Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Thy Heart Right With God?

Prov 4:23
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

This thought I have taught on a couple of times in Sunday School. I believe most saved people have the wrong idea of what being right with God is. I believe most think as long as they go to church, read their bible, pray, and soulwin then that they are right with. These things are neccessary for us to be right with God but they do not neccessary mean we are right with him. I remember in the Bible when Jesus said that they did serve with lips, but their heart was far from him. I believe the Lord gives us a blueprint that shows where we are spiritually. I pray this challenges but also encourages us to go farther with the Lord.

If our Heart is Right then are Speech will be Right.
One of the best ways to show that we are right with God is what proceeds out of the mouth. I am not just talking about people cursing, I am talking about how do we talk to people. Do we edify or do we cut. If we cut or use idle words we can not be right with the Lord. Our speech should be seasoned with Godliness. How do we talk to our spouse or if we are a young a person how do you talk to your parents. I believe one of the greatest way we quench the Holy Spirit is by what comes out of the mouth.

If our Heart is Right then are Sight will be Right.
As a Christian this is one of the hardest area's people have to keep right. Because what ever comes through the eyes becomes part of our mind. We have to be careful with T.V. but most of all even though this internet is a tool trouble will come looking for you. All it takes is one moment of weakness with the flesh and we could ruin our testimony. Remember the song be careful little eyes what you see, why because God is watching.

If our Heart is Right then are Steps will be Right.
If you our controlling your steps you can not be right with God. The only way we can truly be right with him, is when we relinquish all are rights and allow him to direct everything. The places I go, the decisions that are made should all be with the Lord having control. Truly the only way that we can really be right with God is when he has absolute control.

Now that the Lord has given these how do we measure up. If you are like me I have to examine each of these area's and the only conclusion I can come to is Thank God for his mercy and longsuffering because I need to help in these area's. The heart desire should be relinquished my rights and let him live his life through me. Again the only way this is going to effect us is if we right to go above the normal Christian Life. May God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How is Our Prayer Life?

James 4:3
Ye ask, and recieve not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your own lusts.

Before I start this post of what the Lord has put on my heart through meditation, and through listening to a message I want to first say none of us have arrived in our prayer life. We all can pray more, and spend more time with God. Now with that being said one of the greatest privileges that we have as a child of God is prayer. When we got saved we got access to the God through the mediation of Christ. We realize the only thing that changes things is prayer. I believe it would amaze us how much time Christians truly spend in prayer. The devil knows that God works through prayer so he tries to keep us busy so we won't pray. I don't know about you but I want to have my prayers answered, but I go through times that it seems like my prayers go from the ground to the ceiling and that God does not hear me. I know you feel the same way at times. Lets get a few thoughts what we do to get our prayers answered or have a more fruitful prayer life.

Our Manner of praying. How do we go to God in prayer? Do we go to him high and lifted up, or always asking instead of spending time with him? The correct way of coming to God is humbling ourselves. If we are not willing to humble ourselves God will not listen.
We pray with a right heart. Ps 66:18
We pray his will not our will.
We pray believing.
That is the manner of our prayer.

The Majesty of our Prayer.
We realize we are praying to the creator of the universe. We are not just talking to anyone even though we can go to him as a father son or daughter relationship. God knows our needs before we give them. He wants to hear from us and wants us to praise him and give thanks for what he has done in our lifes.

The Motivation of Prayer. What is our motivation of praying for God to fix our finances, heal our body, save our love ones etc.... If our motivation is anything but that it glorifies him he will not answer our prayers. If we asked selfishly then we are in the wrong and we need asked it for his glory. The Lord has been teaching me some things about doing all to his glory. If we teach, or preach, or study his word, or pray, or witness, or attend church for any other reason except for it to glorify him then are motivation is wrong.

In Closing maybe the reason or prayer life is suffering is because we have been praying wrong. If our motivation is wrong then it will seem like all we are doing is talking, but if we get our motivation right it will be amazing to see what God will do with us. May we take these simple thoughts and meditate upon them. Until next time God Bless.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Thinking Blog Award

I want to thank Mrs Julie for giving me the award first of all. I am so glad that the Lord allows me to share what is on my heart with my readers. I really have no idea how many people read this site, but I am so thankful for those that do. I pray that they are a blessing and a help, and I hope I challenge peoples heart with the Word of God to get them to grow in Christ. Now it is my job to give the awards. I do not read as many blogs as some but we will try our best to give five.

Mrs Julie at Julies Jewels. This is our Pastor's Wife and her posts our challenging and helpful. She started the blog to help people and I believe she has helped many on the blogs. I thank God for the stand she takes for her Lord. She is also the one that started me blogging
Bro Jim at Standing in the Gap. I appreciate Bro Jim sharing things that sometimes are not easy to take but they are very helpful in our Growth. God has blessed Bro Jim with discerment in spiritual things.
Mrs Kate at Maranatha. As I read her posts I am challenge to know the Lord more. Her posts our well thought out and directed by the Holy Ghost.
Bro Jerry. Bro Jerry is a blessing. His posts are well studied and thought out. He has a zeal and a knowledge for knowing the Lord.
Caleb and Joshua is my last one. They are a blessing to read and the stand they take for the Lord is awesome. The zeal these boys have for the Lord is evident in their posts. I pray that God would give us more young people to have the desire these boys have.
I read many posts from these and they have helped me the most in my life.

Bro Tim

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How to Have Victory in your Christian Life

How to Have Victory in Your Christian Life
I normally don't put other peoples stuff up on my blogs but I was looking through some things and the Lord impressed on my heart to put this outline up that I got several years ago at a youth conference. I believe with all my heart we have victory in Christ over sin, self and Satan it is just if we obey the Scriptures to activate this Victory. Last time I checked we got all the Holy Spirit we are ever going to get, it is a matter of the Holy Spirit getting more of us. I hope this is a blessing and a help to those that struggle in this Christian Life to stay right with God. I know it helps me because I have the same struggles as any other person. God Bless You till next time.
Vigilance I Peter 5:8, Rom 13:14 Be consistently on gurad against your weaknesses and the wicked one.
Imagine the Consequences Eccl. 8:11-13 List and be familiar with the results of the sin from which you want to be freed.
Cry Out to God Ps 34:6 Cry Out to God you are tempted, when you fail and throughout the day.
Take Thoughts into Captivity. II Cor 10:3-5 Thoughts become desires, which turn into actions, which produce habits, that become your life. You must deal with the temptation in the first four seconds.
Omnipresence of God Before Us. Gen 39:7-9 God seeks, knows and is grieved with us when we sin.
Rely on Sciptures Ps 119:11, I Cor 10:13 Our sword that is used to fight temptation is the Word of God
Yield to the Spirit Rom 8:13 Whatever the Holy Spirit tells you to do, you must obey in order to receive his power.