Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Walking on Water

I preached this message on Sunday Morning and Sunday Night the Lord got ahold of the first point and preached on that for several minutes on Sunday and I felt the Lord was done that morning so we finished it that night. I pray that you would pray for the church I pastor I believe they want to change and see God do great things.

Matt 14:23-33

This story is the story of Peter walking on Water. Peter in our eyes did the impossible. NOw on the ship there are 11 other disciples that stayed on the ship in comfort. For us to do the impossible in life we have to get out of the ship. Many Christians stay on the ship because of several reason.
1. Friends our on the ship. We don't want to leave our friends behind on the ship. HOwever sometimes we must forsake those friends and get out of the boat.
Family our on the boat. Our church is full of family that are related and they really are comfortable with one another. To get out of the boat would mean that they would have to seperate from family.
Fellowship on the ship. We have a good time on the ship. Yes storms may come just like in our story but we always get through the storm.

As Christians God wants to do the impossible and I believe this next year we need to walk on Water which exercises our faith in the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to change some things in our life so we can be more effective for Christ.

I Walk on Water Concerning our Seperation.
The Bible tells us to come out from among them and be ye seperate. Christians have become to much like the world. Seperation also deals with us seperating ourselves to the Lord. One area that I believe we can seperate is
I Dress- The bible tells us to dress modestly. When things are shown that should not be showed then you are not dressing modestly. My job is to lift a high standard at the House of God, I am not a dictator so you must take your clothes and talk to the Holy Ghost of God. Take your blouses or shirts and asked the Holy Ghost do these glorify you. Take your dresses, and skirts, and pants if you are a lady and if you are a man take your pants and shorts and get alone with the Holy Ghost and asked him if they glorify him. If the Holy Ghost says it is alright whom am I to disagree with the Holy Ghost.

II. Daily Habits. I believe all of us have things that we can seperate from even if we are growing in Christ.
Tobacco Products that some Christians that I love still have a problem with if they went to the Holy GHost and said do these Glorify you know that he would say no. Most Christians would never ask the Holy Ghost because they are comfortable doing what they are doing.
The Things we listen too. Take your country, rock, rap, love songs and contemporary Christian get alone with the Holy GHost and asked him do these glorify you. Remember we are to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. I Co 10:31.
The Things we watch- Take your movies get alone with the Holy GHost and asked the Holy Ghost do these movies glorify you. The programs that we watch on T.V. Holy GHost do these programs glorify you.
I will put part two up later this week, but let me close in saying this for us to do the impossible we must get this area of seperation done. Some may read and disagree with what I have said, however I wonder how many of you will actually take whatever you are doing in life and asked the Holy Ghost if he is pleased many will not and therefore we will never see the impossible done in our lives.


Sis. Julie said...

I learned a long time ago to take every area of my life (what I wear...what I do...where I go....what I watch....etc) and ask the Holy Spirit to show me if it brings glory to the Lord. If it doesn't then I'm not to wear it...do it...go there....watch it...etc!!

Sounds like a great message. I pray your people take it to heart and seek God in this area of separation.

Bro Tim said...

Thank You Mrs Julie I hope our people also take it to heart for God to take us where he wants to take the church we have to be seperated from the world unto him

Bro Tim

Jessica said...

I read (and enjoy) all your posts, but just don't comment. So I thought I'd do something different today, and leave a comment! LOL!

Great Post Bro Tim.

maranatha777 said...

That was a good message!

I've criticized Peter for doubting when he looked at his circumstances but the fact that he went out onto the water to begin with at all says a lot!

Jerry Bouey said...

Bro. Tim, that was a neat illustration that you used in this message (of getting out of the boat)! I will have to use it one day. God bless.