Friday, September 28, 2007


One of the most neglected things in a Christians life is this thing of prayer. People talk about it all the time but truly most Christians have a hard time spending quality time with the Lord. I know even in my life I have had times where I just prayed to get through with it. For the midweek service I dealt with this thing of prayer for a few minutes. I pray that it blesses and helps you. We find the passage in Luke Chapter 11 the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and then Jesus gives the model prayer. I believe we find four things that need to be in our prayer to the Lord.

I Adoration- We just need to spend time with God thanking him for who he is. He is Holy, He is Just, He is Longsuffering, He is Merciful, Praise God he is Good. Then adoring him for what he has done for us personally. He has Saved us, He protects, He allows us to get in his presence, He has given us peace, he has given us Grace. Just adoring him the Bible tells us he know are needs before we give them. It is good sometimes to just get alone with him and adore him.

II. Confession- This is very important. So many times we go to the Lord with an unclean heart and we wonder why he don't answer us. Ps 66:18 tell me the Lord will not hear me if I have sin in my heart and won't get it right. I am so glad that we can go to him and confess our sins. Confession truly is good for the soul. There is nothing like going to the Lord and getting clean all over again. We must learn to keep short accounts of sin. So when we do go to him we don't have to spend several minutes getting right with him.

III. Intercession- Praying for others. This what I believe Jesus truly wanted us to learn when he was on this earth. He wanted us to esteem others above ourselves. We truly need to pray for others. We need to pray for the lost, we need to pray for our country, we need to pray for our Pastor, and his family. We should not go a day without at least lifting up the Pastor with a Lord please help the Pastor today, we need to pray for those in our churches who have burdens on their heart. We should become know as someone that someone can trust to take their problem or burden to the Lord with.

IV. Petition- Praying for our needs. God knows what we need before we pray, but praying for our spirtual needs, and physical need, and mental needs and emotional needs. I believe this should be the least part of our praying. Remember the Bible says in Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Well I asked this question today how long have spent with the Lord today, or are you going to spend with him. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I preached this yesterday morning.

So many people live life like it is never going to end. We are all going to be taken out of this world one way or another. We will either go in the rapture which I hope I will go end but if not we will all die one day. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. If you go to the graveyard you will find graves for babies all the way up to elders. Death is not a respect of persons.

Death can come Suddenly. It can happen at any moment. Heb 9:27 tells is there is appointment for everyone and we will not miss this appointment.
Death is Sobering. Alot of people get saved at funerals. You see someone in a casket and it makes you realize that one day if Jesus don't come we will all lay there.
Death is Sad. We cry many tears when loved ones go on to be with the Lord.
With all that said if we knew tomorrow that are life would end. I believe we would all change some of the things we do. I want share three things you would find people doing.

I Some you would find Repenting.
Our churches are full of people who want to play church. They come to church but outside the church they live like the devil. God changes peoples lives. I still believe that when God saves he will change your life from the inside out. The Bible tells us a person must repent to get to heaven. Repentance is not very popular with most soulwinners because they can not get that notch on their belts. We all know people that say they are one thing, but they don't live that life. The Bible says we need to Examine ourselves whether we be in the faith.

II. Some you would find Returning.
So many Saved people live their lives away from the Lord. No they may not stop going to church but they live their life to themselves. This is not right. God wants us to live our lives for him and through him. I believe many would be going to the Lord and asking forgiveness from the Lord. The Prodigals would come home if they knew tomorrow would never come.

III. Some you would find Reconciling.
I believe we would be amazed of how many people in church have ill feelings toward family. The Bible says we should live peaceably with all men. This is even family members that talk about us behind our back, this is family members that don't treat us right. How many moms dads children, aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents would be getting right if they knew tomorrow never came. How many in our churches would get right with one another if they knew tomorrow would never come? I believe we would see revival happen in the church if we live life like tomorrow would never come.

Just few thoughts for you all to ponder on this morning. Have a great and blessed day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Kind of Church do you Make Your Church

Yes Praise God we made it to Lake Butler, Fl. Though we had some hard see ya later's God truly blessed of with several people in our life that we truly love and will miss however we knew one day this was going to happen and now we are just where God wants us.

For my first post as an official Pastor(I like that) lol I was thinking this morning as I am going to give the church what kind of vision I have for the church that the Lord showed me something about this today. The Lord has told us that he will build his church in Matthew 16:18, and I believe this however I believe God uses his people to build the church. My question to you is if your church had a bunch of you what kind of church would you have. I want give a few things I hope we are being the best person for our church with the Lord's help.

I A Lukewarm Person
We know the book of Revelation tells us that God hates lukewarmness. However may of our churches our like this today. The reason many of our churches our like this is because many in the pew will not get off the fence. They want to live for God with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. This is not possible. God wants us to choose what side we are on. Our we going to be on the hot side. ON FIRE for him, or are we going to be on the Cold Side. We are told in I John 2:15-16 that we not to love the world neither the things in the world. What we need in our churches is people to get fire for the Lord and then we will see God do great things.

II. A Lazy Person
Do you do anything in the church for the Lord. God has not called any of us to sit on a pew. Too many people sitting on the pew while the world is going to Hell. I know that God has a specific job for every person in the body to do. Some are to teach, some to preach, some sing, some to usher. He has something for you do do. Please find it and get busy doing what the Lord has called you do . If you are doing something are you doing it with all you heart.

III. A Labouring Person
God wants us to labor in his vineyard. I would hope that all that read this are labouring in the church God has put them in. One of the greatest ways we labour in the church is telling a lost and dying world that Jesus wants to save them. The only way a church grows is two ways by telling our family and friends, and secondly by finding people that need Jesus. I have been here for four days and already have seen several people that need Jesus.

I wonder as we ponder upon this thought if we can help make our church a better church. Until next time God Bless you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taking a Few More Days Off

First I want to thank everyone who still visits my blog. I will let you know right now that once I get to Florida we will be posting more. I am not going to go as far as everyday but hopefully at least three times a week. We are so excited about going to Pastor down in Florida that we can't wait to see what God will do. I am also a saddened that we are leaving a church full of great friends. I asked all those that may read this that you would pray for Eaglesview Baptist Church. The Lord has allowed me to be a help for the few years to my Pastor Bro Ron Brown, but now we are leaving and he needs help in several area's of the church. I know that we serve a God that knows all about it, but I ask you to please pray that God would allow someone to step up or someone to come in. Again I asked that you do pray for me and my wife this weekend. We will be packing the truck on Friday and then spending the night at her Mom's. We will be leaving somewhere between 8 or 9 in the morning Saturday arriving somewhere around two oclock in the afternoon to start this new journey God has called us too. We will be posting sometime next week Lord Willing until then keep looking up he may come today.

Bro Tim

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quench Not the Spirit

I know I haven't posted in a few days but I have been real busy with the move to Florida. I wanted to share something with you that I hope is a blessing and a help. Thank You for all your prayers.

I Thess 5:19 Quench Not the Spirit

THe word quench means to supress or stifle.When we get saved we get indwelled with the Holy Spirt. Thank the Lord for that because we are sealed until the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit wants to do so much in our life that will bring honor and glory to God. He is there to lead us into all truth, and to keep us on the right path. We like straying off the good path in our lives. However it seems in this preachers life I lots of times quench the Holy Spirit. The Lord tells me to do something and I stifle his presence in my life. When was the last time you prayed to the Holy Spirit remember according to scripture he is the one that prays for us when we don't know what to pray for. I was thinking how do I quench the Holy Spirit in my life.
I. Stubborness When I want my way and no one can change my mind. I know most of you are not stubborn but when I put my mind to believing something you are not going to shake me on it. It is good in the since I won't waver on the doctrines of the Bible it is bad because it tends to show up a lot in my life.
II. Speech Ephesians talks about grieving. When we get saved we are suppose to talk like a Christian. So many saved people you can't tell the difference between them and the lost. We should have godly speech. We should be slow to wrath, and think before we talk. One of the greatest ways I stifle the spirit is my reaction to things people say or do to me.

III. Silence on Soulwinning.I don't know but God has got me back on this thing of soulwinning in church and on posts and in my everyday life even though so many times I fail him in this area. We are to reach souls for Christ. When he speaks to me to witness and I don't I quench him in my life.We should strive not to quench the Holy Ghost in our lives. When we disobey the Lord whether it be him directly or by the way we treat pastors parents or other people the Lord is not happy and definitely the Holy Spirit is not happy. May the Lord help us to do better in the area of not quenching. If the Lord will let me on my next post I want to look at this thing of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in our lives. May the Lord bless you till next time.