Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are you weeping?

John 11:35
Jesus Wept

This the shortest verse in the bible but really it is a powerful verse. We really don't know why Jesus wept. Some say it was because his friend was dead. Some say it was because of their unbelief. I really don't know why but Jesus showed his human side before he showed is God side. As I am sitting here thinking. Where has the churches tears went? The church has lost its tears. The reason we know this is look at the world we live in, but not only that look at what is going on in our churches in majority nothing is happening in the church. Why have we lost are tears is the question. WHen was the last time you weep about something spiritual? The sad thing is I don't know when the last time I actually wept over something spiritual.

Are we weeping over souls? THe bible gives us a wonderful promise in his word that I believe sometimes we don't get. Ps 126:5-6 Why should weep?THey are going to Hell. Are we really broken about people going to Hell? When we weep it shows we are broken over something. When was the last time we got broken about a loved one going to Hell, or a neighbor or a friend going to Hell.

Are we weeping over our Sin?Have we been broken about when we fail the Lord. THe problem with most saved people is they never get broken over their sins. I believe for real repentance to take place in a Christians life we will get broken about are sin. One of the reason why the church is not broken is because they have hardened their hearts. When are heart is not tender we will not be broken. THe holy Spirit deals with us and deals with us and we reject and reject and finally we get used to the dark, or use to living in the flesh and it don't bother us like it use too. WHat we need in America is for the church to get right get broken over their sin, and then we will see God do something.In closing I believe we need a revival in tears again. I know I do. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep when I messed up. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep over souls. WHat has happen is I lost my tenderness and thus I don't weep no more. What we need is to fall back in love with Jesus and he will do the rest. God Bless you till next time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is He God to you?

I know it has been a couple more days than usual since my last post. We have been in a Tent Meeting in Jacksonville Fl. All I can say is WOW! I have never ever been in something so uplifting in my entire life. I have been to camp meetings in several places but nothing like I have been too this week. God has breathed from the first congregation, through the specials and he has been all over the preachers. Monday Night we prayed and prayed some more. We had some specials and at the end Bro Dean Mcnesse said when we get our hearts right we will be able to recieve the Preaching of God's Word.

Now to the post that God has layed on more heart to share with you all this morning. All the way throughout the Bible we are told that God is good. I know everyone of my readers would agree that God has been good to them. He saved us from the Place called Hell, we are going to a place called Heaven. He Provides our daily needs on a daily basis. He has been good to his children but he can't help it that is nature. I heard a preacher say that God wants to take us from that he is good to that he is God. Let me explain 3 months ago God was being good to me I was happily serving in a church with my friends and I was loving. However I was getting a little frustrated because I had been wanting to Pastor for a few years and I had thought God has forgotten about me. Then finally God swoop in and opened a door for me to Pastor. He showed not only that he was good, but that he was God to me. I hope I am making since this morning if blame it on the 6:30 start I think this is earliest I have ever posted. Sometimes as Children of God we don't understand what God is putting us through sometimes it is a health issue, sometimes it is a family issue, sometimes it is a financial issue but God wants to be more than good to us he wants to be God. I know several people right now that are praying for needs in their life or someone special in their life. Sometimes we don't know when the answer will come or if the answer will come. It is at this moment that God is not only good in our life, but he comes in and does what he only can and that is He becomes God to you. When situation seems hopeless and their seems to be know way that the situation is going to change God will show up and say my child I am still your God and I am in control. Praise his holy name. Mrs Marsheila if God is God he will meet that need of your child coming home. Jessica I know you are praying for God to do some things so you and Ronnie can get married He is still God and he will come through. Mrs Julie been praying for your parents to trust Jesus He is still God those prayers are not going to be unaswered. I found out the other day of a lady that prayed for her dad for 25 years 14 days and he got saved two days before he died. The situation seem hopeless but you know what God showed up. I hope I am not out of line using those names but God layed them on my heart. For those also that read this understand when the situation seems hopless that God is still on the throne. Lord I thank you that you are still on the throne today and that you want to be not only good to us but you want to be God to us. My friend Is He God to You?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Place Called Heaven

John 14:1-6

Last week we dealt with the subject of Hell. I so much rather preach on Heaven in my church but I know Hell needs to be preached also. This last week I preached on Heaven and I wanted to share a couple of things with you from this message. I pray that if you are not going to heaven that you please get saved. For those that are saved I pray that you are encouraged by what you read today.

There is not way we can truly understand what heaven will be like. The Bible gives us a glimpse of heaven, but truly we don't know much about heaven. I promise you one thing that is will be good. Praise the Lord for that. Now want to look at this passage for a few minutes.

I. The Prequisite to Heaven. Vs 6
Jesus is the Way. Buddha, Mohammed, Pope none of these are the way, for a person to get to heaven he must trust Christ to be his Savior. Acts 4:12 tells us this.
Jesus is the Truth. You can bank that every thing in the Bible is true and there is nothing false. People say how do you know what you believe is true, because God is not a liar.
Jesus is the Life. We were dead according to Eph 2:1 but when we got saved we became alive to God. We didn't start living until Jesus saved our soul.

II. The Plea from the Lord. Vs 1 He tells us not to be troubled in a world that it is easy to get troubled in He says don't let your heart fail you. I am so glad that no matter what we go through Jesus is on our side. He knows everything we are going through and therefore their is not need to worry.

III. The Promise from the Lord. I will come again. I am so glad that we have a hope that we can hold to this morning. That hope is a blessed hope as the Word of God says. One day I believe very soon he will perform his promise and come and take his church home to heaven. What a glorious day that will be.

IV. The Place called Heaven.
Place of the Redeemed. We have been redeemed the Bible says in pslams Let the redeem of the Lord say So. God's people should be broadcasting far and wide that they are redeemed. We are redeemed through the blood. It is the blood that washes all our sins away. We get to heaven through the blood of Christ. Today people want to take the blood out but we do have a bloody religion because we had a bloody christ on the cross for those sins. Thank God for the blood. We can spend much time on that but we won't.

Place of Reunion.
I am glad when we get to the other side that their will be a reunion.
A Reunion with those that we loved. I know probably all of us have someone that loved the Lord and went on to heaven. We will see them one day again.
Reunion with those that we labored with. We all know preachers that preached us the Word of God and we labored with them.
Reunion with those that led us to Christ. When we get there we will be with the person that led us to Christ.
Place of Reward. Thank God when we get there that I will be able to earn rewards so I can give them back to Jesus. I believe the greatest reward we will have is being able to spend eternity with those that God gave the increase and we saw saved. There are five crowns that we will not get into. I believe every Christian can earned four of these and Pastors get the fifth.
Place of Rejoicing.
There is not much rejoicing going on in the house of God. So many people can rejoice over their favorite team but not say nothing in the house of God. We need to realize we will be rejoicing forevermore in Heaven.
There will be Singing
There will be Shouting
One the greatest day of rejoicing will be when we get to see Satan cast into the Lake of Fire what a day of rejoicing that will be. So much more about heaven that we didn't get too, but today I want to say I am so glad that i know, that I know, that I know I am going to spend eternity in this place.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Study from Joshua Chapter 2

I preached through this chapter on Wednesday so I figured I would give you some truths that the Lord showed me.

We find ourselves leaving Chapter 1 with the people telling Joshua we will obey and follow what the Lord wants us to do. It is always good for a church to follow the man of God in the direction he feels the church should go. God will show the leader more than he will show those he is leading. Now we come Joshua telling to spies to spy out the land and we are introduced to a lady by the name Rehab the Harlot.
The first truth I was showed is God can save anyone. It don't matter how far someone has been. It don't matter if they are drunk, a drug dealer, fornicator, or a religious person can save them. God can go as deep as he needs to to pull people out of the pit of sin. Some he goes way deep for, but has to save us all the same way.

The Second truth we find in this Chapter is God can use anyone. I get tired of hearing people say you don't know what I have done surely God can't use me. God can use anyone at anytime. Remember he used a donkey to speak to The prophet Ballim. God used a little boy with five fishes and two loaves of bread to feed 5,000 men plus woman and children. God can use anyone as long as they are available. A child of God does need to be clean, but one of things that bothers me is when people in church are just sitting on the pew and there is a great work that needs to be done. I am tired of hearing people that use to serve the Lord, Last time I checked we are not discharged from this army of the Lord.

The last truth I want to share is the Faith that Rehab had. Faith is one thing sometimes
that we lack as Christians we believe God will do with someone else but not with us. We have this woman that hides these spies and then has a request for them that her family would be saved when they come and take the land. The spies give her a promise that as long as she has that scarlet thread in the window that when they come they will take everyone in her home and they would be saved. Of course we could talk about the blood that has saved us, but we will not on this post. But she waited a few days and then here comes the children of Israel they whip up the people in Jericho, but the Harlot is saved and her family because she believe what was told her. You know we still serve a God who knows all our problems and is bigger than anything we are going through. We just need to learn to trust God. Remember in closing the it is impossible to please God without faith. These are just a couple of thoughts the Lord gave me on Chapter 2 in Joshua. I pray they were a blessing and a help. If you read this post please leave a comment that way I know who may come by and that i can visit your site also.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Place Called Hell

I preached this yesterday morning at church. I pray it challenges to reach as many people as we can that are heading to this awful place.

Luke 16:19-31

We all have heard the story told us in this passage of Scripture we all know that Hell is a real place. It doesn't better what a religious group says or what the Pope says. The Word of God is Final and those that reject the Lord Jesus Christ will spend eternity away from the Lord.
We find several people that will find their place in this awful place if they do not get saved.
A. We find the reprobate.
B. We find the rebellious
C. We find the religious. We have many people across our land in churches that have religion but they have no idea what a relationship is with Christ. Religion keeps people in bondage, when the Lord saves us he sets us free from bondage.

I The Reality of Hell
A. No Forgiveness, They cry out in Hell for forgiveness it is too late.
B. No Family or Friends- Hell is place of total separation yet you hear screams in Hell.
C.Flame- The Richman said he was tormented in a flame. The People that God to this place will burn for eternity

II. The Request from Hell.
The Richman requested a couple of things that fell on death ears. The first request was
A Request for Mercy. Timeout here for a second I thank God that he gave me multiple chances to be saved. I definitely did not get what I deserved. The rich man just asked for a drop of water and it fell on death ears
A Request for Missionary. To go to his brothers to tell them about this awful place that he was in.

III. Our Responsiblity to those going to Hell.
This was where i wanted to get on this post. I asked you do you believe in Hell and of course you would say yes, however does your actions speak louder than your words. Do u tell people about Christ is my question.
Our Responsiblity is to Warn
We are too warn as many people as we come across. Do u hand tracts out? When was the last time you took time out to present the gospel to someone. I have to say it has been too long for me.
Our Responsibilty is to Weep
When was the last time we weep over a soul going to Hell. Our tears have dried up for lost people therefore our churches our starting to dry up because there is no new life coming into the church.
Our Responsiblity is to Win.
You say that is God's job I agree but Prov tells us He that winneth souls in Wise. I believe if our heart is where the Lord can use us he will give us souls for our labour.

To Close remember the Promise of Ps 126:5-6 I still believe the Bible I believe if we go forth weeping that we will see souls saved. May God give us a burden and convict over reaching lost people for him.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

God has given us Victory

Joshua 1:3
Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon that have I given you,as I said unto Moses.

I am starting to preach through the book of Joshua starting tonight as I was studying this morning God spoke to my heart on several verses so I thought I would share on what God showed me on this verse. I pray it is a blessing and a help.

Now we all know the story that God chose Moses to get the children of Israel out the the land of Egypt and then they went through the Wilderness. We know that Moses was given the law and he disobeyed God so he could not go the land of Victory. Moses dies and now we start a new conquest with a man by the name of Joshua. Joshua a type of Christ leads the children of Israel into the promise land. The Law never is used to get people into victory it is always used to showed you can not have victory without Christ. Now we come to verse and God gave them 300,000 square feet of land yet they only possessed about 30,000 square feet. How sad God had given them the land yet they did not believe God enough to take all God had given them. The enemies in these other parts have been a thorn in the side of Israel even to this day. NOw looks at our life for a second today. God has given us victory through is Son Jesus Christ, yet many Christians only get about a tenth of the Spirtual Blessings God has for them. How sad this is in many of our lives. God has given us victory over sin, and all we have to do is believe by faith and allow the Holy Spirit to take those area's that we struggle in out of our lives by faith. The devil has done a good job of keeping God's people in bondage thinking that they have no victory over sin in every area of their life. We wonder why their is not power of God in our lives and that is because their is sin in our lives that Christ already took care of at the cross of Calvary. We have victory over self. God's people live most of their lives directed by the old man. We give into the oldman that should be dead. We must kill the old man everyday. For without the death of the old man we will continue to not have the filling of the Holy Spirit that we must have to live a life of Victory. The Victory is there we just have to submit and take what God has already given us. The reason Christians have no joy is because they are still in control of something that does not belong to them. Lastly we have victory over Satan. Now we can not defeat Satan on our own. As matter of fact we will get whipped everytime. However we come in the name of the Lord, and fight Satan we have Victory already. Why? Because our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ as already whipped the devil on Calvary. Praise God for that.

So Christian I one question to asked you as I asked myself. Are we resting in the Victory that God has already given us or are we still trying to live this life on our own. I believe was we yield to the Holy Ghost our lives will be even more blessed by the Lord.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Generation That Knows Not God

I preached this yesterday morning at church. I pray it is a blessing but challenges you also.

Judges 2:1-10
Before we get started the book before this God used Joshua for many great victories. God chose Joshua to take over for Moses when the children of Israel went into the promise land. We can go into all the battles that God allowed Joshua to win, but we won't do that today. Now we come to our passage and Joshua is dead, and the generation that was alive when he was around is dead and now their raises up a generation that knows not God. I am sad to say that today their is a generation that knows not God nor his power.
They don't know the peace of God. Many our lost or they don't know if they are saved. There is nothing like having the peace of God in our lives.
They don't know the presence of God. Many of our young people in churches have no idea what it means to be in the presence of God publically or privately.
They don't know the power of God. They haven't seen God show his mighty power in their life, or their parents life, or more sadly the church.

Whose to blame?
Peer Pressure is to blame. Romans 12:2 They our pressured to be like the world, and not different.
Parents are to blame. They live one way in the house of God, but another at home, and kids don't want it.
Preachers are to blame. There is no fire coming from most pulpits telling kids what God says about them living a Christian Life. Some Preachers don't even preach against sin, they give you love message, and yet kids our in sin.'

What kind of generation our we raising?
I. Lazy Generation
Lazy physically. This generation has got it made. When God's Power was moving is when kids had no idle time. Now you have T.V. or videogames that takes most of the kids attention. THere is nothing wrong with these things as long as they are in their place.
Lazy spirtually. Most kids wouldn't know the first thing about studying the Scriptures, because their parents don't even study. Most kids don't know how to get ahold of God because they have never heard their parents get ahold of God.

II. Lukewarm Generation
Most kids just want to sit on the fence. They want to stay right in the middle. They want to go with the flow. We don't have many teens in our churches that want God to do much with their life. This is sad. I believe God wants to use our young people in a mighty way. Or this happens just when they get on fire their parents, or another sibling or a family member throws a wet blanket on them and makes them feel bad by telling them they are taking this Jesus thing to far. Our young people get around those that don't want to make a difference instead of finding someone on fire, and go with that person.

III. Looking Generation.
Praise God we do have someone young people that are looking for something different. I am in this generation that i am tired of hearing how it used to be, God has not changed what he did before he can do again. I believe our young people are looking for something real to happen in the church house. I believe when this happens God will get the most glory out of our young people.

Just a few thoughts I jotted down from preaching of course the message was much longer. I preached close to an hour I believe, but I pray what i wrote will challenge someone to make a difference in this generation.