Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yet Not I

Galatians 2:20

We all know this powerful verse in Scripture. This last week the Lord allowed me to teach a little on this verse on I hope it helped us in Sunday School at our church. When the Lord saved us he bought us with a price. The Bible tells us that we are no longer our own. The greatest robbery in the church is not tithes and offerings. The greatest robbery in the church is us taking our life back when God bought us. We are to conform into the image of Christ. The Lord brings trials in our life to get us to the point of looking like his Son. The greatest thing we can do as a Christian is to die to self every single day. This is something we must do. If we do not die to self then we are not surrendered to the Lord. If we are not surrendered to the Lord then we are not right with God. I know that is a great big punch to our pride but it is the truth. I have been going over a series in Sunday School on what is wrong with the church. One of the problems is we are still in control of things. This verse says yet not I in it. We are living in this life but we are not suppose to be living Christ is too be living through us. I know again a great big punch to our pride. When it comes to decisions in our life am I living or am I letting Christ live through me to make that decision. When a person is dead they are dead. They have no more attitude( One of the ways I know most the church is not dead is by attitudes} They don't control their actions, the Lord does. Maybe one of the reasons the body of Christ goes through what they go through is because the Lord does not have come complete control. When we are dealing with family I am living yet not I. When we are dealing with finances we are living, yet not I. When we are dealing with future decisions we are living yet not I. Please get what the Lord is trying to say today. You may be breathing, and living but it is suppose to be me living through you. I know in my own life the Lord has shown me that I am not dead on the way. When dealing with anything in our life may we remember this verse and say yet not I. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Committed to Christ

Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.

I taught a lesson a few weeks ago in Sunday School on commitment. People just are not committed to anything. This is one of the greatest problems with the church today. You have a handful of people that do all the work while many just sit back and watch, but if something goes wrong they are the first ones to open their mouths and criticize the preacher, the church, or another Christian. It starts with the basics to be committed nothing new this morning but hopefully something we will check in our lives this morning.

People are not committed to the Word of God.
Most people in our churches don't even pick up the Bible to read it during the week. The Lord tells us in II Timothy 2:15 to Study the Word of God, in the Psalms he tells us to Meditate on the Word of God. A person that is not in the Bible is not committed to Christ. The Bible is God's letter to us on how to live our lives.

People are not committed to the Work of God.
As I said it seems like a handful of people do all the work. Now don't get me wrong I love working for the Lord, the sad thing is people that do not work for the Lord don't understand the blessing that they are missing. There is such joy in our hearts when we know we are doing something to help the Lord's work. I have never understood how people can continue to sit and do nothing in church when I know what the Lord done for me when he saved me. He gave me a desire to work for him. I believe it would be amazing to see what God would do with a church that 100 percent of the Christians began doing something for the Lord. I believe that church would have much fruit.

People are not committed the Will of God.
Most people never find out what God perfect will for their life. I preached this last weekend at the Preacher's daughters graduation on the Will of God. Let me give you the points the Lord put on my heart.
I. Find the Will of God.
II. Follow the Will of God.
III. Finish in the Will of God.

I want to more committed to Christ in my life than I was yesterday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Light is Growing Dim

I preached this yesterday at a Preachers meeting. I pray you allow the Lord to speak to your heart. We are living in a day where light in most churches is growing dim.
I Samuel 3:1-5
Before we get started with the message we must realize that according to Exodus the lamp in the tabernacle was to burn continually. The lamp went out in the tabernacle. I am afraid to say again that I know churches that the light has went out and I know churches where it is growing dimmer and dimmer by the day.
When the Light Grows Dim.
The Presence of God is missing.
In Hearts
In Homes
In House of God.
We must yearn for his presence there have been times in my life that his presence wasn't around and oh how miserable I was.
The Power of God is missing.
We must have the power of God in our lives so it can be brought forth in the House of God. We still serve a powerful God who is all powerful but we limit him when we have sin in our lives.
The Peace of God is missing.
How many people come in our churches and it looks like they lost their best friend. Many have made peace with God but many our missing the peace of God in their lives.
Why the Light is Growing Dim
Because of Spirtual Abandonment
Abandon the study of the Word
Abandon supplication
Abandon being Spirit Filled
Because of Spirtual Apathy
Apathetic toward the Worship of God.
Apathetic toward the Will of God
Because of Spirtual Adultery.
If Christ is not first in our lives then we have another lover. How dare us put anything, or anyone above Christ after what he has done for us.
Because of Adversaries
Of Course Satan is our biggest advesary, but I was thinking of the move today going on, going away from the truth. I am glad that the Lord has shown me the truth and by the grace of God I will stick to it.
What to do about the Light growing Dim
Preacher need to keep Preaching the Word. II Timothy 4:2
Praying- We must continue to pray for God to touch our churches with Revival.
Praising- We just need to keep praising him for all he has done, and realize he is still in control
I Pray that those that read this will pray that the Lord continue to allow the light to burn brighter in our churches till next time

Monday, July 02, 2007

One of the Greatest Faults of Our Young People

Please if you read this please send your feedback.
Ephesians 6:1-3
Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and thy mother(which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.
Being a youth pastor for several years this is one of the greatest downfall our young people have in our churches. They are Bible Students, Prayer Warrior, and even Soul-winners but if they miss these verses they have missed it. One of the things that bothers me is how are young people treat their parents. I have seen several young people who seem on fire for the Lord yet they treated their parents like dirt. We are told in this passage that it is right to obey your parents in the Lord. You parents do make mistakes but unless they are leading you into sin you are to obey them. Lets look at a couple of things and I beg you if you have trouble in these area's please get them right so God can use you to your fullest potential. I will say this at the end again, but YOU CAN NOT BE RIGHT WITH GOD if your relationship with parents is wrong.
I. Disrespect your parents.
I see this all the time, children, teenagers or young adults that show no respect to their parents. How do they do this. One is by backtalking their parents. Young person is never right for you to backtalk your parents this shows disrepect. Another way is by yelling at your parents this is also not right, just to throw something is is never right to yell at anyone. This shows are lack of self control. I know that the Lord helps me in this area in my own life. It is never right to get the last word as a young person either. I am tired of seeing young people showing no respect to their parents. I don't care how old we get we are not to show disrespect toward are parents we are always to honor them according to the scripture no matter if we are in the home or not in the home.
II. Disobey their parents. Oh how many times have I seen this as a youth leader in the last 8 years. Delayed obedience is disobedience. How do are young people show their disobedience let me give a couple of ways and then close.
Is by their Actions. They have been taught right from the Bible and then go against what their parents teach them. By changing their standards of living once they get away from Mom and Dad. Yes this is obedience mostly to God, but is disobedience to parents.
Is by their Attitudes. One of the things I have seen is young people do what they were told either after they showed their attitude, or while doing it showing an attitude. Most young do what their parents want but their heart has an attitude.
To Close the reason I share this with you young people or for those that may be adults that read this is because one I love you, secondly is I want to see you do great and mighty things in this generation until Jesus comes. Please examine you heart toward you parents, and remember you can not be right with God if you are not right with your parents.