Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Will Your Gift Be?

Matt 2:2 Saying Where is he that is born King of the Jews?

I love this time of year where we celebrate Christ's birth. We have two more day until we celebrate the birth of our Lord. Many during this time will have family that come from out of town, or they will leave to see family. We probably all have our Christmas trees and decorations up, and hopefully today many will go to the House of God this morning. We have the wise men in this passage of scripture that are seeking the Christ child. They go about searching and they find him with his mother mary. There are some things we see from the wise men first they fell down and worshipped him. If there is one thing we must do this season is we must find time to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be worshipped this morning. They also did something else they gave him gifts in the passage of Scripture. The wise men each brought him a gift. The First Gift was that of Gold. This represents that he is the king. Even though he came as a little baby he was still the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was still God in the flesh. The Second Gift was Frankensciene this represents his priesthood. I am so thankful that we have a high priest this morning. I am thankful that he took is blood to God the Father and it satisfied the demands of a Holy God, and we can be washed in that blood. Lastly we have myrhh and we know this represents that he came to die. He was Born to Die that we might live. Now with that all said What will your gift be to our Lord and Saviour? I know what he wants from us this year more than anything. He wants our life. He wants to be in control. When we get saved we give the Lord our heart, but sometime after we get saved we take back our life and do our own thing. We find in Romans 12:1 our reasonable service is presenting our lives a living sacrifice. He wants 100 percent of me and if he doesn't have 100 percent then I am not truly right with God. Let me asked this question in closing Does he have your desires and dreams this morning? Does he lead your direction this morning, or our you in control. Why don't you give him what he has wanted for years now. Give him your life so he can do what he wants with you.

I hope this post is a challenge to our heart to see if he has us this morning. I want to wish all those that come to this site a Merry Christmas. We will be leaving to go to my wifes parents tonight after service. Please pray for us to have safety, we can't wait to get home. God Bless You this Christmas Season.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What God Expects?

I was thinking and just pondering on how great a God we serve. He knows everything we do or say before we ever say it. I was thinking how he saved us and how he has guided us to learn more about him. I was also thinking about this question. What does God want today from his creation. He created everything for his purpose and for his glory. God is so good to us. In his word he tells us want he wants from us. I believe we can look at these things and find that we may be able to do better in them. I believe God has something for the lost also,

To the Sinner God wants them to seek forgiveness of Sin.

Remember according to Peter 3:9 God wants all to come to repentance. God wants all to be saved even though all will not be saved. He made a way through Jesus for all to be saved. He gives everyman the choice of being saved but sadly so many reject the Lords call to Salvation. I believe it will be a sad day for God when he has to cast some of his creation that rejects him to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

To the Saved God wants fellowship.

God desire from the time he created Adam was to fellowship with man. God has always had a desire to talk to his creation. We know sin stopped that fellowship so can allowed the sacrifices of animals to atone for sin, but one day he sent his son to die and then sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in his creation so we can have fellowship with God. I know in my life I don't fellowship as much as I can with my Lord. I wonder how many Christians in the world hasn't even fellowship with God today. God is waiting to hear from us today.

To Saved God wants us to have Faith.If there is one area I believe sometimes I lack in it is trusting God. He wants his children to be able to come to him at all times. The sad thing is most of the time we come to him when he is the last resort. The bible tells us in I John whatsoever is not of faith is sin. It is also tells us it is impossible to believe God without faith. We have saving faith but sometimes we lack that living faith.

To the Saved God wants us to Forgive.

This is what God wants from his children we must learn to forgive when someone hurts us. This was something that I had a problem with for a while and allowed myself to get bitter. That is always a bad thing. Remember the word tells us to always forgive no matter what the pain that was caused. We can not be right with God and not forgive. God wants his children to learn this principle of forgiveness. When someone don't accept our forgiveness that is on them. It is sad when God children hold grudges for years. There is no joy and there is no peace when we hold grudges.In closing there are many other things that God wants from us but this is what the Lord put on my heart tonight. If we are lacking in any of these areas may we ask the Lord to help us he will not turn us away. Till next time God bless you

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Day After the Rapture

I Thess 4:13-18

I preached this message Sunday Morning and Praise be to God. We had a 16 year old get saved, and we had a young married woman get saved that people had been praying for several years. Praise the Lord because he worthy.

We live in a world that is getting worse every day. The Bible tells us that the love of many would wax cold. I believe we are in that day. If you look at the middle east I believe we are seeing the birth pangs of the translation of the saints of God. As introduction we as children of God should be looking for that blessed hope Titus tells us. Most Christians our not looking for that hope because they are doing the wrong things in their life. Second the Bible tells us in Timothy that we are too love the appearing of the Lord. The only way we will love him is if we are looking for him. I believe we will have a group of Christians that will be awarded when he comes and I believe there will be a group who will be ashamed which group will you be in. Now I want to borrow your imagination and take to trips in the future and preach on the Day after the Rapture. The first trip will be the scene in heaven.

I. The Scene in Heaven.
What a day that will be when we leave this earth and get to heaven. There will be no more sin, sorrow, pain or death. As we look at those in have we see a few things going on.
I. There is a Reunion.
There is a little girl that died at a early age and she is being reunited with her momma and daddy what a happy day for that family.
There is a grandaddy that love his family and died and now there is his wife being reunited with him.
All over heaven there is Reunions going on. Momma's, Daddy's brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews. Church members. What a reunion is going on.

II. There is Rejoicing go on.
There is that brother for years that walked with a cane it is gone and he is having a shouting time on the Street of God. There is that Sister that couldn't see and now she see's perfectly. There is that preacher that preached the truth for years. ( Thank God for a Preacher that has not Compromise) He is having a time over there. Who is that over there that is the one I been waiting to meet my whole life. It is the Redeemer

III. There is the Redeemer
There he is the one that saved my soul when I was only 17 years old. The one that washed my sins all away. There he is the one that walked with me through the valleys, and storms in my life. The one whose presence I have gotten in when I prayed to him. The one who was my strength when I was weak. The one I sang about for all those years. There he is that Redeemer. I fall before the king of kings and weep for what he has done for me. What a day it will be when we see the redeemer. What a scene in heaven now we must take another trip back down to earth. Lets go I know you don't want to leave this place but we must see what is left behind.

The Scene on Earth.
As thrilling as the day will be in heaven there will be a day or sorrow on the earth. Lets see what is going on.
There will be Confusion.
Lets knock on this door. Here is comes a teenage girl. Where is my mom and dad? I went into there room and they are gone where did they go? Oh Jesus must have come I thought that was a fairy tale, weeping bitterly.
Lets knock on this door. Here is comes a mother screaming where are my children. What happen to my children. I got up and there bed is made but they are not in it. Oh I should have went to church with them.
Lets knock on this churches door. Wow look at all the church members that did not make it . They are at he altar weeping bitterly trying to get saved. There are so many that missed the rapture. How sad they continue playing the part and now they are lost.

There will be Chaos. Look at all the fires going on. Look at the car crashes. Smell the burning of flesh. People are screaming in the streets looking for loved ones and they have to go through the streets of that mess.

There will be no more chance.
The saddest day about the day after the rapture are those who heard the truth will believe the lie and never have a chance to be saved. What do you mean? I mean if you reject Christ on this earth you will die and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Today is the Day of Salvation .

To close we have went through two very real scenes. Let me ask you a question. Do you know him? Have you been Born Again or are you just playing games. For the saved person are you ready to meet him today or do you have to get right with him. I pray that you do what you must do today. Till next time God Bless.