Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Faithfulness of God

As I was pondering on what to put up tonight I just want to brag on God's Faithfulness.

They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. Lam 3:23

I was seeking the Lord and he led me to this verse in Lamentations. As I was thinking about this verse I was reminded of my lack of faithfulness in the weak times in my life. There have been times since I have been saved that I haven't been faithful. We should be faithful in our Studying the Scriptures, faithful in Our Supplication, faithful in Our Soulwarning, and faithful in our service. I think sometimes we forget that God expects us to be faithful in these areas. There verses before that talk about his mercies. God is so full of mercy toward us. I thank God that even when I am unfaithful in areas of my life he is always faithful to me. How has God been faithful to me.
I. He Provides For Me.
God has come through in more ways that just providing Finacially. I was thinking how times I have been discouraged and he has been that faithful friend that sticks closer than a brother. When I need him to come through in my prayer life He always provides an answer even if it ain't the one I want to hear.
He has provided comfort when love ones have died. He has been so faithful in provided for me.
II. He Protects Me.
I was thinking how many times has the Devil wanted to destroy us and Jesus stands up says that is one of mine. He protects me from the fiery darts of the devil. He protects when I run to his shelter and he is a strong tower. I thank God that he has been faithful through the onslaughts of the devil.
There are definitely other ways he has been faithful. He has been faithful with His promises to me. He promises us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. He promises that one day he will come back and take us home where we will live forever with him. My question to you this night is how has God been faithful to you, and also to encouraged you to always be faithful to him to the best of you ability. In closing I thank God that he never gives up on me for my lack of faithfulness and even when I am not that faithful he is always there with loving arms to accept me back. That is real faithfulness. Till next time God bless.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Three Crosses

Luke 23:39-45

This is the message I preached this last Sunday Morning at church. I pray that it is a blessing.

I want to borrow your imagination and lets go back to a day of sadness yet a day of gladness for the Christian. I want to go back to Calvary this morning. Walking down this road is a Man that they call Jesus. You can not recognize this man. You see he has been beaten serverly with a cat of nine tails, and they have placed a crown of thorns on his head and he is bleeding profusely throughout his body. Now we are coming to the place of Crucifixon there are two other men there they are screaming that they are innocent but Jesus says not a word. He gives the Soldiers his left hand and then his right as they put nails through his hands and now they put one through is feet and they now put the cross in place. A giant thud is heard and now every bone is out of joint in Jesus body. He is laboring for each breath. Now we come to these three men on the cross lets see what they are saying.

The First Cross is the Rejecting Cross. This man is railing on Jesus. There are many in this world that continue to question Jesus and they will go their grave rejecting the Savior. I see a couple of problems wrong with this man.
First He has the wrong Picture of Christ. He said if you be the Christ. My friend he is the Christ. For a person to be saved they have to recognize his deity as being the Son of God.
Second we see he has the wrong picture of himself. He still goes down and never admits that he is wrong. For a person to be saved they have to recongnize that they are wrong. They have sinned against a Holy God and they deserve to be in a Hell. Now lets go to the second cross.

The Second Cross is the Repenting Cross. This man is different than the other man. I still believe that a person must repent to be saved. I know this is not popular but it is true. This second man recognized some things.
Recognized his problem. He realize he was guilty of what he had done. We recognized spiritually that we have sinned against a Holy God.

Recognized his penalty. realized that he deserved to die for his deed. For a person to be saved they have to recognize someone has to die for there sin. Thank God he died for all sin, and all a person has to do is recieve this gift, or they can die for their own sin and go to Hell.

Recieved a Promise.
This man didn't have to do good works, or did he have to be baptized he asked the Lord and the Lord told him today he would in paradise. Thank God that when we got saved we recieved the promise of eternal life and nothing can change that. Now lets go to the Third Cross and this is my favorite

The Redeeming Cross
I thank God that Jesus came to redeem me from my sin. How could he redeem us you may ask?
The Sinless One He was perfect never comitting a sin nor could he have committed a sin. He was the Perfect Lamb of God as John the Baptist said.

The Sin Bearer
He bore every sin that you can imagine from the vilest that you can think of to the least vilest sin. He took every sin upon himself according to II Corinthians 5.

The Savior
He saves his people from their sin. Oh What a Savior is mine. I don't deserve it, but I thank God that he is my Savior.

The Soon Coming King. This Jesus did die that day on the cross and then was buried but thank God that He got up on the third day and he is on the right hand of God making intercession for me and you. But one day this Jesus is going to come back and rescue us out of this wicked world.
To Close I wonder are you that rejecting cross, or have you repented of your sins and trusted Christ. ONe day every person will stand before the Lord and have to give an account to the redeemer.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Need for Revival

Ps 85:6

I preached this message yesterday morning and the Lord really met with us in a special way. I believe this is the hope of the new testament church today. I am tired of hearing about yesterday, or several years ago. I believe we still serve the same God with the same power who wants to send revival more than we want revival. So I pray the message encourages you and convicts you to get alone in that secret place and ask the Lord to send revival to your soul that you can make a difference in your family and in your church, and in your job.

The Reason for Revival

I believe there are several reasons for revival We look at our nation and see there is a need for it. We look at our homes and see there is a need for it, we look at our churches and see there is a need for it. I believe we must get personal about this thing of revival. We need to draw a circle and step in the middle and say I need revival.

A. Lost First Love. Rev 2:4

The church of Ephesus was doing lots of things right, and they hated evil but the Lord still had somewhat against them that they had left that first love. Do you remember when you first got saved how much you loved Jesus. You were willing to do anything for him those first couple of weeks but then we realize we have enemies and we started drifting. I believe the first thing we do is fall back in love with the one that saved us.

B. Loose Living.

Christians started doing things that they would have never done when they first got saved. They started accepting sin a little and time, and things changed and we started to have pet sins. I still believe in Holiness and that I know I have not reach it and that I have plenty to strive for.

C. Lukewarmness.

It is time for Christians to get off the fence. Most Christians want to live with one foot in the world , and one foot in the church. This will never do Christ wants us living one hundred percent for him. This is what is pleasing to him. I know I look at these three things and say woe is me.

II. The Requirements of Revival II Chronicles 7:14

humble ourselves. There is too much pride in the church today, and it makes God sick. However I believe the greatest way we humble ourselves for revival is just admitting that yes Lord I need revival.

pray - we need to get back to holy ghost praying. This 5 minutes stuff that we are all guilty of doing sometimes just won't do. We need to get back to the throne room of God. God hears the prayers of a clean heart. If we really want revival we do need to start doing business with God

seek his face- We need to focus back on Christ. We need to get our eyes off of us or off of circumstances back on the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to look upon his face once again.

turn from their wicked ways. The first three are hard but I believe all us know we can do thiese things with Christ help, however this last one is the one God is waiting for and that repenting. We just need to stop playing games, and get real with ourselves and with God and get the junk out of our life. We need God to shake us up and down and get the mess the hinders us from walking closer to him. What sin hinders you the most in your life we need to get down and truly repent of it. Notice something else about this verse God is not waiting for the wicked world to change their ways, he is looking for his people to get right with him. The reason we are not having revival is not the world God expects that sinfulness from the world, it is in the church house from the pulpit to the pew that God is waiting to get right.

The Results of Revival.

I believe the results our different for every person I know we need to be revived in our soul.

I believe number one we would see the presence of God shadow us in our churches and in our lives. We must have his presence everyday, and so many Christians live without it and really our missing something.

I believe number two we would see the power of God show up in our lives and our churches.

People would start being saved because they would finally want what we have. Our lives would be lived different.

People would start getting right in the church because we would get pride out of the way and start going to people that we have ought against and get right.

To close I hope we are challenge in our hearts to see where we are standing with the Lord. It only takes one person to get on fire for God for a church to be changed.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

But God

Ephesians 2:1-10

The apostle Paul is writing to the church of Ephesus here and he starts out my saying that we have been quickened. We have been made alive I believe it is time for God's people to showing how alive they are in the house of God. God's People will praise a touchdown, a homerun, a win from their favorite team, but when it comes down to sinners getting saved, or people in getting help in the house God we find quieteness. How sad? The bible says we were dead in tresspasses and sins and he made us alive that is enough to shout about. Now lets look at this passage at a few things.

I. Our Sinfulness.
It says in the past that we were like this. When Jesus saved us we should be different. The old life should be just that. Too many saved people are still living in the old life and they wonder why they are in mess.
The Problem of Sin. Adam sinned and all men are now sinners. Mankind has a problem that seperates him from the God of heaven and that is sin. Our sin is an abomination in God's sight.
The Pit of Sin. We were in a pit. He can save anyone no matter how far they have gone he can save them.
The Penalty of Sin- Is eternity in the Lake of Fire. IF God's people realized what he saved them from there wouldn't be a dead service in the house of God ever. We have just got use to being saved.

II. Our Soverign
I am so thankful that God butted into my life. I was going my own direction but he butted in. Praise God for the But God. He shows a couple of things here.
A. Mercy. Rich in mercy. Everabounding. His mercy never dries up I need his mercy every single day of my life. I am so thankful that he holds back judgment from my life.
B. Love- What great love was showed by the soverign. He sent his son down to earth because he loved us. When we are bad he loves us and when we are good he loves us. What great love he shows to us. It was a good day when I realized that I had to do nothing to earn his love it changed my life.
C. Grace. His grace saved us, but it is grace that we need every day. We are grow in grace. HIs grace is sufficent when we are going through all things. I am so thankful I have to do nothing to be saved.

III. Our service. Verse 10
We are to be working for him not to be saved, but because we are saved. It is our reasonable service to surrender everything to the Lord. This is a everyday surrender. One of the things that bother me more than anything is that we have to many people sitting in the pew and doing nothing. It sad that most of the work gets done by 10 percent of the people. If we could get a church where everyone is doing what they are suppose too, it would be amazing what God could do with that church. My question is since he made us alive and has given us everything we need to be successful in this life What are you doing for him?

In closing God has been good to us, I believe it is time for us to yield everything to him and let him live is life through us.