Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Missing Element in Christians

The Missing Element in Christians
I John 1:4
And these things I write unto you; that YOUR joy may be full.
I have been saved for almost 14 years and the longer I have been saved the more I see Christians don't have any joy. I see people come into church and it looks like they lost their best friend. Something is missing in many peoples life. What i am about to share may be elementary but if we obey God and his word what a difference it will make in our lives. I want to be all I can be for the Lord. I hope all who read this feel the same way. I was teaching SUnday School sunday and the Lord hit me like a ton of bricks with something. The reason people have no joy is because they are lacking fellowship with the Lord. I John talks about fellowship. I know in my life when I lack fellowship I am not a very nice person to be around. Now to the meat of the thought WHy do we have no fellowship? Why do most Christians live without the fellowship of the Lord in their life. Why is it you and me sometimes don't yearn for that fellowship.
I Because of Sin. I have learned something that when I am practicing sin, or doing something I should not be I have no joy. God expects us to have are heart right with him. He wants me and you to be in fellowship but that is hindered when we sin against him.
Because of lack of studying. You know the way we find joy is in the Word of God. We must be in the Word of God. You would be amazed to find out who in your church probably don't even read their Bible. How can we have joy when we lack to most important thing in our life and that is a time of studying the Word.
Because of Self. When we want to do things ourselves God lets us but we are not happy if we do them. The reason many have no joy is because they still dictate their life. As long as we dictate our life their will be no joy.
To close do you have joy, if not please consider the thoughts that have been giving and asked the Lord to show you why there may be no joy. I believe we all go through times where our joy is lacking. Till next time God Bless You.


Sis. Julie said...

This is very good Bro. Tim. It is true that when we are not fellowshipping with the Lord that it affects our entire being. I've been there and I know I've not been pleasant to be around. But when I am in fellowship with Him things seem to go alot smoother and there is more joy in my heart and life. You've hit on an important matter in each Christian's life.

Cindy said...

Excellent post and so true! There are so many "Christians" who are not joyful at all and as you said, I feel that it has all got to do with their fellowship with God. I want to fellowship with Him every moment that I can. Things just go better when He is on the top of my list!