Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What to Do When you Have Had Enough

I Kings19:4But he himself went a days journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree, and requested for himself that he might die; and said It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers

The prophet Elijah had just performed many miracles and proving Baal a liar, and then Jezebel says she is going to kill Elijah. THis is one of the greatest prophets in the Scripture later on he is taken up without even seeing death. However this woman causes him to flee and he goes into the wilderness gets under a tree and tells the Lord I have had enough let me die.

How often do we as Christians get to this point of we are just tired of fighting. We are tired of fighting family, we are tired of fighting the flesh, we are tired of fighting the world, we are tired of fighting the devil. We are tired of struggling to stay in God's will. We are just ready to throw in the towel because we are weary in the battle. I know i have been to that place i my life several times. We go through money problems or problems with people we love so dear, and just say what is the use. I want to give several things we could do and I pray that we will do the right one.
I. We could just give up.We could just throw the towel in and say that is it Lord I want no more apart of this, I am just so tired of this. The sad thing is many Christians get to this point and do throw the towel in. Oh they still go to church, pay money, sing, teach but inside they have just given up. THis is the Easy thing to do giving up, but we can't give up we must keep lifting high the royal banner and proclaim Jesus is Lord. I am so thankful that my Lord didn't give up on the cross he finished what he came to do and we must finish this race even with its many stumbling blocks and many turns we don't understand.

II. We could just run.We could do what Elijah did run from the problem, run from the situation. We could just go on and never deal with the problem. We could act like it was never there. This don't work either because until we deal with the problem it will always come back until it is dealt with. HOw many times have you just felt like runny from the problems when you have had enough.

III. We could just Rely.Here is what we do when we have had enough.

A. Get Spiritual Food.We need to get in the Word of God. We must seek the Lord and seek an answer to our problem.

B. Get on our Knee's.Get ahold of the Lord of hosts in our life.

C. We must hear the Voice of God. God fed Elijah and then took him into the mountains and he heard the voice of God. The only thing that gets us out of this mold is we must hear His Voice. People can try to get us out. The Pastor can try to get us out, but the only one that will get us out is God. When we hear his voice it gives us strength to go on.

In Closing We must realize that God knows everything we are going through. He knows what we need to make it through the I had Enough times. We must never give up, We must never run, but we must rely on him this may be the Lord's way of getting back in that sweet fellowship with him and leave what burden is on our heart with the Lord. I know easier said than done but I recall the vere in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which streghteneth me. I don't understand all that we go through but I know who does and I am in his hands. He is mine and I am his. God Bless YOu Till Next Time

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where I have been?

Good Morning to all my blogging friends,

For those who check back regularly to this blog I want to thank you for your faithful support coming to read what God has given me to post. I know I have some that read that don't
comment but thank you for coming by. The reason I started this blog a couple of years ago was to put thoughts on here to help us grow as Christians. I pray that this has happen. Mostly the reason I started this blog was to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As many know I have taken a church in Florida that God is blessing, and I thank you for your prayers. Now to the reason for this post I decided to take a break until God tells me he wants me to continue this blog. I have not got an answer yet so that is why I have not posted. I am praying that the Lord will give me the direction my next week. If the Lord tells me no more blogging then let me let you know it is not because of lack of support from people because I said as long as one person got help, and the Lord continued to lead me I would post. Also it is not because I took a church I have more posts that I can put up now that I am preaching three times a week plus teaching Sunday School. So to my friends in blog world please keep me in your prayers as I make this decision. When the Lord gives me the answer I will post and let you know what the Lord has told me. God Bless you all in your blogging ministry.

Because of Christ,
Bro Tim

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Progression of Backsliding

Heb 2:1-3

We live in an age for many saved people live their life backslidden. Before we get into the thought this morning let us realize that each one of us are capable of any sin if we are not being led by the Holy Ghost. You ask what is backsliding I believe that it is when we lose ground in our spiritual life. I would asked this morning that you all look at your life and see where you are at spiritually with the Lord. I pray that we look at this progression and see if we have fallen in any of these areas.

I. Neglecting. The first thing we start doing before we get backslidden is we start neglecting spiritual things in our life. There are several reasons why we could neglect sometime it is because we let sin in our life, sometimes it is because we go through storms. What do we start neglecting.
We neglect the Word of God. How are your studying habits today compared to other times in your life. Do u spend less time in the Word than you use too. If there is one thing I am trying o get across to the church I pastor is we must spend time in his Word if don't we will not grow, and if we don't grow we will begin drifting into backsliding.
We neglect Prayer in our life. Pray is the essential key in our Christian Life a person that has fellowship with the Lord will grow in Christ. Don't we sometimes start neglecting prayer in our life and find ourself drifting from the Lord.

II. Deflecting.
We become dulled or bored with spiritual things. Heb 5:11 tells us that the Hebrews had become dull of hearing. Have you ever been in the Lord's house and started counting things I don't know maybe the lights in the church, or sometimes churches have tiles and start counting tiles while the preacher is preaching. YOu start deflecting what is being preached, or here is one lots of Christians have problems with start deflecting the message to others like I know Bro or Sister Johnson needed that. We start deflecting what the Lord wants to show us through a message. I believe we can find something in any biblical message to apply to our life, even if it is on salvation we can think back to when he saved us.

III. Rejecting. It starts with neglect and then goes to deflecting, and lastly we start rejecting. we then start rejecting the Holy SPirit in our life. He starts telling us things to get out of our life and we just don't listen. We get to the point where we do not hear the voice of God in our lifes. This is serious position to be in as a Christian. We begin to reject the things we know our truth. You say Bro I don't do that well Praise God because I know in my life there has been times in my life to where I dropped my standards the Lord showed me because I wasn't right with him.

In closing I know this that if we are not closer to the Lord today than we were yesterday we are backslidden. I asked you this question Are you backslidden if not continue to keep your focus on Christ. God Bless YOu till next time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Walking on Water

I preached this message on Sunday Morning and Sunday Night the Lord got ahold of the first point and preached on that for several minutes on Sunday and I felt the Lord was done that morning so we finished it that night. I pray that you would pray for the church I pastor I believe they want to change and see God do great things.

Matt 14:23-33

This story is the story of Peter walking on Water. Peter in our eyes did the impossible. NOw on the ship there are 11 other disciples that stayed on the ship in comfort. For us to do the impossible in life we have to get out of the ship. Many Christians stay on the ship because of several reason.
1. Friends our on the ship. We don't want to leave our friends behind on the ship. HOwever sometimes we must forsake those friends and get out of the boat.
Family our on the boat. Our church is full of family that are related and they really are comfortable with one another. To get out of the boat would mean that they would have to seperate from family.
Fellowship on the ship. We have a good time on the ship. Yes storms may come just like in our story but we always get through the storm.

As Christians God wants to do the impossible and I believe this next year we need to walk on Water which exercises our faith in the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to change some things in our life so we can be more effective for Christ.

I Walk on Water Concerning our Seperation.
The Bible tells us to come out from among them and be ye seperate. Christians have become to much like the world. Seperation also deals with us seperating ourselves to the Lord. One area that I believe we can seperate is
I Dress- The bible tells us to dress modestly. When things are shown that should not be showed then you are not dressing modestly. My job is to lift a high standard at the House of God, I am not a dictator so you must take your clothes and talk to the Holy Ghost of God. Take your blouses or shirts and asked the Holy Ghost do these glorify you. Take your dresses, and skirts, and pants if you are a lady and if you are a man take your pants and shorts and get alone with the Holy Ghost and asked him if they glorify him. If the Holy Ghost says it is alright whom am I to disagree with the Holy Ghost.

II. Daily Habits. I believe all of us have things that we can seperate from even if we are growing in Christ.
Tobacco Products that some Christians that I love still have a problem with if they went to the Holy GHost and said do these Glorify you know that he would say no. Most Christians would never ask the Holy Ghost because they are comfortable doing what they are doing.
The Things we listen too. Take your country, rock, rap, love songs and contemporary Christian get alone with the Holy GHost and asked him do these glorify you. Remember we are to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. I Co 10:31.
The Things we watch- Take your movies get alone with the Holy GHost and asked the Holy Ghost do these movies glorify you. The programs that we watch on T.V. Holy GHost do these programs glorify you.
I will put part two up later this week, but let me close in saying this for us to do the impossible we must get this area of seperation done. Some may read and disagree with what I have said, however I wonder how many of you will actually take whatever you are doing in life and asked the Holy Ghost if he is pleased many will not and therefore we will never see the impossible done in our lives.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Praise the Lord we have made it to another year. This last year has been amazing. The beginning of 2007 we were heart broken over losing the two foster children we had for 9 months, but God got us though that hard time with family and several friends at Eaglesview Baptist Church. Then after waiting for several years God opened up the door for us to Pastor in Florida. It has been such a blessing. We have some of the greatest people you would ever want to know. I am so looking forward to what God is going to do through his church, and through his man. I preached Sunday Night at the end of my message on some goals we should have in our Christian Life this next year. It all centers around getting closer to the Lord. I want to challenge each of those that read this blog to do several things as I have challenge our church. The first thing I want to challenge you to do is become a better student of the Word of God. People in our churches just don't know there Bible and that is a shame to them. God gave us his Word to lead and direct us. I want to challenge you not only to read the Word of God, but to obey what God tells you through his Word. Secondly I want to Challenge you to become a Prayer Warrior. This is one area I have asked God to help me in, and that is to have a stronger prayer life. I have had times of being strong, but lots of times it ends in mediocricy. Learn to get ahold of the Lord on a daily basis. Lets make a commitment that we are not just going to use him as a spare tire this year when we are in trouble but that we will go to him in the valley and on the mountain. Thirdly I want to challenge you to be a soulwinner. I challenge our church this year to strive to get one person in the house of God. There are still people out there that need Jesus for salvation we just need to be intune with the Holy Ghost to reach those people. Make a commitment to try your best to lead one person to Christ this year. Lastly I want to encourage you to stay in the middle of God's Will. He has a plan for each of our lives and the best thing I can say is stay in his perfect will. I was given a sailboat in Dec 2006 that sits on my computer desk soon to be in my church office. The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God can not keep you. My friends that read this blog lets get as close to the Lord this year because you never know the trumpet could sound this year. God Bless you during this new year.