Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beware of the Enemy

I Peter 5:8

When we were born again we entered into a battle till the end. I want to thank God this evening that I am not part of the devil's family anymore. I thank God that I will never be seperated from my Lord and Savior. Praise God for that. With that being said I do know that we face a true enemy and he is not of this world. It is not a family, friend, or foe that is our enemy. The devil seeks according to John 10:10 to steal, kill and destroy. I want to asked a serious question tonight are you devourable? He is looking to devour God's children tonight. There have been many that have been devour before us who thought they were strong enough to defeat the devil. There are several characteristics of the devourable I hope we do not fall in any of these but if we do thank God that we can repent and get it right before it is too late.
I. Full of Pride
YOu and I know many people that name the name of Christ who are full of pride. They think that they are God's gift to this world. There are preachers like this, and church members like this. The Bible clearly states in Prov 6 that a proud look God hates. One of the greatest lessons I learned that was hard was that God don't need me. He has been on the throne well before I came in existence and he will be on the throne well after I leave this world. I know in my heart that I really am nothing and all that I am is because of the Jesus. Praise God for the day I learned that.
II. Flesh Driven.
Another devourable charateristic is those that are driven by the flesh. I know we all have flesh still that has to be crucified but I am talking about those that do nothing as a child of God but maybe go to church. When one is controlled by the flesh then he is devourable. God wants control through the Holy Spirit of our lives. If we allow the flesh to lead and direct our paths we need to be watching because the devil is coming.
III. Unforgiving Spirit
Christ told us to be kind and forgive one another in Eph 4:32 why because he forgave us. I am a testimony to almost being devoured because I let unforgiveness turn into bitterness and the devil almost had me. We are to forgive everyone no matter what they have done because it is the RIGHT thing to do. A Christian that as an unforgiving spirit in them better watch out because the devil is coming.
To close how to we protect against the enemy I believe we find our answer in Eph 6 and that is the armour of God. If we daily put on the armour the devil is no match to God, but if we leave the armour off then we are succeptible to being devoured. Please take the thoughts and if it didn't touch you then pray for those that you may know that may be close to being devoured.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am not Ashamed

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Rom 1:16a
I am so thankful for the gospel of Christ. If it were not for the gospel I would be lost in my sins still and so would you. I am thankful that Jesus came to this earth born of a virgin, died on the cross and rose again for me. That is enough to shout about from here to eternity. As introduction.
A. I am not ashamed of the Power of the Gospel. It is the gospel that saves sinners. It is the Gospel that changes lifes. It is the Gospel that makes the difference.
B. I am not ashamed of the Person of the Gospel. The person is Jesus. I am not ashamed to broadcast his name to a lost and dying world.
C. I am not ashamed of the Preaching of the Gospel. I love good Gospel preaching. The Bible tells us to stay close to the cross. Without the cross you have not Christianity.

Now I want to look at several areas that when we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ that I do not want to stand ashamed in.

I. I do Not want to be Ashamed in my Walk.
I want to stand before my Lord knowing that I Walk for him. There are many saved people out there that walk for what they want. They walk for selfish reasons. They are about pleasing themselves, and don't care about pleasing the Master. When we stand before Christ we will not be judged for our Walk as in Sin, but we will stand before him knowing that we could have walked better.

II. I do Not want to be Ashamed in my Work. I want to be found working for my Lord till he comes back. I do not want to be on the sideline. If I live to be old and grey I still want to be preaching the Word of God when he comes. I want to be still singing the old songs of zion. I want to still working in a Independent Baptist Church that hates sin. I don't ever want to compromise my Lord in my Work.
III. I do Not want to Ashamed in my Witness.
I am learning something in my life once again. All that is going to matter when I get to heaven is who I brought with me, or how did I help reaching the lost of this world. It is not about a better house, or a better car, it is about Jesus saving sinners. In my own life I realized that I really got apathetic in this area of reaching lost sinners. The Lord has given me a passion once again for reaching souls.
IV. I do not want to be Ashamed in my Worship and Praise
I believe worship is private. The word means to bow low to the Lord. I want to worship my Lord but I realize when sin is in my life I can not worship him like I want to. Praise is public I want to publically praise my Lord if that is in testifying, raising hands, or by shouting I do not want to be out praised by the rocks. We have much to praise and worship in for. Just thing about and I believe before you know it you will be praising him.
In closing I know in several of these area I have been ashamed at one time or another but this is a new day. Old days are passed we can start today not being ashamed.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How Does a Life Become Shipwrecked?

How Does a Life Become Shipwrecked
II Cor 11:25
I Timothy 1:19
Please get your bible and read these verses. We all know people that have shipwrecked their lives. As a Christian if we are not obedient to the Holy Ghost we will definitely find ourselves shipwrecking our lives. We must understand that if we live outside of the Will of God we step out of the hedge that God has around us. I want give 4 reasons why I believe peoples lives become shipwrecked and then give three reason how to avoid shipwrecking our lives. I pray you will meditate upon the thought.
I Because of Hidden Sin. The Bibles says that in numbers be sure your sin will find you out and in Gal 6:7 God is not mocked. We can not sin and and not pay the consequences of sin in our lives. God will bring our sin in the open. We may be able to hide it from spouses, or friends, or pastors, but God always knows our sin.
II. Because of Haughtiness. We also must never ever thing of ourselves more highly than we are. The Bible warns of this in Prv 16:18. We are capable of doing the most wicked thing in the world if we are not under subjection to the Holy GHost.
III. Because of Hypocrisy.
We live one way at church or around family and then we live like the devil away from them. Mark it down you will shipwreck your life.
IV. Because of Half-Heartedness
God wants all our lives and us to give our best in all that we do. We can not live in the world part of the time and surrendered to God part of the time. We can not give 50 percent doing the things of God. Jesus wants us to give all that we have at all times. When one is half-hearted enventually they will burnout.
How to Avoid Shipwrecking our lives.
A. Stay Humble before God. I Peter 5:6
B. Confess Our Sin Daily. I John 1:9
C. Fellowship with God Daily. Joshua 1:8