Monday, November 12, 2007

The Need for Revival

Ps 85:6

I preached this message yesterday morning and the Lord really met with us in a special way. I believe this is the hope of the new testament church today. I am tired of hearing about yesterday, or several years ago. I believe we still serve the same God with the same power who wants to send revival more than we want revival. So I pray the message encourages you and convicts you to get alone in that secret place and ask the Lord to send revival to your soul that you can make a difference in your family and in your church, and in your job.

The Reason for Revival

I believe there are several reasons for revival We look at our nation and see there is a need for it. We look at our homes and see there is a need for it, we look at our churches and see there is a need for it. I believe we must get personal about this thing of revival. We need to draw a circle and step in the middle and say I need revival.

A. Lost First Love. Rev 2:4

The church of Ephesus was doing lots of things right, and they hated evil but the Lord still had somewhat against them that they had left that first love. Do you remember when you first got saved how much you loved Jesus. You were willing to do anything for him those first couple of weeks but then we realize we have enemies and we started drifting. I believe the first thing we do is fall back in love with the one that saved us.

B. Loose Living.

Christians started doing things that they would have never done when they first got saved. They started accepting sin a little and time, and things changed and we started to have pet sins. I still believe in Holiness and that I know I have not reach it and that I have plenty to strive for.

C. Lukewarmness.

It is time for Christians to get off the fence. Most Christians want to live with one foot in the world , and one foot in the church. This will never do Christ wants us living one hundred percent for him. This is what is pleasing to him. I know I look at these three things and say woe is me.

II. The Requirements of Revival II Chronicles 7:14

humble ourselves. There is too much pride in the church today, and it makes God sick. However I believe the greatest way we humble ourselves for revival is just admitting that yes Lord I need revival.

pray - we need to get back to holy ghost praying. This 5 minutes stuff that we are all guilty of doing sometimes just won't do. We need to get back to the throne room of God. God hears the prayers of a clean heart. If we really want revival we do need to start doing business with God

seek his face- We need to focus back on Christ. We need to get our eyes off of us or off of circumstances back on the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to look upon his face once again.

turn from their wicked ways. The first three are hard but I believe all us know we can do thiese things with Christ help, however this last one is the one God is waiting for and that repenting. We just need to stop playing games, and get real with ourselves and with God and get the junk out of our life. We need God to shake us up and down and get the mess the hinders us from walking closer to him. What sin hinders you the most in your life we need to get down and truly repent of it. Notice something else about this verse God is not waiting for the wicked world to change their ways, he is looking for his people to get right with him. The reason we are not having revival is not the world God expects that sinfulness from the world, it is in the church house from the pulpit to the pew that God is waiting to get right.

The Results of Revival.

I believe the results our different for every person I know we need to be revived in our soul.

I believe number one we would see the presence of God shadow us in our churches and in our lives. We must have his presence everyday, and so many Christians live without it and really our missing something.

I believe number two we would see the power of God show up in our lives and our churches.

People would start being saved because they would finally want what we have. Our lives would be lived different.

People would start getting right in the church because we would get pride out of the way and start going to people that we have ought against and get right.

To close I hope we are challenge in our hearts to see where we are standing with the Lord. It only takes one person to get on fire for God for a church to be changed.

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Randy Scott said...

Thats right Brother Tim. I wonder what the results of one man efforts in the works for God would attain?