD. I'm 50 also and I speak the truth when I say the bad, the 'fighting' is, and has been just too much for my whole, entire life. When is it enough? I honestly understand all of the scriptures that say, "HOW LONG LORD"? I am hopeful that although I suffer here in this place in this world, maybe it's forming me into a creature fit for my savior to be pleased with when I get to the place where His presence is visible and tangible. How long Lord?

Zariah said...

Hae thanks so much for that. I'm 13 and although i may have not experienced quite so as the rest of you, i often feel like "throwing it in" too. This just totally showed me the light and you are SO right. We have to run to God or where else will we go?
Thanks, Zariah

Anonymous said...

Thank for this site. Life isnt always fair. I have come to the end of my rope here. I'm tired and very weary.

I have been in tears all day. Noting going right and hasnt for past couple yrs. Money issues, marriage issues, murdered grandson, etc, etc, etc. i could go on and on with hte list.

I cant get a break no where I turn. Honestly if it wasnt for what my death would do to my daughter who is twelve. I take myself out!!!!!

I'm tired and I don't know if I can pick myself back up.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired and lost. I have everything yet I have nothing. Lost.

Anonymous said...

How do you hear God's voice? I have been a believer since my teens, I know God as Creator, His Son as my Salvation and yet I do not, nor have I ever felt I was His child. I have lost my child, I am losing my home, I have tried to stay the course, have faith, always with an ear cocked toward Heaven, I have prayed, I have studied, I searched and confessed sin in my life, I have sought wise counsel, and yet I feel alone and unloved. So, how does one hear God?

Anonymous said...

I too found this site by googling.

I can relate to Jeff. I'm 49, long term unemployed. God has provided for my daily bread, yet life seems like it's worthless.

People say that through Christ that we find the joy in life, yet my life is overwhelming me with being broke, out of work, massively in debt and unable to pay my bills.

I'm glad I have food. I'm glad I have the love of a wife. I'm glad that I'm saved (I *Know* I am).

I find it so frustrating that a loving God would allow his children to suffer such anxiety, stress, fear, and lack of hope.

But even though it's hard and I just don't understand, I keep clinging to Jesus. I keep waiting for help, for relief, for "peace that surpasses all understanding"

I know it doesn't seem like we can bare it all and we get flooded with overhwelming emotions.

But today I pray for all of you with prayers that Jesus provide us with comfort, peace, and hope. Maybe my prayer won't make a difference immediately.

But I have to keep beleiving that He will continue to watch out for us all.

Let's have that hope be in the Light that He is and that he will dispel the darkness that overwhelms us.

God bless,