Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to Turn the World Upside Down?

I am going to do a series of posts on this thought the first one is Biblical Salvation. You may be saved, but please do come back and read the other thoughts I believe the Lord has something for us.

Acts 17:6
These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.
This is a thought that the Lord gave me about 5 years ago. I taught to my young people at another church.
There are many that claim to know Christ. If all those that say they are saved would live for Christ, it would be amazing what the Christian could do. These Christians in this passage were know for turning the world upside down. Paul, Silas, and others made a difference. I wonder today our we making a difference. I want to give a couple of things that we must have to turn our world upside down. There are many we can reach with the Gospel. Please ponder upon these and I hope they are blessing.
I. A Biblical Salvation
There are many walking around this world with just a profession and not a possession. Before we can every do anything for CHrist we must be saved. It is more than a prayer, it is a decision from turning your sin, to a Holy God. That is repentance. If you have never repented then you know not God. That is not my WOrd that is what Jesus said. We have too many people out there just praying a prayer and nothing changes about them SOmething is wrong with that. I believe with the Lord's help I am going to make this a series of thoughts on turning the world upside down. The Lord just spoke to my heart. Do you know you are saved? I am not asking if you made a profession of faith, I am not asking if you shook the preachers hand, I am not asking if you were baptized I am asking do you know the Lord. Hell is full of good people that made professions of faith but they never possessed it. The Bible tells us to Examine ourselves whether we be in the faith. Has your life changed? Can you look and see what the Lord has changed about you. Do you have a love for the brethren, a love for Word, A love to pray, a love to go to Church. If not I asked you to check up. I know most that read my posts are saved just want to throw this out there just case someone is not. To close this thought where will you be when you take your last breath, or when the rapture happens. Will you be in Hell, or left on the earth. All I know is that the choice is up to you. God says whosoever wants a drink can take a drink of living water. For those that know him Praise the Lord that you are saved, and never ever lose the thrill of being saved. Once we lose the thrill we will not turn the world upside down.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Influence of Your Life

James:4 asks the question what is your life.

This afternoon while eating lunch me and a friend of my got talking about life. We got talking about Anna Nicole Smith and how she at this time wishes she would lived her life different. Then we talked about the rich man how he prayed that someone would get to his five brothers before they end up in Hell. The thought today is what kind of influence have you had in this life. So many people want to live materialistic, but when this life is over the cars will be gone, the house will be gone, all the materialism we have accumulated will be gone, and all that will matter is what kind of influence you had on people. If we were to prematurely die, or if lived to old age and then died would people walked my our casket saying we were an influence on their life. Will the kids walk by the casket and say dad or mom lived for Jesus, they walked with him and gave all to him. If we are teenagers would our parents walk by and say he/she loved Jesus. How about people we worked with or went to church with. Will anyone remember you is the question? Will you have people walk by and say they led me to Christ, or I remember when I was going through a rough time and they took time out and loved on me and encouraged me in the Lord? When the lost stand before the Lord and have no excuse why they wouldn't trust Christ, do you believe they would love to have more chance. Finally how about when we stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ will we have anything that will make it through the fire, or have we lived life with self the center of attention. If we have lived life to self then we really have missed the meaning of this life. The meaning of this life is to influence people so they trust Jesus as their Savior. If people are saved then to influence them to stay in the battle for the Lord. Just some random thought from my heart. I hope we would ponder this thought what is your life. May God Bless you till next time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Fresh Oil
Psalm 92:10
But My Horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.
The thought on my heart this morning has to do with something that is missing probably from most of our lives. I have to admit that it is missing from my life. The thought this morning has to do with being filled witht he spirit of God. As a Christian we make a conscience decision on how much we give to the Lord in our life. We make a decision whether we are going to be carnal, lukewarm, or spiritfilled. I know we all hear people say they are spiritfilled yet they yell at their kids, they get angry over things, or they fuss as couples. I am hear to let you know that is not being spirit-filled. The Lord hit me with a ton of bricks on Sunday morning as I was teaching this. If I am not dead I can not be spiritfilled. When we are spiritfilled we are not offended, we are not angry at people. We have the mind of Christ. Let me put a ouch there. You want to test our spiritfilled you are. You heard it right if we get angry with people or we get offended with people, or we talk about people we are not led by the spirit. I believe what is missing from our churches is people having fresh oil when they come to the house of God. The Bible says we should be overflowing with the spirit of God. Being filled with the spirit does not mean that your speak a tongue that no one knows, it does not mean you get a second blessing, it does not mean that you now have the gift of healing. The whole reason for having fresh oil is so others trust Christ as Savior. The world needs to see someone that don't talk, act, listen, or watch the same thing as they do. They need someone that they know is under the influence of someone else. I asked you this most seriously question are you filled with the spirit. If not when was the last time you asked God to forgive you for not being spiritfilled. You want something that will turn your church around get spiritfilled and see what God can do. May God bless you as you ponder the thought today.