Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

I want to let you all know I am still alive. I got a little burned out on the blog but I am going to start back up after the first of the year. I know I have a few that follow after the truths that the Lord gives me. ALso I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Remember the reason for the season and that is Jesus. Please do pray for me and my wife. We will start a journey tonight going to Georgia first to spend time with her family and early Tuesday morning we will head up to Ohio. Pray for safety as we may be driving into a mess. Again God Bless you and I can't wait to see what God does for us next year in our lives.
Bro Tim

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Christian's Life

Who have himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.

I was sitting here pondering about this thought that has been on my heart most of the day. I thank God that I am saved. We have so many benefits of being in Christ that sometimes I think we forget all we are in Christ. I thank God that I don't have to go to hell, and I thank God that I get to go to heaven. I thank him that he gave me his Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in all truth. I thank God that he has given me the joy of serving him. There are some things in this verse that we are to be in Christ.

I. We are a Purchased Person. We are been purchased. The word here is redeem. We have been bought with a price. That price was the Lord Jesus shed blood on Calvary. The bible tells that we no longer are own. We are not to be self driven but spirit led. The problem with most saved people including myself is that I have too much self in the way. Self controls so much in our life that it is no wonder we don't have the power of God today.

II. We are a Purified Person. He purified us. He cleanse us with his blood and gives us a brand new start, and expects to live right. He expects us to live godly in this present world. He has purifed us from sin. He washed them all the way, the sad thing is that we let sin reign in our mortal body and we fail so much because we forget that we are purifed.

III. We are Peculiar Person.We are different now that we are saved. There are things now that we do that people say we are weird. When I read the Word of God at work that is weird to a lost and dying soul. When I talk about the Lord instead of what world offers that is weird to people. When I listen to good preaching instead of the ungodly music people listen to that is weird. We are pilgrims in this land, we are to be in the world but not of it. I am reminded that This world is not my home I am only passing through. People should think that we are weird. The problem is too many have the stench of the world that are saved that the world sees no difference. Therefore they just live the same way. People should be convicted by the way we are different. I thank God that i am different.

In closing I just wanted to remind us today of what are in Christ. We need to as Christians get serious about how are lives effect other people. They either effect positively, or negativily. We are to show the Love of Jesus but we are not to compromise that love. Till next time God Bless.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning Your World Upside Down for Christ

Acts 17:6b These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;

I preached this message a couple of weeks ago and the Lord really dealt with my heart about this thought in my own life. The church in general today is not doing much on a personal level in reaching lost people. Most of our churches are full of people that have never led someone to Christ. Many in our church have never given a gospel tract. Now this fact is very sad, because all you have to do is pick some gospel tracts up and leave them somewhere. We have such a freedom in this country of taking the gospel to a lost and dying world and many never do.

Now the Bible tells us to preach the Gospel to every creature this is in Mark 16:15. I am glad that we can support world-wide missions. How can we do this? Well some have gone in our place and they have gone to the missionfield. They have left all here and went to other countries. I am not against home missions but I believe true mission works our overseas to people that have never heard the gospel. We can support it by giving to missionaries in our place. We waste so much money that one day if we just realized what heavenly benefits we would get if we just gave 20 dollars a month to a missonary I believe that all those souls will be put on your account.

I do not really want to deal with that thought I want to talk about you effecting your world. If you are a young person that would be you school, if you are an adult that would be your job, and together that would be where ever you may be. If we would just become soul conscience I believe we would realize how much God could use us in reaching souls. The story here in acts 17 these men have been preaching and many have got saved as the result of these men. I want to give three things I believe you must have to reach your world.

I. A Burden
Now before someone disagree I know that it is a command to reach lost people but I believe if we would get back to realizing that people are dying and going to hell all around us we may get a burden. What if God were to pull back the portals of Hell tonight and allowed us to hear the screams, and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth I wonder where we would be after we saw that. I believe Christians know there is a Hell but by the way we witness I wonder if we truly believe there is one. What we need in our churches is to fall under conviction for our lack of reaching souls.

II. Boldness
If you are going to affect your world you are going to have to have boldness to reach lost people. I believe God will allow you talk to anyone in whatever state of life they are in if we ask. I heard people say I am not bold in my speech well I believe he will give you that when you stand before people. I told our people that even when I go to doors today and I have knocked on lots of doors over the last several year that I still get that anxious feelng in my stomach but once I talk to that first person God gives me the boldness to talk to people.

III. A Biblical Life. You can not live like a hypocrit and reach your world. God still wants us to live a holy life. WHen at work or school when people tell bad jokes you should leave. When it comes down to gossip as a child of God we should stop it. The reason souls are not being saved is not because of the wickedness of society because think of Noah's day the Lord found one that was living right. The reason souls are not being saved is not because God has lost his power. He is still willing and able to save anyone. The reason souls are not being saved is because the world sees no difference in the lives of professing Christians. We need to get back to talking different, acting different, dressing different than the world.

To close this thought this evening I praise GOd that even though I may have messed up in the area that i can find forgiveness and tomorrow is a new day. I pray that you take these thoughts and allow God to use you to further his kingdom. God Bless YOu!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some Thoughts from a historic but Sad Day for America

As I sit here pondering on the thought that we now have a president elect that many of us born Again Christians didn't want. Before I truly get started it is a historic day to put a man that is no of the white race in office to be the president of the United States. I did not vote against Obama because he was black. Some sadly did vote that way and that shows as a nation how much further we truly need to go. So it was historical in one sense but the sadness of the day is that we now have a man in that literally on T.V. told us if his daughter got pregnant he would want her to get rid of the mistake. How sad? We have a man now that no doubt will divide Israel's land. We now have the most liberal man ever to be in Senate going to be running this country. With all that being said this country deserved what it got. We have long kick Jesus out of almost all public things. We as a Christian people in the majority have told God let me run my life and let me do what I want to do. Things we use to call sin our no longer sin. The excuse we use today is I have liberty. We forget what that wonderful verse in I Cor 10:31 tells us and that is to bring glory to God in all things. We forgot that God still expects his people to be holy and righteous. He still expects us to be different. I hate to say that the majority of the church makes God sick. Now as we journey through these next couple of years maybe God's people will truly come back to him. I haven't pastored long but I am convinced that our lips praise him but our heart is far from him. The road will be hard I believe for real Christians over the next few years. But the church has always strived when facing persecution. I am not God so I don't know how bad it may get for Christians that believe the truth. Will we face churches being closed down? Will we face the threat of jail if we preach the Bible? Will we face martydom at sometime I don't know? Here is what I am going to do over the next few years. I will pray for Mr Obama to trust Jesus Christ as his Savior. I will pray that our nation will turn back to a Holy God in repentance. I will pray that my life will glorify my Lord and that whatever I may face I know that God's grace will get me through. To close maybe we are that much closer to the return of Christ. May we end this post with what John said Even So Come Quickly Lord Jesus. Till next time God Bless you and remember it is our duty to pray for our leaders. I Timothy 2:1'2.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Update of where I have been

I just wanted to let those faithful readers know that I have not given up on blogging. FOr those that have wondered where i have been or why I haven't commented on your blogs in a while. A couple of reasons. First my wife had surgery a week ago this last week, and she came home last Thursday. She is improving but still hurting quite a bit when she don't take her medicine. We did get good news though there will be no reason for chemo or radiation. Praise God for that. The Lord has been blessing our church. We had the most we have ever had on a Wed night last night. We had 39 with atleast 4 regulars out last night. Praise God and then we preached last night It is so amazing. We serve a amazing God that gave us the amazing Gospel who saved us by his Amazing Grace who shows us Amazing Goodness who will be taking us home with amazing gathering. That is just he shell of the outline. I believe our people got some help. I will Lord willing start posting again next week. We have been preaching on going through the Wilderness on Sunday nights and I may get liberty to share these thoughts with you. Please continue to pray for my wife and I as we get this recuperation period over. God Bless you all till next time.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Do We Give God Glory

I Cor 10:31Whether therefore ye eat, or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.This is a powerful verse. I thank God that he saved me when I was 17 but God did not save me just to sit on a pew. God expects us to give him glory in this life. He is worthy of all glory. I also know reading the Bible that GOd will not share his glory with anyone. I heard a preacher one day say that the reason he doesn't believe we have seen a sweeping revival is because we have to many preachers that take the glory just before God does something. THis is sad. God wants us to bring glory in several area's of our life.

Does are Lips bring God glory?We should praise the Lord everyday we get up because the Lord has given another day of breathing his air. It is easy to praise God when everything is alright but we are too bring him glory when the walls are caving in on our life. Besides praise how about the way we speak to others. Does our conversation bring God glory or does it appease the flesh. We should have a godly conversation. It is hard to bring him glory when one gossips, or backbites or just cuts people down. THis shouldn't happen as a Christian but I know I have been guilty of this in my own life. Shame on me.

Does our Labour bring him GLory.We either labour in the power of the flesh or Labour in the power of the Spirit. The reason people get burn out is because they are trying to bring glory to what they have done instead of bringing glory to God by what God has done through them. When we sing does it bring him glory or self glory, when we teach does bring him glory or self glory, when we lead people to Christ does it bring him glory or self glory. If it brings self glory then it is just burned up works.

Does our Life bring him GloryThe only way my life brings him glory is when it is surrendered to him fully. He wants our lives more than anything else.Does my daily habits bring him glory.Does my dress bring him glory.We either bring glory to his name in everything we do or we bring shame to his name in what we do.To close May the Lord remind us today to bring glory to his holy name because he is worthy and is the least I can do for everything he has done for me. God bless till next time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trust the Lord

Before I get started today I want to say a couple of things. First thank you for all those that know about my wife being diagnosed with cancer. We will be seeing the onocologist on the 14th. We are believing God is going to heal her, but if not the doctor believes we have caught it at a very early stage so we may just have to have surgery and no other treatments please pray for us. We know that God has a reason for my wife and I to go through this it is so first that we trust him, and secondly one day we will be able to comfort other that go through this, secondly I want to say we had a wonderful revival God breathed through each service and I believe our peope got much help. NOw to the post this week. The storm we are about to embark on is one that may get rough but I do know this God's grace is sufficent in the storm so I pray that if you read this that you remember no matter what you are going through that God is still on the throne and that he loves you.

Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths.We are admonished here my Solmon in this passage of scripture. We know everything that happens in our life happens for a purpose. This is a very famous passage of scripture and may can quote it but lets look at in detail.

I. Trust with all thine heart. This is easy to say but hard to do from a fleshy person. I know some think they are real spiritual but in my life I have a hard time doing this. We trust in the Saving our Soul. We nail that down but something about trusting him in everyday life is different. It is hard to Trust with every bit of my heart I believe God can do anything in others lives but sometimes have a hard time believing he can do it for me.

II. Lean not unto thine own understanding.This is where alot of us live our lives leaning to our own understanding. We try to help God help in our lives and God says no. He will not share his glory with any one. How many times do we make an own understanding decision. We make decisions many times without even consulting our Lord and Savior. However for us to a spirit-filled christian we have to give God all our heart. I believe as Christians that many times God is trying to get us to the point to where all we can do is look up to him.

III. In all thy ways acknowledge him. Sometimes we live our lives without ever acknowledging the Lord. SOmetimes we get so busy and forget to bring Jesus into to the equastion. The Word again is that little word all, just like trust with all thine heart, here it is in all thy ways. We must trust him in all our ways. and we must acknowledge him in all our ways. All means all.

IV. and he shall direct thy path.We have a part to do before God fulfills his promise. If we don't do our part God is not obligated to his. We must put everything in the Lords hands in our life. He wants to do so much for us in our lives but we don't allow him because we are not obedient to this passage of scripture sometimes we go through things because we don't do what this passage says.

To close I really pray that the Lord would put us in a position that we fully trust him. I know in all our lives we sometimes don't understand why we go through things that we go through but I heard a statement from a Preacher recently. He said God Holy to make a mistake, and God loves us to much to mistreat us. God will never mistreat his Child. God bless you till next time

Friday, September 19, 2008

Revival: Now or maybe Never

This is an old post, but the Lord layed it on my heart to post today. I asked that all those that read this that they would pray for our revival this coming up Monday through Friday that God would breathe and shake our church and that we would see more than just a meeting but a true revival.

Our church is going to have revival next week. I believe our church really does need revival. We have to be able to affect our community and the only way that is going to happen is if we get a revival started in the community. It starts with each member of our church. Our country also needs revival however in my opinion our country may have gone to far with us telling Israel they had divide the land that God gave them. However in this post I want to get it down to a personal level. We need revival. We need a shot in the arm to keep going until Jesus comes. We go through many trials some from the Lord, and some from our own doing. I believe we are in the end of end times look at what is going on. I believe most of the body of Christ don't want revival they just want to keep living the way they are without God getting in their business. How sad but true with most saved people. I personally have been a many of good meetings, but I have never seen God get a hold of a person for any length of time and start a fire of revival with that person. The post title is for a reason. We don't know how much more time we are going to live as matter of fact we are not promised tomorrow. So we either have revival now or we may never have revival. The Word of God says are life is like a vapor. We know the Lord wants us in close fellowship with him. When was the last time you talked to the Lord and it seem like he was in the room with you? Why do we always wait for Revival meeting to have revival? I was talking to someone and they said the greatest revivals are the ones not plan by man but when God sweeps in without a revival meeting. THis is what we must see in our personal lives. He wants us to love him so much that he can use us mightily. The only thing that stops God from using us in us. For those that may not go to our church that reads this you can have revival. We turn from our will, way, and turn to God's will, and God's ways. In closing how long will God give out the call to revival and we keep turning it down before he moves on and finds someone who really wants revival. I pray that he gives me this chance and that for the first time I would experience a holy ghost sent revival in my heart. God bless you till next time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

When the Wind Blows

In John 3:8 the Holy Spirit is likened to wind, and also in Acts 2:2 when the church of pentecost is about to start the Holy Spirit is likened also to a wind.

There are several winds that I see blowing in the church that are not the wind of the Holy Spirit.
The first wind I see in the church today is the Wind of Confusion-People are so confused in the church today in general. You have some churches that are preaching false doctrine or doctrine that itches the ears, you have easy believism in the church, and then you have Pastoral Dictatorship in churches.
The Second wind I see is the Wind of Complanecy- People today in our churches are so complacent today. You can't get most Christians to hand out a tract, testify in the church, come to Sunday School, or better yet there are only Sunday Morning Christians. People don't care about living for God. If they do they do, and if they don't they don't. There is no fear of God in their lives. I don't understand after being saved for 15 years, and really serving in the church for 15 years why people don't do more for Christ in the church. We are definitely living in the ladociean age of the church.
The Third Wind I see is the Wind of Compromise. Churches are compromising some of things they allow in CHurch.
1 Compromising the Scriptures- You have so many churches that use to stand KJV and now they are using different perversions of the Bible.
2. Compromisng th Singing- In our independent baptist churches you have the praise and worship music coming in. Give me the old hymns they speak to the heart.
3. Compromising the Standards- Churches are lowering their standard in the church. Lost people should come however they want they need Jesus, but when you have church members that know what is right dropping their standards in the church you are asking for trouble. James 4:17

These are some winds that are blowing in the church today. Now more than ever we need the wind of the Holy Ghost to blow through are churches. I want to share several things that will happen when the Holy Ghost blows through.

I. You will find Conversions- People will be getting saved.
Bear faithfulness
Bear fellowship
Bear Fruit

II. You will find Conviction- Christians will get right.
So many of our people come to church the same way every week, and God hasn't work in their life for years. But when the Wind Blows you see these people getting right with God.

III. You will find Changed Lives- WHen the wind is blowing you will see the people in the church growing and conforming into the image of Christ.

IV. You will find Commitment- People are committed to nothing today. When he blows we become more committed to our church, and to being a Christian

To close we need to the wind to blow in our churches more than ever today. I am tired of hearing how things use to be, we serve the same God that the move in the church years ago. He hasn't changed we have. God Bless You till next time.

Friday, September 05, 2008

We need a Shaking

I told you I would be back. I know that God wants be to continue putting posts up. I pray they will continue to be a blessing to all who read.

The Bible tells us over and over that we need to be right with God in all area's of our life. We can look at People like Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul that God did use in mighty ways even inspite of their failures. We all sometimes get into Christian ruts in our life. What I mean by that is we all get cold on God sometimes. There is none of I believe can say I am always on fire for the Lord. I am always being directed by the Holy Ghost of God in all areas of my life. We all have times where we are stronger for our Lord. In my own life I have got the point where I am tired of failing the Lord in the same area's of my life and I am ready for God to shake me. I want my life to be different than the normal Christian life. I know people that enjoy living in mediocre or lukewarm as Revelation Chapter 3 tells us, but there are some that want excell in the Christian Life. I know that this comes with a cost. It should be the desire and motivation of all our hearts to live spirit-filled. The reason more people don't come to Christ isn't because of the day we are living in because the Holy Spirit is still convicting hearts, it isn't because everyone is saved. It is because when we walk in this world people don't see the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We need a shaking from in God in Several areas of our life I will hit them and then let you allow God to work in your life.

We need a Shaking in Our Study.

We need to be students of the Word of God. We don't just need to read it, it needs to be a part of our everyday life. I know this is area where I have struggle so far this summer but God has shown me and I am trying to study his word more. I want to know him in my life in more intimate way.

We need a Shaking in Our Supplication

As a Christian I humbly have to say that this has been an area where I have struggle almost my whole Christian life. We need to power of God and the only way that comes is through Prayer. We have to have a stable prayer life. I have preached and taught on this subject because even though I pray I can not say I have a prayer life that is always effective for the cause of Christ. I humbly asked all those that read this When was the last time you got ahold God?

We need a Shaking in Our Soulwinning.

I am not going to spend long on this thought. Just that I fail in this is area and need to do better. We need to reach people for the cause of Christ before it is too late in our lives. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?Just a quick thought that was on my heart that God has been working me over on. Will you allow God to shake you to the point that you would be a more effective Christian. God Bless Till Next time.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey I am still alive

Hey everyone!

I know I have a few faithful readers to my blog. I have not given up on blogging. I have just decided to take a longer break than normal. Usually I take a week this time I have taken almost a month. Sometimes you just don't feel like you blog means anything to anyone. The reason I do my blog is to share with you truths from God's Word that he has helped me with and that I have preached to the flock that God has given me. ONe of those weeks I was on vacation. The Lord been blessing us mightily. I am amazed of the good grace of God in my life. Because I know I do no deserve anything the Lord does for me in my life. I fail and mess up so bad in my life but he still loves me and is faithful to me even when I drift from him. I preached a message last night on When the Wind Blows. I will be sharing this message with you all soon. All I know is that God breathe on us last night and he was all over me last night as I preached. For those preachers out there I Believe you know what I mean. I praise God for that last night. We only had 21 people last night but oh did God meet with us last night. Well I just wanted to let you all know I am coming back. I will once again post next month. I just pray that this blog will continue to glorify God and that to those that read it will encourage at times, but at other times it will challenge us. Till Jesus Comes!!

Bro Tim

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't Let the Devil in the Door

I want to share with my readers a message the Lord layed on my heart about three weeks ago when we were having a few misunderstandings in the church which I Pastor. I pray it is a blessing and a help.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spirtual wickedness in high places.

Before I get started with this message I want to say I hate the devil. I know today that there is no such thing as a perfect world on this earth. Thank God one day we will not have to worry about having a perfect world because we will be living in one for eternity. I know today that there is know such thing as a perfect church because it is made up of believers who are imperfect, and I also know there is no thing as a perfect Preacher. I Know today that the devil want to destroy every Christians life. But I want to deal with this thought Don't Let the Devil get a foot in the Door of the church. I have heard about many good churches that let the devil get a foot in the door and now they are no longer churches. Now let me get to a couple of thoughts.

I Distractions will let the devil in the door.
The Devil is a master distractor. He wants to get our mind off of things we should be doing in the church.

The reason we come to church should be Worshipping God. So many people allow their circumstances, or storms, or family rob them of why they are in church in the first place. A church that has no worship going on is evidence that the devil has got a foot in the door. Secondly we must keep the main thing evident in the church and that is reaching souls for Christ. A Church not reaching sould personally has allowed the devil in the door.

II. Divisions will let the devil in the door.
I wish I could say that there are never divisions in the church but sadly there are. Sometimes it is one member at division with another member. Sometimes it is the pastor and another member at division. Division is what the devil does best. If he can get the people divided against the Pastor. That Pastor will not go very far in that church. Church splits have happened over the sillest things. Like what color the carpet should be, or what color the paint should be. Boy I believe the devil sits back and laughs at all the silliness that goes on in the church. He knows if he has a church divided, that church will do nothing for the Lord. I believe in my heart the reason we don't have revival is because we have allowed the devil to move in the church and kicked Jesus out of the church.

To close so much more was said during this message that I can't go into. But Christian let me asked you something have you allowed the devil to get a foot in the door of your life? If you have beware because he is out to devour you as I Peter 5:8. He has devoured many good men, and women that use to do something for the Lord. If you have allowed him a foothold in your heart, home or house ofGod I beg you resist him or you will become a statistic. May the Lord bless you til next time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Pure Heart

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart;for the shall see God.

I was reading the beatitudes and some of them jump out at me. I may teach these in Sunday School I don't know yet. But I will at least teach a couple of them. As read this passage of scripture there are some things I realize about God. God is Holy, He is Pure, and he wants us to be these things. Don't get me wrong the heart is decietful we know this but the Bible say we should be pure in heart.As we look at this the word blessed means happy. That means if heart is not pure we are not happy. The word pure means clean, clear. We can live with a clean heart. David asked the Lord to create a clean heart. The bible says that we are to guard are heart with all diligence. It takes work keeping a clean heart.
We must keep a pure heartHow?
I. By Spending Time with the Lord.We must have fellowship with to Lord. How do we fellowship with the Lord.
A. By Studying. We must do more than just read the Bible we must Study the scriptures. If we stay in the Word the Holy Ghost can show through the mirror of the Word of God what we need to get out of our lives.
B. By Supplication. PrayerWe must pray, we have to keep the lines of communication opened with God. If we don't we will not keep a clean heart.
C. By Seeking.I believe we need to seek the Lord fervently to keep a clean heart with him. We need to beg God to help to keep a clean heart.

II. By Attending Church Regulary.A person out of church will not keep a pure heart. The Man of God preaches through the leadership of the Holy Ghost what we need to hear to stay clean.
We must be Faithful.
We must be Fervent.
We must be Fruitful.

III. By Looking For Christ.We must live are lives daily expecting the return of Our Lord. People that don't keep a pure heart will not be looking for his return. The Bible tells us that every man that has this hope purifies himself. Most Christian live there lives the way they want and do not have the fear of God in their lives.As close this post this should be something we strive for in our lives.

To have a pure heart. The rest of the verse tells us we shall see God. Another post. But we shall see his Power, Presence, Protection, peace, Provision. After this week I do plan on posting more at least every other day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

When we are Tried

Job 23:10

But he knoweth the way I take, when he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold.

In this life we go through many storms that we sometimes don't understand. I believe we have storms from Satan that has to go through the throne room of God, I believe we have storms from reaping what we have sown, and lastly I believe God sends storms to conform us into the image of his Son. We all know the story of Job where he lost about everything in Chapters 1.2 and then has his friends accuse him of sinning against God. Isn't like us sometimes to do this. When someone is going through something sometimes our mind wanders and starts wondering what sin did that person commit to deserve that. I am not saying that we are not chastize for what we do but sometimes things happen to us to see how faithful we will be to God. As I look at this verse I see a couple of things that I hope will be a blessing and help to those that read.

I. God KnowsUs
I think sometimes we forget that God knows everything. I believe our minds can not comprehend this sometimes there are multiple verse in the Bible that says His eyes see every thing. I am reminded of Galatians where it says God is not mocked sometimes I think in our heart that we are hiding from God those things that are not pleasing but he knew them before I did them. But I want to take a different direction on this. God has set a path for me to walk in, and though sometimes I don't like what I have to go through God has my best interest at heart.

II. God Tries Us
I Peter 4:12 tells us we will be tried. God I believe tests several things in our life when he tries us.
I believe first he tests our love for him. We love the Lord when everything is going alright, but it seems like when the fires come sometimes we blame God for what we are going through. We are to love God through the blessings of life, and we are to love him through the valleys of life.
I believe second he tests are faithfulness for him. It seems like when I am going through it or when I disagee with God in what he is doing that are start lacking in my prayer life, and in my bible reading.
I believe we can tie these things together with one word. That word is obedience are we going to obey God in whatever we go through or are we just going to obey him when everything is going great.

Sometimes I wonder when God tries me why am I going through this but then this verse tells m that I may come forth as gold. There are impurities in all of are life, and just as goldsman has to put heat on the God to bring the impurities to the top so they can be taken out of the gold for it to be pure. This is ultimately what God is doing in our lives he is trying to get the impurities out of our life so we are conform into the image of his Son. I don't know about you but there are still impurities that he must get out so I know testing times are coming. As a matter of fact until Jesus comes back we must realize that we have times of testing. Will we get bitter or will we get better? God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Acts 11:26

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch

This message I preached this last Sunday. So I wanted to share with on this blog.

Where would we be without Christ? I sometimes look back and see if Jesus would not have saved me when he did I can see where my life would of headed. God is been so good to this preacher. I deserve to be in Hell today and so do you, but God in his infinite mercy loved us and saved us. I am glad he saved me how about you? I believe sometimes as Christians we forget the miracle that God performed the day we got saved.

When he saved me....

I got forgiveness. I am so glad that when he saved me he forgave me of all my sins. Past Present and Future. I am glad that every sin that I ever commit was put under the blood the day I bowed my knee and repented of my sins and trusted Christ. The Devil tries to bring those sins up all the time in my life and in other Christians lives but he is a defeated foe.

I got a family. I thank God for the family of God this morning. I am glad that I was put into a family that loves me. In many Christians lives our family at church is closer than our earthly family. I don't have much in common with my earthly family. They don't understand where I am at with the Lord, but I have much in common with my church family. We have something in common and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I got a future.

My future is God is preparing a place for me to spend eternity. I will get to spend forever with my Lord and Savior. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I gave a couple of benefits we got when we got saved. Let me tell a couple of things we get to do now that we are Christians.

1. I Get to Go.

Church. I live in America where we have the freedom to worship God. I think we sometimes forget this. I don't have to go to church. I get the priviledge to be around God's people. I get the priviledge to stand and teach and preach his Word. I told our church when we get to the point we have to go to church. We need to get alone with our Lord and get back to our first love.

Crowd. God chose me to be able to go and give the gospel to a lost and dying world. What a priviledge that God gives us as Christians.

I Get to Give.

Myself- I am glad that God gave us a free will. He gives us the choice.

Money- GOd gives me the priviledge to give to his church. We get to give our money to the Lord. I use to hear a saying God loves a cheerful giver but he will take it from an old grump also. I pray that you are faithful in giving to the Lord in his church. For everything God has done for me the least I can to do is give him what he asks me to give.

To close I am glad that I am a Christian. Are you ?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Serious is Your Walk With God?

Before I get started this post is not done in a mean spirit. This post is not to throw stones at anyone that reads my blog. This post is specifically from the heart on this issue. How serious are you about walking with God? How serious am I about my walk with God? This a great question. . It seems like today that many Christians have used God as a fire escape. It is great that I am not going to hell, and that I am going to heaven, but our Christian Life can be so much more than that. I see so many professing Christians that have no joy, or no peace, or sometimes not even a sound mind. I believe this has to do with their walk. I myself have been guilty of having no peace or joy at times in my life. I believe it is time for Christians to get serious about their walk for Christ. We need to get more faithful for the cause of Christ. Everyday we have people quitting the battle. The reason many quit the battle is because they try to live life their own way. If we live our life it is hard and full of burdens if we let Christ live through us it may be hard, but at least we have one to walk with us through the hard times. I believe there are a couple of areas I believe we need to get serious about in our Christian Walk. Again if you are doing these things praise God however I believe none of us have arrived and we all can do better.

I In our Scripture Time.
How much time do we spend in the Scriptures? Or better yet Why am I reading? Is it because I love Jesus and want to get closer to him, or is it because of obligation. We should all have a reading time in our walk. This time is for reading, meditating, and memorizing God's Word. As We know this because we have been caught and preach to for years about the Word of God becoming more of a part of our lives. The one thing I am realizing is when I am not in the Word of God like I should be I tend to drift away, and I know i am not growing like I need to be. A good indication that we have backslid is are we spending more time in his Word of less. I think we never can spend to much in his Word.

II. In our Supplication.

How much do I pray? Or better yet when was the last time we got ahold of God in our Prayer life. I read much on prayer, and it amazes me that it is preached, taught but seems like the least practice in most people's lifes. If I have sin in my heart God will not hear me. If I am praying out of obligation most likely my prayer life is stale. The closer and more serious we get about praying the more we will grow in our CHristian Walk.

III. In Our Soulwinning.

Now lastly this is area where I know I have struggled in lately. The reason we are here as Christians is to make disciple out of those that are lost. If I fail in the two area's above then most likely my soulwinning is naught. It will be sad one day when countless millions will stand before God empty with no souls to their account. This is a area I believe we must get more serious in our lives. People every second go into eternity and have to face a Holy God. What are we doing to help them find Christ.

In closing I hope this is a reminder, and that it strengthens us to do more for Christ. If we are lacking in any of these area's I hope God will help us to do better in them. Remember people are always watching us when we say we are a Christian, and maybe if people see we were more serious about being Christian more people would turn to Christ. Till next time God Bless You.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Prayer Request

I will be taking a break from blogging this week as we will be taking our young people to camp for the week. Please pray for the Lord to get a hold of our young people. Please pray for a couple I believe need to be saved. I would say Brandon Mccrae, Chelsea Mcrae, and Tyler Parrish, and Matthew. Then pray for the Lord to light a fire under them and that it may catch on with our church. God Bless You Till We get back.

Bro Tim

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tears are A Language

Ps 56:8 Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: [are they] not in thy book?

As we journey along in this life, we face many roadblocks that we didn't expect. I am thankful to be a child of the King this morning. As I look out in this world today I don't see how the lost make it with out Jesus. If I didn't have Jesus I would be worried about everything. People are losing their jobs left and right, gas is outrageous, food is going up as alarming rate, but as a child of God we have a promise that God will take care of us. I believe we as Christians to examine where we are at with the Lord because soon I believe are churches are going to be bombarded with people looking for answers. Now to the thought for today. Have you ever as a child of God went to God in prayer and all that came out was tears?

We sometimes feel that we are in a hopeless situation and all we can do is go to God and cry our eyes out but you know what God knows what we need during these times. We live in a world that it seems like our heart is broken often. I as a Pastor have already experience this even in my church as you pray and seek the Lord and try to love people but still they turn there back on the Lord this breaks my heart and all I want to do is go to God and cry. I have been saved for almost 15 years and I know many parents that i have had contact with who have had a child decide they know better than God and go do there own thing. Some come back to the Lord but many have not as this point. What do you tell those parents what kind of words can you comfort people with when they go through things like that? All I can say is God knows and he understands and he is still in control. I have told the church often that sometimes you can come to me and we can weep together, laugh together, rejoice together, but sometimes there is nothing I will be able to say or do and all you will be able to do is go before God and pour your heart out before him. Maybe this is what has happen to us maybe we have become so heart hearted that we have lost are tears. People use to weep over sinners being lost and going to Hell like Ps 126:56 tells us but now people really don't care. You use to have people weep over where they are at with the Lord but now, most people are so apathetic to the things of God they really don't care where they are at with the Lord. We have a nation that is on a downward spiral going to Hell, yet most Christians never pray for this nation or its leaders.

To close I am thankful when I don't know what to say, and all I can do is just approach the throne that God knows what my tears are saying. We need to be broken over sinners going to hell, we need to be broken about backsliders that are away from God, and we need be broken over this country. May God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't Let the Waves Overflow You

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Ps 42:7

We are coming upon the time of the year where we are about to have a chance at Hurricanes once again. During this time of year when the hurricanes come the waves get really big anywhere from 10 to 25 feet during a storm. I was thinking that many times when the storms come into our life we sometimes feel like the waves are going to overtake us. We must always remember that Christ is still able to speak peace to our storms.

I Waves of Distraction.
Waves come in our life to distract us from our fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We seem to get distracted from many area of life. Satan is the master at distracting God's children. I believe the church of God is allowing the devil to distract a whole lot more than before. Sometimes he uses family to distract, sometimes health problems, or sometimes even financial problems. We must keep our eyes on the Lord.

II. Waves of Doubt.
I remember for a while I use to doubt if I was even saved when I was in Bible college. However sometimes the doubts come in what we are doing with God's Will. We know God see's the final picture but we don't understand always what he is doing in our life. The main thing is our service for the Lord. Where we go to Church what we do in the church, these things sometimes are used by the devil to get us out of the Will of God.

III. Waves of Discouragement
We all get to points in our life when we get discouraged. We are not to live in it, but we are all bother by it.We get discourage where we are with the Lord. We look at our life and think man I haven't grown very much and we get discouraged.We get discourage when things in our families life are not going the way of the Lord and it discourages us.We get discourage with the way things in churches go. We want to see the move of God and then it don't come, and Satan gets you to the point whether you believe anything is ever going to happen.I am sure there are many mores waves that come in our life but I thank the Lord that he can to something for us that are spouses or children can't do, and parents can't do, our pastor can't do.HE CAN SPEAK PEACE TO ANY WAVE THAT COMES IN OUR LIFE. This is what keeps us going in life. He is a Friend that knows our needs and I believe he hurts when we hurt. He loves us and knows when we can't handle any more of the wave and he speaks peace

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Redeeming the Time

Eph5:16 Redeeming the time,because the days are evil.

If there is one thing that amazes me is how fast our time goes in a day. I mean we are almost through half this year and it seems like yesterday this year just started. We know that we are living in perilous days and that we are living in the last of the last days. It seems like people are wasting more and more of their time. The Lord is coming back soon I believe and I believe until he comes back I wonder how we spend the time he gives us. What are some things we can do with our time?

I. Wasting It. How do we waste our time?
A. By Living in Sin.If we live in sin we are wasting the precious time the Lord has given us.

B. By Living to Self.Sometimes it is all about us and not about the Lord. We say I am too busy to read and pray however we have time to do the things we love to do. We live to self alot of times in our lives.

II. Witnessing with Our Time
We are called to be a witness. I know I can witness more and need to but to be right with God we have to fulfill the Great Commisson in our lives.
Why Witness.
Because they are hopeless without the Lord.
Because they are heading to Hell.

III. Worshipping with Our Time.
We need to spend our time worshipping the Lord. Everyday we should have a time of worship. We can not survive without worship in our lives. We must get alone with God. The time Christians waste they could be worshipping the Lord.

IV. Watching with Our time.
Each day we need to be watching for the Savior to come. He can come at any moment and we must be ready. Are you watching for him or have we become to busy with the affairs of this life to heed to the command of the Lord.
Lets take each day as another precious day the Lord has given us and redeem the time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

God is so good

I just wanted to give you all an update on how things are going in our church. God has truly been blessing us. Yesterday we had 59 in attendance that is almost 20 over our average. We have had so many visitors over the last almost 8 months it amazes me. The church has been praying about changing the outside up a little because we had an ugly brown well Saturday we came up and started changing the window a little bit. I can't complain God has been good to us. We have had several sinners in our services I just pray the Lord would allow them to come back and get saved. I am loving being a Pastor.

Now on to something else I am praying and reconsidering what I need to do with my blog. I don't know how many our coming by now. I know I have a couple of faithful people that come. I have not decided to give up on it, but the only reason I do keep it is because I believe it is an encouragement to people, or it helps them it their walk with God. When that ceases to be then it will be time to do away with it. So if you see that I may miss a couple of weeks don't give up on me I may just be taking a little break. Thank You for all those that do come by and I pray you continue to come. God Bless You till next time.

Bro Tim

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Word Of God

Hebrews 4:12
For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even the dividing asunder of sould and spirit , and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart.

To beging with this morning I want to say I am thankful that God gave of us his Word as a roadmap for our lives. Today there are so many other versions that are passed off as being in the Bible. However these versions take out the most important doctrines of the Bible. Some take out the blood which is a necessity to being saved. Some take out the Holy Spirit, Some take out Jesus being the Son of God, and some take out Hell just to name a few of the problems. I am not posting this to get anyone upset and you have the right to your opinion but I believe the King James Bible is the Word of God for english speaking people. Now before I go to far let me state a fact that I still believe in going to the greek and hebrew meanings of the Word for the simple fact that several words in the English language have different meanings in the greek and hebrew. Now that God has given us his Word there are some things we must do with the Word of God. We must read and study it. The church in general is ignorant of the Word of God. MOst People never pick it up after church service and therefore they are spiritually anemic. Not only to we need to read the Word of God, but we must meditate upon it as Joshua tells us, and as Ps 1 tells us. We also need to memorize it according the Ps 119:11, we must hide his Word in our heart. Lastly we must obey the Word of God. We must learn to do what it says. Now I want to give you three things the Word of God does for us, and pray these are a blessing and a help to you this morning.

I. The Word of Convicts of Sin.
A reason I believe many do not read the Word of God because it tells them what they are doing wrong. There have been many times that I have been in my Bible reading and the Holy Ghost get all over me for something that I was doing, and it hurt but I know it was neccessary. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit will lead you to places in the Scriptures that tell you what you are doing wrong. I am thankful that the Lord loves me enough to tell me what I am doing wrong in his Word.

II. The Word of God Cleanses of Sin.
The Bible tells us in John 15 that we are cleanse through the Word. I am thankful that I can get in His Word and after he shows me what I am doing wrong that I then can find help to cleanse me of what i am doing wrong.

III. The Word of God Changes our lives.
It is amazing to me the more I am in my Bible the more the Lord uses to Word of God in my life to change it.
He changes our lives through the preaching of the Word. As a preacher stands up and preaches the Word of God it is amazing the Holy Spirit uses that Word to change me. I don't know how many times I have heard a message that God has changed my life with.

To close this little post this morning. Do you love your Bible? There are so many people in this world that don't even have a Bible that would love to have one. However most Christians have multiple copies yet never open them. Lord help us to understand the importance of the Word of God. And we wonder why this country is in a mess. Till next time God bless and have a wonderful Sunday at your church.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sitting at the Feet of Our Savior

But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part.The story here is the story where Martha is working and working and Mary is at the feet of Jesus learning from Jesus. The Lord speaking here says that mary chose the needful thing.

As I write this post so many saved people have forgot the needful thing. We do so much of the Lord's work in the flesh and we wonder why we get so tired in our lives. We wonder why we get to the point where we are ready to quit on God. We probably have all been there but hopefully none of us in our heart have quit on God. We have to learn that we can not live this life in the energy of the flesh. THere are some things that happen when we sit on the feet of Jesus.

I. We have a Better Appreciation of the Savior.One of the greatest myths that are baptist preachers preach in this country is the more I serve the closer I get to God. That is so false. I know there was a time in my life that I serve and I was probably the furthest I have ever been from God. When we sit and learn from the Lord what he done for us. We appreciate him more. We need to appreciate most of all for our Salvation, but we have much to brag on our Lord for. He gives us strength through the hardtimes. He gives us stability when we are falling apart. He is a great Savior. We must get to know him like Paul said in Phillipians 3. THe only way we do that is sitting at his feet.

II. We have a better Attitude toward Service.What I mean is it seems like when we don't sit at his feet we get to a point where we have a poor attitude and people see it. THey see our poor attitude and we damage our testimony for Christ. WHen I sit at the Lord's feet it gives me the attitude of graditude and I want to serve my Lord the best I can. THe attitudes we get are the following.We can get a selfish attitude.We can get a sour attitude.But the Lord wants us to have a spirit-filled attitude and the only way that happens is when I get to his feet and learn how to live that kind of life.
There is nothing wrong with a Child of God just stopping for a little while and sit at Jesus feet. As matter of fact I believe the only way we live a victorious Christian life is not by how much I do for my Savior but by how much time I spend at the Saviors feet. God bless you till next time

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dealing WIth Weariness

Dealing with Weariness
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. We all get weary. I preached on this thought a couple of Wednesday nights ago. We get weary in well doing. As a preacher, or teacher we give and give and give and sometimes we don't get back and it causes us to get weary. There is not a preacher alive that does not get weary. I hope we all try to live for our Lord. The goal of my heart is to stay in fellowship with my Lord at all times. Do I do this no but so want to be an intimate disciple of Christ.
What do we get weary of?

Weary of the Flesh We all battle our flesh everyday of our lives. I get tired of my flesh. I get so tired of me in my life. We realize that Paul told us we should crucify the flesh. Crucify means to put to death. We must put our flesh to death every morning we get up. If we do not do this the flesh will have control, and the spirit will be envying for that control. I wonder how many of us live in the flesh. If I do things my way and allow my flesh to have control then that means I will get weary. The reason so many Christians faint and give up is because they have not learn the truth of abiding. If we abide in Christ we realize we can do nothing without Christ. Who has control today in your life? Flesh or the Spirit.

Weary of the World.We are not be wordly. John 2:15-17 tells us this. I know I have people that visit my site that believe it is alright to dress like the world, listen to the world music( that is what contemporary christian music really is), go to worldly places but God tells us we need to be Holy. The world may make fun us for if you are lady for wearing dresses and skirts all the time, or if you are a man wearing pants at all times but they need to see a difference. The problem with the church today is there are too many worldly people in the church therefore the power of God does not fall on the church. I also get weary of the world by what goes on in the world. I am tired of seeing Homosexuals flaunt their lifestyle in front of us, I am tired of seeing millions of babies being aborted, I am tired of seeing a corrupt government. This sometimes will make us weary. The only way we can deal with the weariness of the world is by setting our affections on things above.

Weary of Fighting I am tired of fighting the devil and his demons. I am tired of the devil winning in Christians lives. The last time I check we are to be different. The devils fight us on our faithfulness to the Lord. This is all areas. Our Church Attendance, Our Bible Reading, Our prayer time, Our soulwinning time. He fights us. Another fight I am tired of fighting is this fight of Promoting Truth. We have so much spiritual deception going on in churches today, that so many people have been decieved.That is what I am weary of So how do I deal with weariness.

I. Lean on Him He is in control. He knows everything about us. He wants us to trust him 100 percent with our daily lives.

II. Lay my Burdens down.My burdens are the Lord's. We as Christians get weary so many times because we struggle with the burden instead of relinquishing it to God.I pray this was a blessing and a help. One day we won't be weary anymore and that is when we get to heaven, but until then lets stay in the fight. Till next time God Bless.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Watch Out the Devil is Coming

I Peter 5:8

Be sober, be vilgilant, because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.

I am glad to know that while we are in this life that we go through times in our life where it is seems like everything is settled. I don't know about you but I am also watching because I know the devil will not stop. The sad thing is many saved people don't realize the way the devil tries to get in their life. He knows are weak spots in our life. He knows the one thing that makes us fall. The devil never stops he is very persistent. I sometimes wish that we were as persistent at following the Lord as the devil goes after us.

I He is our Adversary.He hates us. He is our enemy. THere are things he wants to do in our life that when we open door leads to destruction. He has a plan for each and everyone of us. The first thing was to steal the Gospel when it was preached but thank God that didn't happen if we are saved. Then literally he wants to kill us. If he could we would all be dead today but we learn in Job that are Father is greater than the devil and would not allow Satan to kill Job, but lastly nd I believe this is one of the things that we must guard against. He wants to destroy our testimony. It takes a lifetime to get a testimony and minutes to destroy.

He has an Approach.
It is decietful. He will put something there that seems alright just to get us hooked again, and getting us to live defeated.
It is dangerous.I believe and some may disagree but when God does a great work in our life, that is when the devil is whispering and adding pressure to our life to make sure that great work doesn't get done.

He has an Appetite. His appetite is to devour us. It says he walks about as a lion seeking whom he may devour. Who does he devour?
He devours the wicked.
He devours the weak.
He devours the wavering.

If we waver in our faith, or if we waver in our decisions we make that is when to devil has the best chance of devouring us.In closing I hate the devil but I also know he hates me and is looking for a spot in our lives to where he can make his presence known. WATCH OUT HE IS COMING. God bless you till next time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What are we Weeping Over?

John 11:35
Jesus Wept

This the shortest verse in the bible but really it is a powerful verse. We really don't know why Jesus wept. Some say it was because his friend was dead. Some say it was because of their unbelief. I really don't know why but Jesus showed his human side before he showed is God side. As I am sitting here thinking. Where has the churches tears went? The church has lost its tears. The reason we know this is look at the world we live in, but not only that look at what is going on in our churches in majority nothing is happening in the church. Why have we lost are tears is the question. WHen was the last time you weep about something spiritual. THe sad thing is I don't know when the last time I actually wept over something spiritual.

Are we weeping over souls? THe bible gives us a wonderful promise in his word that I believe sometimes we don't get. Ps 126:5-6 Why should weep?THey are going to Hell. Are we really broken about people going to Hell? When we weep it shows we are broken over something. When was the last time we got broken about a loved one going to Hell, or a neighbor or a friend going to Hell.

Are we weeping over our Sin?Have we been broken about when we fail the Lord. THe problem with most saved people is they never get broken over their sins. I believe for real repentance to take place in a Christians life we will get broken about are sin. One of the reason why the church is not broken is because they have hardened their hearts. When are heart is not tender we will not be broken. THe holy Spirit deals with us and deals with us and we reject and reject and finally we get used to the dark, or use to living in the flesh and it don't bother us like it use too. WHat we need in America is for the church to get right get broken over their sin, and then we will see GOd do something.In closing I believe we need a revival in tears again. I know I do. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep when I messed up. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep over souls. WHat has happen is I lost my tenderness and thus I don't weep no more. What we need is to fall back in love with Jesus and he will do the rest. God Bless you till next time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

What will it Take to Persuade Them?

This message I preached this last Sunday morning. People play games with God every Sunday thinking that they will get another chance. It will be late one day. I pray that this will burden you even greater for those that you are waiting to get saved.

Acts26:28 Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

Paul is before King Agrippa here and has just given his testimony of Salvation and told the king what God told him to do. Whenever Paul was brought before someone he always gave his testimony. The King says that Paul almost persuaded him to be a Christian. Today in this world every Sunday people come to the house of God unsaved and leave out the same way. I believe some of the reason's for this are simple the gospel is being waterdowned in so many places however this is happening in many places where the Gospel is preached every week. Sometimes I wonder what will it take to persuade a person to give up their life of sin and turned to a Holy God. I want to give you three things that I hope would persuade someone to be saved.

I. Calvary
The first point is Calvary how some one can hear what God has done for them and turn away from the Lord is beyond me, however then I think of when I turned from Calvary and I understand. When I think of all the Lord did leading to Calvary and on Calvary it just amazes me people will still turn away from him. What a awesome picture of love on the cross was portrayed. When I think of the beaten he took from the Cat of Nine Tails I wonder how someone can turn away from that, when I think of the nails being driven in his hands and feet I wonder how someone can turn away from that. When I think about the agony he took upon himself, and being rejected by his father I wonder how someone can turn away from that.

II. The Consequences

If Calvary don't persuade them I wonder if Hell will persuade them. Hell is a real place that is not preached from our pulpits very often now. The Lord Jesus spoke more on Hell than he ever did on heaven. Their our some things about Hell that Scripture tells us. The first thing is that immediately after someone dies without Christ then they lift their eyes up in Hell. Secondly their is a flame that torments those that occupy Hell, and lastly and probably the saddest is that they will be in Hell until they stand at the great White Throne judgement where they will be cast into the lake of fire will they will burn forever. I believe most people that are lost just don't believe God would allow them to go to these places, but I am here to say it is the just thing for God to do

III. The Coming of the Lord.

The last thing I want to talk that I would hope would persuade people is that Christ is coming back to take us out of this sin sick world. As a child of God we have such a hope that one day we will leave this earth and have a new body with no pain or problems, we will have a new mind where we never think a foolish thought again. We will spend eternity basking in the glories of heaven. As nice as that is for us the person left behind at his coming will be left to believe the lie of the anti-christ and they will.

As I close this post first I want to asked those that may read this and play church will thou be persuaded, and for those that have love ones that are still lost I wonder sometimes what it will take to persuade them to be saved.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why the Browns have not been posting.

I don't know how many come to my site and read my posts that go to Mrs Julie blog. I just talked to them this afternoon and they are find. ON Friday they had a storm come through where they lived and it fried their motem so they have no internet access. It fried more than that also.

Now I have a prayer request to all those that read my blog. Please pray for Andrew Stringer. He is a pastor that I went to school with over 10 years ago. He is only 33 and had a massive heart attack on last Tuesday. The Lord has been blessing over the last week but he still needs more prayers. The next couple of hours and days will tell a lot. The doctors said that they were amazed when he walked in alive. Just keep his family in your prayers he has 3 kids and a fourth on the way. His wifes name is Andrea. Thank You for praying. I will be back to regular posts sometime this week.

Bro Tim

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Update on Our Revival

I am not going to post this week except what I am going to post today. I will Lord willing post again on Monday. The truly blessed during our revival. We had the Walkers from Toledo, Ohio singing for us each service and my pastor Ron Brown preaching. Each night had a different spirit but I do believe are people got some help. Monday Night the message was on We ain't seen it like this Before talking about when Jesus came on the scence the people had not seen it like that before and how we need some churches to get back to God's Word and get his power where people will come and say we haven't seen it like this before. Tuesday Night the message was on the ship was safe. Talking about when the disciples were in the ship in the storm and Jesus came walking on the sea. The message basically wherever God has us right not it is the safest place to be. Then last night he message was on Go. Why we should reach a lost and dying world. I believe the LOrd did some wonderful work in our people's lives. I asked for all those that read this please pray for Johnstown Baptist Church that God would truly send Revival and that you would pray for me the Pastor that God would give me the wisdom in Pastoring these great people. Thank You for all those that have prayed for us this week and only heaven will reveal the lasting effect his revival will have on people. God bless you till next time.

Bro Tim

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Revival: Now or Never

This is a post I put up a couple of years ago. This coming week March 10-12 we are having our first Revival with me as the Pastor of Johnstown Baptist Church. I asked my Pastor Bro Ron Brown to preach it. I believe that our church mostly wants revival. The Lord has let me preach several messages that would I hope prepare our heart for revival. Please pray for our church this coming week that God would revive his people.

Our church is going to have revival next week. I believe our church really does need revival. We have to be able to affect our community and the only way that is going to happen is if we get a revival started in the community. It starts with each member of our church. Our country also needs revival however in my opinion our country may have gone to far with us telling Israel they had divide the land that God gave them. However in this post I want to get it down to a personal level. We need revival. We need a shot in the arm to keep going until Jesus comes. We go through many trials some from the Lord, and some from our own doing. I believe we are in the end of end times look at what is going on. I believe most of the body of Christ don't want revival they just want to keep living the way they are without God getting in their business. How sad but true with most saved people. I personally have been a many of good meetings, but I have never seen God get a hold of a person for any length of time and start a fire of revival with that person. The post title is for a reason. We don't know how much more time we are going to live as matter of fact we are not promised tomorrow. So we either have revival now or we may never have revival. The Word of GOd says are life is like a vapor. We know the Lord wants us in close fellowship with him. When was the last time you talked to the Lord and it seem like he was in the room with you? Why do we always wait for Revival meeting to have revival? I was talking to someone and they said the greatest revivals are the ones not plan by man but when God sweeps in without a revival meeting. THis is what we must see in our personal lives. He wants us to love him so much that he can use us mightily. The only thing that stops God from using us in us. For those that may not go to our church that reads this you can have revival. We turn from our will, way, and turn to God's will, and God's ways. In closing how long will God give out the call to revival and we keep turning it down before he moves on and finds someone who really wants revival. I pray that he gives me this chance and that for the first time I would experience a holy ghost sent revival in my heart. God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Even So Come Lord Jesus

Rev 22:20
He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

I preached this message last Wednesday. I love reading what the writers of the Bible said as there last message to us. Here is John the Apostle finishing up one of the most mis understood books in the New Testament, and he gives us some hope to look forward too.

We should Expect His Return. The way we expect his return is we must be watching for it. If we are in sin we are not watching for his return.
We should be Excited about His Return. I am excited to know that he could back at anytime. I am excited to see what is on the other side.

Why should we want him to return.

I. The Wickedness of Society. Society is very wicked. I mean think about what has already happen this year multiple mass shootings and we are only in Feb. And if we see what is happening politically for our next president it is not looking good for us.
People are sinful
People are self-centered.

II. The Wavering of the Saint.
In our faithfulness- People in our churches just are not as faithful as they use to be. It is like pulling teeth to getting all our church meeting at every service. You know the excuses that we here. Faithfulness also to reading and praying. We all have times where we spend more time with the Lord.
In our Focus- We get our focus off the Lord entirely to easily. You know our family gets attack by the devil, or sickness pervades our homes and then we just start forgetting who is in control. God is still in control and the best thing we can do is live Is 26:3. We must keep our focus on the Lord. If we keep our eyes on him we can make it through any storm that may enter our life.
In Our Faith- In my life my faith sometimes is not as strong as it needs to be. If we would just trust God like we need we would be a whole lot better off. Easier said than done.

III. The weariness of the Saint.
Weary in the Battle- This battle is not going away, and sometimes I just get tired of battling this Wicked Flesh of mine that is my greatest problem, and then the World with its influence, and lastly the Devil. Sometimes we just get weary in the battle.

Weary in the Body- The sickness of this body just gets weary sometime, and not only that the pains we go through sometimes you just wish Jesus would come back, but lastly the Sorrow we go through is this body. The death of people we know, and the heartbreak we lots of times feel.

I did not write this to throw a pity party no. I wrote this simply to say EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS. I pray this is your prayer. The last prayer in the Bible would definitely do us good. God Bless You till next time

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why our you offended?

Great Peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them. Ps 119:165

One of the saddest things I believe that is happening in our churches is people getting offended and getting out of church. Most people that leave church were offended either by the Pastor, by a teacher, or by a member. The reason people get offended is because they haven't died to self. In my own life I have been offended and I have also offended others. I do know that people that get offended by something out of the Word of God has a heart problem. Lets take a few minutes and disect this verse.

Great Peace have they which love thy law.If there is one thing missing from peoples lives it is this thing of peace. Some of the worst grudges that are held are people that claim to know the Lord as their Savior. When we get offended we must realize that we are not where we need to be at with the Lord. A person that gets offended usually is out of the Word of God, and they are not Praying like they need too. We are to try to live with all people in peace. and nothing shall offend them.
THe word offend means to stumble. It means in the hebrew study that you not stumble and get out. If we are where we need to be with the Lord nothing will offend us. So now lets get to where the rubber meets the road.When was the last time you got offended?Why did you get offended?What happen when you got offended?

Most Christians wear there feelings on their shoulders. That is why they get offended. I have been saved for almost 15 years people have done things to hurt me, people have said things to hurt me, but by the grac of God I am still in the Battle. THe next time we get offended at something someone says or by something they do lets check and see where are heart is. PEOPLE THAT ARE DEAD TO SELF WILL NOT GET OFFENDED. May the Lord help us to die to self and to let nothing offend us. Till next time God Bless You

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Som thoughts on First Peter 1: 3-5

I shared some of these thoughts with our church on Wednesday night. I was planning on starting a series about some things we find precious in I Peter but couldn't even get to the verses that start that so Lord willing we will start that Wednesday Night. Also please pray for our church we have a virus going on that knocked out about half our church this last Sunday and couple more have got since Sunday. Thank You for praying.

Now I just want to look a little at these verses I pray you get a blessing.

The first thought I found while studying we find in verse number three and it is the phrase abundant mercy. I am so thankful for God's abundant mercy toward us. We know mercy is God withholding judgement from us. What a blessing because all we deserve is to be in Hell, but I am thankful that abundant mercy wasn't only for me when I got saved, but since I got saved how many times have I needed that abundant mercy. The times I walked out God's Will and he showed me love and kindness and longsuffering. Praise God for his Abundant Mercy.

The Second thought I see is verse 4 and it is the Inheritance I have on the other side. You know people on earth get inheritances that eventually go away. THey either spend it all or they die without spending it. I am thankful that Jesus went to prepare a place for me up in heaven and that he is coming again. Today things are corruptible, things are going to last on this earth, even the most beautiful building you have ever saw will fade away. I am thankful that it is reserved for me. Guess what that means no one can take away from me. What a blessing to know that I have an Inheritance waiting for me on the other side. We get discouraged so many times, and get defeated but we can rejoice in the Lord knowing that God has reserved something for me. If that don't make you happy something has got to be wrong.

The Third thought I found was about our blessed salvation. I am so thankful that we can not lose our salvation if we could how many times would we have lost it. Now that word kept in verse number 5 is a blessing. It means guarded thank God that God is guarding what his son paid for on the cross of Calvary. I am thankful for what John 20 says that no man can pluck us from his hand. I am thankful that the devil may be able to mess up Christians lives because they allow him to but he can not touch our salvation. I am thankful that salvation is Free and Forever.

So the next time the devil gets on your back which I am sure will be sometime today remind him where he is going and where you are going. Put on the whole armor of God and fight the devil. Just a few thoughts from a message preached this last week. May God bless you till next time. Even so Lord Jesus Come Quickly.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's Real

I remember when I heard Bro Tony Hutson preach that he said when his Dad was dying that he pulled to the bed and said Son it is real. Tomorrow is Sunday and many Christians that claim to be saved will stay home and not go to church. Some because they are just too lazy and some because they have been hurt. The sad thing is their is a lost and dying world out there watching our every step and they see when a Christian don't go to church how real the Lord is to them. I really don't want to take it from that point of view. I want asked you a question How real is he to you this day? Other people worship their Jesus, or their God and they are very sure that what they have is real but it is not. We worship the true God and many Christians live their life like he is not real.
When you wake up how real is he? I am guilty in what I am about to say but is the Lord the first person we talk to in morning thanking him for another beautiful day, and thanking for another day to live on his earth to be a blessing to someone. If he is real to us like he should be he will be the first one we talk to in the morning.
When you go to church is He real?
Is his presence flowing out of you that you are anticipating what the Lord can do. He wants to show himself so real in our services but we hinder him. We hinder by not obeying the voice of the Lord. That means if we have sin in our lives we will not obey his voice, but how about when he wants us to testify of his grace to do we obey or when he tells us to sing whether with music or without do we obey him. The only way God can do want he wants in the church is when the members have been obedient to all the Lord has said.
When we are in the valley his he real?
I know when he drops blessing in our life he is real, but what about when we go through the hard times is he still real. Many people have turned their back on the Lord because they went through a hard time. It may have been a lost of a love one, or it many have been a financial lost, or someone may have done us totally wrong. Remember every thing that happens in our life the Lord allows. SOmetimes it is to get us back in line and sometimes it is to help us just grow a little closer to our Lord. There have been many valleys that I thought I am not going to make it the Lord is no where to be found and then suddenly he shows up and makes himself real in my life.
In closing so many other areas of our lives we can talk about but the one thing I know is I want people to see God real in me. There have been times people have but I hope from now until Jesus comes back people by the grace of God can look at my life and say God is real to him and in him. May that be all our prayers. Till next time God Bless.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What to Do When you Have Had Enough

I Kings19:4But he himself went a days journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree, and requested for himself that he might die; and said It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers

The prophet Elijah had just performed many miracles and proving Baal a liar, and then Jezebel says she is going to kill Elijah. THis is one of the greatest prophets in the Scripture later on he is taken up without even seeing death. However this woman causes him to flee and he goes into the wilderness gets under a tree and tells the Lord I have had enough let me die.

How often do we as Christians get to this point of we are just tired of fighting. We are tired of fighting family, we are tired of fighting the flesh, we are tired of fighting the world, we are tired of fighting the devil. We are tired of struggling to stay in God's will. We are just ready to throw in the towel because we are weary in the battle. I know i have been to that place i my life several times. We go through money problems or problems with people we love so dear, and just say what is the use. I want to give several things we could do and I pray that we will do the right one.
I. We could just give up.We could just throw the towel in and say that is it Lord I want no more apart of this, I am just so tired of this. The sad thing is many Christians get to this point and do throw the towel in. Oh they still go to church, pay money, sing, teach but inside they have just given up. THis is the Easy thing to do giving up, but we can't give up we must keep lifting high the royal banner and proclaim Jesus is Lord. I am so thankful that my Lord didn't give up on the cross he finished what he came to do and we must finish this race even with its many stumbling blocks and many turns we don't understand.

II. We could just run.We could do what Elijah did run from the problem, run from the situation. We could just go on and never deal with the problem. We could act like it was never there. This don't work either because until we deal with the problem it will always come back until it is dealt with. HOw many times have you just felt like runny from the problems when you have had enough.

III. We could just Rely.Here is what we do when we have had enough.

A. Get Spiritual Food.We need to get in the Word of God. We must seek the Lord and seek an answer to our problem.

B. Get on our Knee's.Get ahold of the Lord of hosts in our life.

C. We must hear the Voice of God. God fed Elijah and then took him into the mountains and he heard the voice of God. The only thing that gets us out of this mold is we must hear His Voice. People can try to get us out. The Pastor can try to get us out, but the only one that will get us out is God. When we hear his voice it gives us strength to go on.

In Closing We must realize that God knows everything we are going through. He knows what we need to make it through the I had Enough times. We must never give up, We must never run, but we must rely on him this may be the Lord's way of getting back in that sweet fellowship with him and leave what burden is on our heart with the Lord. I know easier said than done but I recall the vere in Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which streghteneth me. I don't understand all that we go through but I know who does and I am in his hands. He is mine and I am his. God Bless YOu Till Next Time

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where I have been?

Good Morning to all my blogging friends,

For those who check back regularly to this blog I want to thank you for your faithful support coming to read what God has given me to post. I know I have some that read that don't
comment but thank you for coming by. The reason I started this blog a couple of years ago was to put thoughts on here to help us grow as Christians. I pray that this has happen. Mostly the reason I started this blog was to bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As many know I have taken a church in Florida that God is blessing, and I thank you for your prayers. Now to the reason for this post I decided to take a break until God tells me he wants me to continue this blog. I have not got an answer yet so that is why I have not posted. I am praying that the Lord will give me the direction my next week. If the Lord tells me no more blogging then let me let you know it is not because of lack of support from people because I said as long as one person got help, and the Lord continued to lead me I would post. Also it is not because I took a church I have more posts that I can put up now that I am preaching three times a week plus teaching Sunday School. So to my friends in blog world please keep me in your prayers as I make this decision. When the Lord gives me the answer I will post and let you know what the Lord has told me. God Bless you all in your blogging ministry.

Because of Christ,
Bro Tim

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Progression of Backsliding

Heb 2:1-3

We live in an age for many saved people live their life backslidden. Before we get into the thought this morning let us realize that each one of us are capable of any sin if we are not being led by the Holy Ghost. You ask what is backsliding I believe that it is when we lose ground in our spiritual life. I would asked this morning that you all look at your life and see where you are at spiritually with the Lord. I pray that we look at this progression and see if we have fallen in any of these areas.

I. Neglecting. The first thing we start doing before we get backslidden is we start neglecting spiritual things in our life. There are several reasons why we could neglect sometime it is because we let sin in our life, sometimes it is because we go through storms. What do we start neglecting.
We neglect the Word of God. How are your studying habits today compared to other times in your life. Do u spend less time in the Word than you use too. If there is one thing I am trying o get across to the church I pastor is we must spend time in his Word if don't we will not grow, and if we don't grow we will begin drifting into backsliding.
We neglect Prayer in our life. Pray is the essential key in our Christian Life a person that has fellowship with the Lord will grow in Christ. Don't we sometimes start neglecting prayer in our life and find ourself drifting from the Lord.

II. Deflecting.
We become dulled or bored with spiritual things. Heb 5:11 tells us that the Hebrews had become dull of hearing. Have you ever been in the Lord's house and started counting things I don't know maybe the lights in the church, or sometimes churches have tiles and start counting tiles while the preacher is preaching. YOu start deflecting what is being preached, or here is one lots of Christians have problems with start deflecting the message to others like I know Bro or Sister Johnson needed that. We start deflecting what the Lord wants to show us through a message. I believe we can find something in any biblical message to apply to our life, even if it is on salvation we can think back to when he saved us.

III. Rejecting. It starts with neglect and then goes to deflecting, and lastly we start rejecting. we then start rejecting the Holy SPirit in our life. He starts telling us things to get out of our life and we just don't listen. We get to the point where we do not hear the voice of God in our lifes. This is serious position to be in as a Christian. We begin to reject the things we know our truth. You say Bro I don't do that well Praise God because I know in my life there has been times in my life to where I dropped my standards the Lord showed me because I wasn't right with him.

In closing I know this that if we are not closer to the Lord today than we were yesterday we are backslidden. I asked you this question Are you backslidden if not continue to keep your focus on Christ. God Bless YOu till next time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Walking on Water

I preached this message on Sunday Morning and Sunday Night the Lord got ahold of the first point and preached on that for several minutes on Sunday and I felt the Lord was done that morning so we finished it that night. I pray that you would pray for the church I pastor I believe they want to change and see God do great things.

Matt 14:23-33

This story is the story of Peter walking on Water. Peter in our eyes did the impossible. NOw on the ship there are 11 other disciples that stayed on the ship in comfort. For us to do the impossible in life we have to get out of the ship. Many Christians stay on the ship because of several reason.
1. Friends our on the ship. We don't want to leave our friends behind on the ship. HOwever sometimes we must forsake those friends and get out of the boat.
Family our on the boat. Our church is full of family that are related and they really are comfortable with one another. To get out of the boat would mean that they would have to seperate from family.
Fellowship on the ship. We have a good time on the ship. Yes storms may come just like in our story but we always get through the storm.

As Christians God wants to do the impossible and I believe this next year we need to walk on Water which exercises our faith in the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to change some things in our life so we can be more effective for Christ.

I Walk on Water Concerning our Seperation.
The Bible tells us to come out from among them and be ye seperate. Christians have become to much like the world. Seperation also deals with us seperating ourselves to the Lord. One area that I believe we can seperate is
I Dress- The bible tells us to dress modestly. When things are shown that should not be showed then you are not dressing modestly. My job is to lift a high standard at the House of God, I am not a dictator so you must take your clothes and talk to the Holy Ghost of God. Take your blouses or shirts and asked the Holy Ghost do these glorify you. Take your dresses, and skirts, and pants if you are a lady and if you are a man take your pants and shorts and get alone with the Holy Ghost and asked him if they glorify him. If the Holy Ghost says it is alright whom am I to disagree with the Holy Ghost.

II. Daily Habits. I believe all of us have things that we can seperate from even if we are growing in Christ.
Tobacco Products that some Christians that I love still have a problem with if they went to the Holy GHost and said do these Glorify you know that he would say no. Most Christians would never ask the Holy Ghost because they are comfortable doing what they are doing.
The Things we listen too. Take your country, rock, rap, love songs and contemporary Christian get alone with the Holy GHost and asked him do these glorify you. Remember we are to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. I Co 10:31.
The Things we watch- Take your movies get alone with the Holy GHost and asked the Holy Ghost do these movies glorify you. The programs that we watch on T.V. Holy GHost do these programs glorify you.
I will put part two up later this week, but let me close in saying this for us to do the impossible we must get this area of seperation done. Some may read and disagree with what I have said, however I wonder how many of you will actually take whatever you are doing in life and asked the Holy Ghost if he is pleased many will not and therefore we will never see the impossible done in our lives.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Praise the Lord we have made it to another year. This last year has been amazing. The beginning of 2007 we were heart broken over losing the two foster children we had for 9 months, but God got us though that hard time with family and several friends at Eaglesview Baptist Church. Then after waiting for several years God opened up the door for us to Pastor in Florida. It has been such a blessing. We have some of the greatest people you would ever want to know. I am so looking forward to what God is going to do through his church, and through his man. I preached Sunday Night at the end of my message on some goals we should have in our Christian Life this next year. It all centers around getting closer to the Lord. I want to challenge each of those that read this blog to do several things as I have challenge our church. The first thing I want to challenge you to do is become a better student of the Word of God. People in our churches just don't know there Bible and that is a shame to them. God gave us his Word to lead and direct us. I want to challenge you not only to read the Word of God, but to obey what God tells you through his Word. Secondly I want to Challenge you to become a Prayer Warrior. This is one area I have asked God to help me in, and that is to have a stronger prayer life. I have had times of being strong, but lots of times it ends in mediocricy. Learn to get ahold of the Lord on a daily basis. Lets make a commitment that we are not just going to use him as a spare tire this year when we are in trouble but that we will go to him in the valley and on the mountain. Thirdly I want to challenge you to be a soulwinner. I challenge our church this year to strive to get one person in the house of God. There are still people out there that need Jesus for salvation we just need to be intune with the Holy Ghost to reach those people. Make a commitment to try your best to lead one person to Christ this year. Lastly I want to encourage you to stay in the middle of God's Will. He has a plan for each of our lives and the best thing I can say is stay in his perfect will. I was given a sailboat in Dec 2006 that sits on my computer desk soon to be in my church office. The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God can not keep you. My friends that read this blog lets get as close to the Lord this year because you never know the trumpet could sound this year. God Bless you during this new year.