Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Will Your Gift Be?

Matt 2:2 Saying Where is he that is born King of the Jews?

I love this time of year where we celebrate Christ's birth. We have two more day until we celebrate the birth of our Lord. Many during this time will have family that come from out of town, or they will leave to see family. We probably all have our Christmas trees and decorations up, and hopefully today many will go to the House of God this morning. We have the wise men in this passage of scripture that are seeking the Christ child. They go about searching and they find him with his mother mary. There are some things we see from the wise men first they fell down and worshipped him. If there is one thing we must do this season is we must find time to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be worshipped this morning. They also did something else they gave him gifts in the passage of Scripture. The wise men each brought him a gift. The First Gift was that of Gold. This represents that he is the king. Even though he came as a little baby he was still the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was still God in the flesh. The Second Gift was Frankensciene this represents his priesthood. I am so thankful that we have a high priest this morning. I am thankful that he took is blood to God the Father and it satisfied the demands of a Holy God, and we can be washed in that blood. Lastly we have myrhh and we know this represents that he came to die. He was Born to Die that we might live. Now with that all said What will your gift be to our Lord and Saviour? I know what he wants from us this year more than anything. He wants our life. He wants to be in control. When we get saved we give the Lord our heart, but sometime after we get saved we take back our life and do our own thing. We find in Romans 12:1 our reasonable service is presenting our lives a living sacrifice. He wants 100 percent of me and if he doesn't have 100 percent then I am not truly right with God. Let me asked this question in closing Does he have your desires and dreams this morning? Does he lead your direction this morning, or our you in control. Why don't you give him what he has wanted for years now. Give him your life so he can do what he wants with you.

I hope this post is a challenge to our heart to see if he has us this morning. I want to wish all those that come to this site a Merry Christmas. We will be leaving to go to my wifes parents tonight after service. Please pray for us to have safety, we can't wait to get home. God Bless You this Christmas Season.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What God Expects?

I was thinking and just pondering on how great a God we serve. He knows everything we do or say before we ever say it. I was thinking how he saved us and how he has guided us to learn more about him. I was also thinking about this question. What does God want today from his creation. He created everything for his purpose and for his glory. God is so good to us. In his word he tells us want he wants from us. I believe we can look at these things and find that we may be able to do better in them. I believe God has something for the lost also,

To the Sinner God wants them to seek forgiveness of Sin.

Remember according to Peter 3:9 God wants all to come to repentance. God wants all to be saved even though all will not be saved. He made a way through Jesus for all to be saved. He gives everyman the choice of being saved but sadly so many reject the Lords call to Salvation. I believe it will be a sad day for God when he has to cast some of his creation that rejects him to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

To the Saved God wants fellowship.

God desire from the time he created Adam was to fellowship with man. God has always had a desire to talk to his creation. We know sin stopped that fellowship so can allowed the sacrifices of animals to atone for sin, but one day he sent his son to die and then sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in his creation so we can have fellowship with God. I know in my life I don't fellowship as much as I can with my Lord. I wonder how many Christians in the world hasn't even fellowship with God today. God is waiting to hear from us today.

To Saved God wants us to have Faith.If there is one area I believe sometimes I lack in it is trusting God. He wants his children to be able to come to him at all times. The sad thing is most of the time we come to him when he is the last resort. The bible tells us in I John whatsoever is not of faith is sin. It is also tells us it is impossible to believe God without faith. We have saving faith but sometimes we lack that living faith.

To the Saved God wants us to Forgive.

This is what God wants from his children we must learn to forgive when someone hurts us. This was something that I had a problem with for a while and allowed myself to get bitter. That is always a bad thing. Remember the word tells us to always forgive no matter what the pain that was caused. We can not be right with God and not forgive. God wants his children to learn this principle of forgiveness. When someone don't accept our forgiveness that is on them. It is sad when God children hold grudges for years. There is no joy and there is no peace when we hold grudges.In closing there are many other things that God wants from us but this is what the Lord put on my heart tonight. If we are lacking in any of these areas may we ask the Lord to help us he will not turn us away. Till next time God bless you

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Day After the Rapture

I Thess 4:13-18

I preached this message Sunday Morning and Praise be to God. We had a 16 year old get saved, and we had a young married woman get saved that people had been praying for several years. Praise the Lord because he worthy.

We live in a world that is getting worse every day. The Bible tells us that the love of many would wax cold. I believe we are in that day. If you look at the middle east I believe we are seeing the birth pangs of the translation of the saints of God. As introduction we as children of God should be looking for that blessed hope Titus tells us. Most Christians our not looking for that hope because they are doing the wrong things in their life. Second the Bible tells us in Timothy that we are too love the appearing of the Lord. The only way we will love him is if we are looking for him. I believe we will have a group of Christians that will be awarded when he comes and I believe there will be a group who will be ashamed which group will you be in. Now I want to borrow your imagination and take to trips in the future and preach on the Day after the Rapture. The first trip will be the scene in heaven.

I. The Scene in Heaven.
What a day that will be when we leave this earth and get to heaven. There will be no more sin, sorrow, pain or death. As we look at those in have we see a few things going on.
I. There is a Reunion.
There is a little girl that died at a early age and she is being reunited with her momma and daddy what a happy day for that family.
There is a grandaddy that love his family and died and now there is his wife being reunited with him.
All over heaven there is Reunions going on. Momma's, Daddy's brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews. Church members. What a reunion is going on.

II. There is Rejoicing go on.
There is that brother for years that walked with a cane it is gone and he is having a shouting time on the Street of God. There is that Sister that couldn't see and now she see's perfectly. There is that preacher that preached the truth for years. ( Thank God for a Preacher that has not Compromise) He is having a time over there. Who is that over there that is the one I been waiting to meet my whole life. It is the Redeemer

III. There is the Redeemer
There he is the one that saved my soul when I was only 17 years old. The one that washed my sins all away. There he is the one that walked with me through the valleys, and storms in my life. The one whose presence I have gotten in when I prayed to him. The one who was my strength when I was weak. The one I sang about for all those years. There he is that Redeemer. I fall before the king of kings and weep for what he has done for me. What a day it will be when we see the redeemer. What a scene in heaven now we must take another trip back down to earth. Lets go I know you don't want to leave this place but we must see what is left behind.

The Scene on Earth.
As thrilling as the day will be in heaven there will be a day or sorrow on the earth. Lets see what is going on.
There will be Confusion.
Lets knock on this door. Here is comes a teenage girl. Where is my mom and dad? I went into there room and they are gone where did they go? Oh Jesus must have come I thought that was a fairy tale, weeping bitterly.
Lets knock on this door. Here is comes a mother screaming where are my children. What happen to my children. I got up and there bed is made but they are not in it. Oh I should have went to church with them.
Lets knock on this churches door. Wow look at all the church members that did not make it . They are at he altar weeping bitterly trying to get saved. There are so many that missed the rapture. How sad they continue playing the part and now they are lost.

There will be Chaos. Look at all the fires going on. Look at the car crashes. Smell the burning of flesh. People are screaming in the streets looking for loved ones and they have to go through the streets of that mess.

There will be no more chance.
The saddest day about the day after the rapture are those who heard the truth will believe the lie and never have a chance to be saved. What do you mean? I mean if you reject Christ on this earth you will die and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Today is the Day of Salvation .

To close we have went through two very real scenes. Let me ask you a question. Do you know him? Have you been Born Again or are you just playing games. For the saved person are you ready to meet him today or do you have to get right with him. I pray that you do what you must do today. Till next time God Bless.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Faithfulness of God

As I was pondering on what to put up tonight I just want to brag on God's Faithfulness.

They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. Lam 3:23

I was seeking the Lord and he led me to this verse in Lamentations. As I was thinking about this verse I was reminded of my lack of faithfulness in the weak times in my life. There have been times since I have been saved that I haven't been faithful. We should be faithful in our Studying the Scriptures, faithful in Our Supplication, faithful in Our Soulwarning, and faithful in our service. I think sometimes we forget that God expects us to be faithful in these areas. There verses before that talk about his mercies. God is so full of mercy toward us. I thank God that even when I am unfaithful in areas of my life he is always faithful to me. How has God been faithful to me.
I. He Provides For Me.
God has come through in more ways that just providing Finacially. I was thinking how times I have been discouraged and he has been that faithful friend that sticks closer than a brother. When I need him to come through in my prayer life He always provides an answer even if it ain't the one I want to hear.
He has provided comfort when love ones have died. He has been so faithful in provided for me.
II. He Protects Me.
I was thinking how many times has the Devil wanted to destroy us and Jesus stands up says that is one of mine. He protects me from the fiery darts of the devil. He protects when I run to his shelter and he is a strong tower. I thank God that he has been faithful through the onslaughts of the devil.
There are definitely other ways he has been faithful. He has been faithful with His promises to me. He promises us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. He promises that one day he will come back and take us home where we will live forever with him. My question to you this night is how has God been faithful to you, and also to encouraged you to always be faithful to him to the best of you ability. In closing I thank God that he never gives up on me for my lack of faithfulness and even when I am not that faithful he is always there with loving arms to accept me back. That is real faithfulness. Till next time God bless.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Three Crosses

Luke 23:39-45

This is the message I preached this last Sunday Morning at church. I pray that it is a blessing.

I want to borrow your imagination and lets go back to a day of sadness yet a day of gladness for the Christian. I want to go back to Calvary this morning. Walking down this road is a Man that they call Jesus. You can not recognize this man. You see he has been beaten serverly with a cat of nine tails, and they have placed a crown of thorns on his head and he is bleeding profusely throughout his body. Now we are coming to the place of Crucifixon there are two other men there they are screaming that they are innocent but Jesus says not a word. He gives the Soldiers his left hand and then his right as they put nails through his hands and now they put one through is feet and they now put the cross in place. A giant thud is heard and now every bone is out of joint in Jesus body. He is laboring for each breath. Now we come to these three men on the cross lets see what they are saying.

The First Cross is the Rejecting Cross. This man is railing on Jesus. There are many in this world that continue to question Jesus and they will go their grave rejecting the Savior. I see a couple of problems wrong with this man.
First He has the wrong Picture of Christ. He said if you be the Christ. My friend he is the Christ. For a person to be saved they have to recognize his deity as being the Son of God.
Second we see he has the wrong picture of himself. He still goes down and never admits that he is wrong. For a person to be saved they have to recongnize that they are wrong. They have sinned against a Holy God and they deserve to be in a Hell. Now lets go to the second cross.

The Second Cross is the Repenting Cross. This man is different than the other man. I still believe that a person must repent to be saved. I know this is not popular but it is true. This second man recognized some things.
Recognized his problem. He realize he was guilty of what he had done. We recognized spiritually that we have sinned against a Holy God.

Recognized his penalty. realized that he deserved to die for his deed. For a person to be saved they have to recognize someone has to die for there sin. Thank God he died for all sin, and all a person has to do is recieve this gift, or they can die for their own sin and go to Hell.

Recieved a Promise.
This man didn't have to do good works, or did he have to be baptized he asked the Lord and the Lord told him today he would in paradise. Thank God that when we got saved we recieved the promise of eternal life and nothing can change that. Now lets go to the Third Cross and this is my favorite

The Redeeming Cross
I thank God that Jesus came to redeem me from my sin. How could he redeem us you may ask?
The Sinless One He was perfect never comitting a sin nor could he have committed a sin. He was the Perfect Lamb of God as John the Baptist said.

The Sin Bearer
He bore every sin that you can imagine from the vilest that you can think of to the least vilest sin. He took every sin upon himself according to II Corinthians 5.

The Savior
He saves his people from their sin. Oh What a Savior is mine. I don't deserve it, but I thank God that he is my Savior.

The Soon Coming King. This Jesus did die that day on the cross and then was buried but thank God that He got up on the third day and he is on the right hand of God making intercession for me and you. But one day this Jesus is going to come back and rescue us out of this wicked world.
To Close I wonder are you that rejecting cross, or have you repented of your sins and trusted Christ. ONe day every person will stand before the Lord and have to give an account to the redeemer.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Need for Revival

Ps 85:6

I preached this message yesterday morning and the Lord really met with us in a special way. I believe this is the hope of the new testament church today. I am tired of hearing about yesterday, or several years ago. I believe we still serve the same God with the same power who wants to send revival more than we want revival. So I pray the message encourages you and convicts you to get alone in that secret place and ask the Lord to send revival to your soul that you can make a difference in your family and in your church, and in your job.

The Reason for Revival

I believe there are several reasons for revival We look at our nation and see there is a need for it. We look at our homes and see there is a need for it, we look at our churches and see there is a need for it. I believe we must get personal about this thing of revival. We need to draw a circle and step in the middle and say I need revival.

A. Lost First Love. Rev 2:4

The church of Ephesus was doing lots of things right, and they hated evil but the Lord still had somewhat against them that they had left that first love. Do you remember when you first got saved how much you loved Jesus. You were willing to do anything for him those first couple of weeks but then we realize we have enemies and we started drifting. I believe the first thing we do is fall back in love with the one that saved us.

B. Loose Living.

Christians started doing things that they would have never done when they first got saved. They started accepting sin a little and time, and things changed and we started to have pet sins. I still believe in Holiness and that I know I have not reach it and that I have plenty to strive for.

C. Lukewarmness.

It is time for Christians to get off the fence. Most Christians want to live with one foot in the world , and one foot in the church. This will never do Christ wants us living one hundred percent for him. This is what is pleasing to him. I know I look at these three things and say woe is me.

II. The Requirements of Revival II Chronicles 7:14

humble ourselves. There is too much pride in the church today, and it makes God sick. However I believe the greatest way we humble ourselves for revival is just admitting that yes Lord I need revival.

pray - we need to get back to holy ghost praying. This 5 minutes stuff that we are all guilty of doing sometimes just won't do. We need to get back to the throne room of God. God hears the prayers of a clean heart. If we really want revival we do need to start doing business with God

seek his face- We need to focus back on Christ. We need to get our eyes off of us or off of circumstances back on the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to look upon his face once again.

turn from their wicked ways. The first three are hard but I believe all us know we can do thiese things with Christ help, however this last one is the one God is waiting for and that repenting. We just need to stop playing games, and get real with ourselves and with God and get the junk out of our life. We need God to shake us up and down and get the mess the hinders us from walking closer to him. What sin hinders you the most in your life we need to get down and truly repent of it. Notice something else about this verse God is not waiting for the wicked world to change their ways, he is looking for his people to get right with him. The reason we are not having revival is not the world God expects that sinfulness from the world, it is in the church house from the pulpit to the pew that God is waiting to get right.

The Results of Revival.

I believe the results our different for every person I know we need to be revived in our soul.

I believe number one we would see the presence of God shadow us in our churches and in our lives. We must have his presence everyday, and so many Christians live without it and really our missing something.

I believe number two we would see the power of God show up in our lives and our churches.

People would start being saved because they would finally want what we have. Our lives would be lived different.

People would start getting right in the church because we would get pride out of the way and start going to people that we have ought against and get right.

To close I hope we are challenge in our hearts to see where we are standing with the Lord. It only takes one person to get on fire for God for a church to be changed.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

But God

Ephesians 2:1-10

The apostle Paul is writing to the church of Ephesus here and he starts out my saying that we have been quickened. We have been made alive I believe it is time for God's people to showing how alive they are in the house of God. God's People will praise a touchdown, a homerun, a win from their favorite team, but when it comes down to sinners getting saved, or people in getting help in the house God we find quieteness. How sad? The bible says we were dead in tresspasses and sins and he made us alive that is enough to shout about. Now lets look at this passage at a few things.

I. Our Sinfulness.
It says in the past that we were like this. When Jesus saved us we should be different. The old life should be just that. Too many saved people are still living in the old life and they wonder why they are in mess.
The Problem of Sin. Adam sinned and all men are now sinners. Mankind has a problem that seperates him from the God of heaven and that is sin. Our sin is an abomination in God's sight.
The Pit of Sin. We were in a pit. He can save anyone no matter how far they have gone he can save them.
The Penalty of Sin- Is eternity in the Lake of Fire. IF God's people realized what he saved them from there wouldn't be a dead service in the house of God ever. We have just got use to being saved.

II. Our Soverign
I am so thankful that God butted into my life. I was going my own direction but he butted in. Praise God for the But God. He shows a couple of things here.
A. Mercy. Rich in mercy. Everabounding. His mercy never dries up I need his mercy every single day of my life. I am so thankful that he holds back judgment from my life.
B. Love- What great love was showed by the soverign. He sent his son down to earth because he loved us. When we are bad he loves us and when we are good he loves us. What great love he shows to us. It was a good day when I realized that I had to do nothing to earn his love it changed my life.
C. Grace. His grace saved us, but it is grace that we need every day. We are grow in grace. HIs grace is sufficent when we are going through all things. I am so thankful I have to do nothing to be saved.

III. Our service. Verse 10
We are to be working for him not to be saved, but because we are saved. It is our reasonable service to surrender everything to the Lord. This is a everyday surrender. One of the things that bother me more than anything is that we have to many people sitting in the pew and doing nothing. It sad that most of the work gets done by 10 percent of the people. If we could get a church where everyone is doing what they are suppose too, it would be amazing what God could do with that church. My question is since he made us alive and has given us everything we need to be successful in this life What are you doing for him?

In closing God has been good to us, I believe it is time for us to yield everything to him and let him live is life through us.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are you weeping?

John 11:35
Jesus Wept

This the shortest verse in the bible but really it is a powerful verse. We really don't know why Jesus wept. Some say it was because his friend was dead. Some say it was because of their unbelief. I really don't know why but Jesus showed his human side before he showed is God side. As I am sitting here thinking. Where has the churches tears went? The church has lost its tears. The reason we know this is look at the world we live in, but not only that look at what is going on in our churches in majority nothing is happening in the church. Why have we lost are tears is the question. WHen was the last time you weep about something spiritual? The sad thing is I don't know when the last time I actually wept over something spiritual.

Are we weeping over souls? THe bible gives us a wonderful promise in his word that I believe sometimes we don't get. Ps 126:5-6 Why should weep?THey are going to Hell. Are we really broken about people going to Hell? When we weep it shows we are broken over something. When was the last time we got broken about a loved one going to Hell, or a neighbor or a friend going to Hell.

Are we weeping over our Sin?Have we been broken about when we fail the Lord. THe problem with most saved people is they never get broken over their sins. I believe for real repentance to take place in a Christians life we will get broken about are sin. One of the reason why the church is not broken is because they have hardened their hearts. When are heart is not tender we will not be broken. THe holy Spirit deals with us and deals with us and we reject and reject and finally we get used to the dark, or use to living in the flesh and it don't bother us like it use too. WHat we need in America is for the church to get right get broken over their sin, and then we will see God do something.In closing I believe we need a revival in tears again. I know I do. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep when I messed up. I remember when my heart was so tender that I would weep over souls. WHat has happen is I lost my tenderness and thus I don't weep no more. What we need is to fall back in love with Jesus and he will do the rest. God Bless you till next time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is He God to you?

I know it has been a couple more days than usual since my last post. We have been in a Tent Meeting in Jacksonville Fl. All I can say is WOW! I have never ever been in something so uplifting in my entire life. I have been to camp meetings in several places but nothing like I have been too this week. God has breathed from the first congregation, through the specials and he has been all over the preachers. Monday Night we prayed and prayed some more. We had some specials and at the end Bro Dean Mcnesse said when we get our hearts right we will be able to recieve the Preaching of God's Word.

Now to the post that God has layed on more heart to share with you all this morning. All the way throughout the Bible we are told that God is good. I know everyone of my readers would agree that God has been good to them. He saved us from the Place called Hell, we are going to a place called Heaven. He Provides our daily needs on a daily basis. He has been good to his children but he can't help it that is nature. I heard a preacher say that God wants to take us from that he is good to that he is God. Let me explain 3 months ago God was being good to me I was happily serving in a church with my friends and I was loving. However I was getting a little frustrated because I had been wanting to Pastor for a few years and I had thought God has forgotten about me. Then finally God swoop in and opened a door for me to Pastor. He showed not only that he was good, but that he was God to me. I hope I am making since this morning if blame it on the 6:30 start I think this is earliest I have ever posted. Sometimes as Children of God we don't understand what God is putting us through sometimes it is a health issue, sometimes it is a family issue, sometimes it is a financial issue but God wants to be more than good to us he wants to be God. I know several people right now that are praying for needs in their life or someone special in their life. Sometimes we don't know when the answer will come or if the answer will come. It is at this moment that God is not only good in our life, but he comes in and does what he only can and that is He becomes God to you. When situation seems hopeless and their seems to be know way that the situation is going to change God will show up and say my child I am still your God and I am in control. Praise his holy name. Mrs Marsheila if God is God he will meet that need of your child coming home. Jessica I know you are praying for God to do some things so you and Ronnie can get married He is still God and he will come through. Mrs Julie been praying for your parents to trust Jesus He is still God those prayers are not going to be unaswered. I found out the other day of a lady that prayed for her dad for 25 years 14 days and he got saved two days before he died. The situation seem hopeless but you know what God showed up. I hope I am not out of line using those names but God layed them on my heart. For those also that read this understand when the situation seems hopless that God is still on the throne. Lord I thank you that you are still on the throne today and that you want to be not only good to us but you want to be God to us. My friend Is He God to You?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Place Called Heaven

John 14:1-6

Last week we dealt with the subject of Hell. I so much rather preach on Heaven in my church but I know Hell needs to be preached also. This last week I preached on Heaven and I wanted to share a couple of things with you from this message. I pray that if you are not going to heaven that you please get saved. For those that are saved I pray that you are encouraged by what you read today.

There is not way we can truly understand what heaven will be like. The Bible gives us a glimpse of heaven, but truly we don't know much about heaven. I promise you one thing that is will be good. Praise the Lord for that. Now want to look at this passage for a few minutes.

I. The Prequisite to Heaven. Vs 6
Jesus is the Way. Buddha, Mohammed, Pope none of these are the way, for a person to get to heaven he must trust Christ to be his Savior. Acts 4:12 tells us this.
Jesus is the Truth. You can bank that every thing in the Bible is true and there is nothing false. People say how do you know what you believe is true, because God is not a liar.
Jesus is the Life. We were dead according to Eph 2:1 but when we got saved we became alive to God. We didn't start living until Jesus saved our soul.

II. The Plea from the Lord. Vs 1 He tells us not to be troubled in a world that it is easy to get troubled in He says don't let your heart fail you. I am so glad that no matter what we go through Jesus is on our side. He knows everything we are going through and therefore their is not need to worry.

III. The Promise from the Lord. I will come again. I am so glad that we have a hope that we can hold to this morning. That hope is a blessed hope as the Word of God says. One day I believe very soon he will perform his promise and come and take his church home to heaven. What a glorious day that will be.

IV. The Place called Heaven.
Place of the Redeemed. We have been redeemed the Bible says in pslams Let the redeem of the Lord say So. God's people should be broadcasting far and wide that they are redeemed. We are redeemed through the blood. It is the blood that washes all our sins away. We get to heaven through the blood of Christ. Today people want to take the blood out but we do have a bloody religion because we had a bloody christ on the cross for those sins. Thank God for the blood. We can spend much time on that but we won't.

Place of Reunion.
I am glad when we get to the other side that their will be a reunion.
A Reunion with those that we loved. I know probably all of us have someone that loved the Lord and went on to heaven. We will see them one day again.
Reunion with those that we labored with. We all know preachers that preached us the Word of God and we labored with them.
Reunion with those that led us to Christ. When we get there we will be with the person that led us to Christ.
Place of Reward. Thank God when we get there that I will be able to earn rewards so I can give them back to Jesus. I believe the greatest reward we will have is being able to spend eternity with those that God gave the increase and we saw saved. There are five crowns that we will not get into. I believe every Christian can earned four of these and Pastors get the fifth.
Place of Rejoicing.
There is not much rejoicing going on in the house of God. So many people can rejoice over their favorite team but not say nothing in the house of God. We need to realize we will be rejoicing forevermore in Heaven.
There will be Singing
There will be Shouting
One the greatest day of rejoicing will be when we get to see Satan cast into the Lake of Fire what a day of rejoicing that will be. So much more about heaven that we didn't get too, but today I want to say I am so glad that i know, that I know, that I know I am going to spend eternity in this place.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Study from Joshua Chapter 2

I preached through this chapter on Wednesday so I figured I would give you some truths that the Lord showed me.

We find ourselves leaving Chapter 1 with the people telling Joshua we will obey and follow what the Lord wants us to do. It is always good for a church to follow the man of God in the direction he feels the church should go. God will show the leader more than he will show those he is leading. Now we come Joshua telling to spies to spy out the land and we are introduced to a lady by the name Rehab the Harlot.
The first truth I was showed is God can save anyone. It don't matter how far someone has been. It don't matter if they are drunk, a drug dealer, fornicator, or a religious person can save them. God can go as deep as he needs to to pull people out of the pit of sin. Some he goes way deep for, but has to save us all the same way.

The Second truth we find in this Chapter is God can use anyone. I get tired of hearing people say you don't know what I have done surely God can't use me. God can use anyone at anytime. Remember he used a donkey to speak to The prophet Ballim. God used a little boy with five fishes and two loaves of bread to feed 5,000 men plus woman and children. God can use anyone as long as they are available. A child of God does need to be clean, but one of things that bothers me is when people in church are just sitting on the pew and there is a great work that needs to be done. I am tired of hearing people that use to serve the Lord, Last time I checked we are not discharged from this army of the Lord.

The last truth I want to share is the Faith that Rehab had. Faith is one thing sometimes
that we lack as Christians we believe God will do with someone else but not with us. We have this woman that hides these spies and then has a request for them that her family would be saved when they come and take the land. The spies give her a promise that as long as she has that scarlet thread in the window that when they come they will take everyone in her home and they would be saved. Of course we could talk about the blood that has saved us, but we will not on this post. But she waited a few days and then here comes the children of Israel they whip up the people in Jericho, but the Harlot is saved and her family because she believe what was told her. You know we still serve a God who knows all our problems and is bigger than anything we are going through. We just need to learn to trust God. Remember in closing the it is impossible to please God without faith. These are just a couple of thoughts the Lord gave me on Chapter 2 in Joshua. I pray they were a blessing and a help. If you read this post please leave a comment that way I know who may come by and that i can visit your site also.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Place Called Hell

I preached this yesterday morning at church. I pray it challenges to reach as many people as we can that are heading to this awful place.

Luke 16:19-31

We all have heard the story told us in this passage of Scripture we all know that Hell is a real place. It doesn't better what a religious group says or what the Pope says. The Word of God is Final and those that reject the Lord Jesus Christ will spend eternity away from the Lord.
We find several people that will find their place in this awful place if they do not get saved.
A. We find the reprobate.
B. We find the rebellious
C. We find the religious. We have many people across our land in churches that have religion but they have no idea what a relationship is with Christ. Religion keeps people in bondage, when the Lord saves us he sets us free from bondage.

I The Reality of Hell
A. No Forgiveness, They cry out in Hell for forgiveness it is too late.
B. No Family or Friends- Hell is place of total separation yet you hear screams in Hell.
C.Flame- The Richman said he was tormented in a flame. The People that God to this place will burn for eternity

II. The Request from Hell.
The Richman requested a couple of things that fell on death ears. The first request was
A Request for Mercy. Timeout here for a second I thank God that he gave me multiple chances to be saved. I definitely did not get what I deserved. The rich man just asked for a drop of water and it fell on death ears
A Request for Missionary. To go to his brothers to tell them about this awful place that he was in.

III. Our Responsiblity to those going to Hell.
This was where i wanted to get on this post. I asked you do you believe in Hell and of course you would say yes, however does your actions speak louder than your words. Do u tell people about Christ is my question.
Our Responsiblity is to Warn
We are too warn as many people as we come across. Do u hand tracts out? When was the last time you took time out to present the gospel to someone. I have to say it has been too long for me.
Our Responsibilty is to Weep
When was the last time we weep over a soul going to Hell. Our tears have dried up for lost people therefore our churches our starting to dry up because there is no new life coming into the church.
Our Responsiblity is to Win.
You say that is God's job I agree but Prov tells us He that winneth souls in Wise. I believe if our heart is where the Lord can use us he will give us souls for our labour.

To Close remember the Promise of Ps 126:5-6 I still believe the Bible I believe if we go forth weeping that we will see souls saved. May God give us a burden and convict over reaching lost people for him.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

God has given us Victory

Joshua 1:3
Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon that have I given you,as I said unto Moses.

I am starting to preach through the book of Joshua starting tonight as I was studying this morning God spoke to my heart on several verses so I thought I would share on what God showed me on this verse. I pray it is a blessing and a help.

Now we all know the story that God chose Moses to get the children of Israel out the the land of Egypt and then they went through the Wilderness. We know that Moses was given the law and he disobeyed God so he could not go the land of Victory. Moses dies and now we start a new conquest with a man by the name of Joshua. Joshua a type of Christ leads the children of Israel into the promise land. The Law never is used to get people into victory it is always used to showed you can not have victory without Christ. Now we come to verse and God gave them 300,000 square feet of land yet they only possessed about 30,000 square feet. How sad God had given them the land yet they did not believe God enough to take all God had given them. The enemies in these other parts have been a thorn in the side of Israel even to this day. NOw looks at our life for a second today. God has given us victory through is Son Jesus Christ, yet many Christians only get about a tenth of the Spirtual Blessings God has for them. How sad this is in many of our lives. God has given us victory over sin, and all we have to do is believe by faith and allow the Holy Spirit to take those area's that we struggle in out of our lives by faith. The devil has done a good job of keeping God's people in bondage thinking that they have no victory over sin in every area of their life. We wonder why their is not power of God in our lives and that is because their is sin in our lives that Christ already took care of at the cross of Calvary. We have victory over self. God's people live most of their lives directed by the old man. We give into the oldman that should be dead. We must kill the old man everyday. For without the death of the old man we will continue to not have the filling of the Holy Spirit that we must have to live a life of Victory. The Victory is there we just have to submit and take what God has already given us. The reason Christians have no joy is because they are still in control of something that does not belong to them. Lastly we have victory over Satan. Now we can not defeat Satan on our own. As matter of fact we will get whipped everytime. However we come in the name of the Lord, and fight Satan we have Victory already. Why? Because our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ as already whipped the devil on Calvary. Praise God for that.

So Christian I one question to asked you as I asked myself. Are we resting in the Victory that God has already given us or are we still trying to live this life on our own. I believe was we yield to the Holy Ghost our lives will be even more blessed by the Lord.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Generation That Knows Not God

I preached this yesterday morning at church. I pray it is a blessing but challenges you also.

Judges 2:1-10
Before we get started the book before this God used Joshua for many great victories. God chose Joshua to take over for Moses when the children of Israel went into the promise land. We can go into all the battles that God allowed Joshua to win, but we won't do that today. Now we come to our passage and Joshua is dead, and the generation that was alive when he was around is dead and now their raises up a generation that knows not God. I am sad to say that today their is a generation that knows not God nor his power.
They don't know the peace of God. Many our lost or they don't know if they are saved. There is nothing like having the peace of God in our lives.
They don't know the presence of God. Many of our young people in churches have no idea what it means to be in the presence of God publically or privately.
They don't know the power of God. They haven't seen God show his mighty power in their life, or their parents life, or more sadly the church.

Whose to blame?
Peer Pressure is to blame. Romans 12:2 They our pressured to be like the world, and not different.
Parents are to blame. They live one way in the house of God, but another at home, and kids don't want it.
Preachers are to blame. There is no fire coming from most pulpits telling kids what God says about them living a Christian Life. Some Preachers don't even preach against sin, they give you love message, and yet kids our in sin.'

What kind of generation our we raising?
I. Lazy Generation
Lazy physically. This generation has got it made. When God's Power was moving is when kids had no idle time. Now you have T.V. or videogames that takes most of the kids attention. THere is nothing wrong with these things as long as they are in their place.
Lazy spirtually. Most kids wouldn't know the first thing about studying the Scriptures, because their parents don't even study. Most kids don't know how to get ahold of God because they have never heard their parents get ahold of God.

II. Lukewarm Generation
Most kids just want to sit on the fence. They want to stay right in the middle. They want to go with the flow. We don't have many teens in our churches that want God to do much with their life. This is sad. I believe God wants to use our young people in a mighty way. Or this happens just when they get on fire their parents, or another sibling or a family member throws a wet blanket on them and makes them feel bad by telling them they are taking this Jesus thing to far. Our young people get around those that don't want to make a difference instead of finding someone on fire, and go with that person.

III. Looking Generation.
Praise God we do have someone young people that are looking for something different. I am in this generation that i am tired of hearing how it used to be, God has not changed what he did before he can do again. I believe our young people are looking for something real to happen in the church house. I believe when this happens God will get the most glory out of our young people.

Just a few thoughts I jotted down from preaching of course the message was much longer. I preached close to an hour I believe, but I pray what i wrote will challenge someone to make a difference in this generation.

Friday, September 28, 2007


One of the most neglected things in a Christians life is this thing of prayer. People talk about it all the time but truly most Christians have a hard time spending quality time with the Lord. I know even in my life I have had times where I just prayed to get through with it. For the midweek service I dealt with this thing of prayer for a few minutes. I pray that it blesses and helps you. We find the passage in Luke Chapter 11 the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and then Jesus gives the model prayer. I believe we find four things that need to be in our prayer to the Lord.

I Adoration- We just need to spend time with God thanking him for who he is. He is Holy, He is Just, He is Longsuffering, He is Merciful, Praise God he is Good. Then adoring him for what he has done for us personally. He has Saved us, He protects, He allows us to get in his presence, He has given us peace, he has given us Grace. Just adoring him the Bible tells us he know are needs before we give them. It is good sometimes to just get alone with him and adore him.

II. Confession- This is very important. So many times we go to the Lord with an unclean heart and we wonder why he don't answer us. Ps 66:18 tell me the Lord will not hear me if I have sin in my heart and won't get it right. I am so glad that we can go to him and confess our sins. Confession truly is good for the soul. There is nothing like going to the Lord and getting clean all over again. We must learn to keep short accounts of sin. So when we do go to him we don't have to spend several minutes getting right with him.

III. Intercession- Praying for others. This what I believe Jesus truly wanted us to learn when he was on this earth. He wanted us to esteem others above ourselves. We truly need to pray for others. We need to pray for the lost, we need to pray for our country, we need to pray for our Pastor, and his family. We should not go a day without at least lifting up the Pastor with a Lord please help the Pastor today, we need to pray for those in our churches who have burdens on their heart. We should become know as someone that someone can trust to take their problem or burden to the Lord with.

IV. Petition- Praying for our needs. God knows what we need before we pray, but praying for our spirtual needs, and physical need, and mental needs and emotional needs. I believe this should be the least part of our praying. Remember the Bible says in Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Well I asked this question today how long have spent with the Lord today, or are you going to spend with him. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I preached this yesterday morning.

So many people live life like it is never going to end. We are all going to be taken out of this world one way or another. We will either go in the rapture which I hope I will go end but if not we will all die one day. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. If you go to the graveyard you will find graves for babies all the way up to elders. Death is not a respect of persons.

Death can come Suddenly. It can happen at any moment. Heb 9:27 tells is there is appointment for everyone and we will not miss this appointment.
Death is Sobering. Alot of people get saved at funerals. You see someone in a casket and it makes you realize that one day if Jesus don't come we will all lay there.
Death is Sad. We cry many tears when loved ones go on to be with the Lord.
With all that said if we knew tomorrow that are life would end. I believe we would all change some of the things we do. I want share three things you would find people doing.

I Some you would find Repenting.
Our churches are full of people who want to play church. They come to church but outside the church they live like the devil. God changes peoples lives. I still believe that when God saves he will change your life from the inside out. The Bible tells us a person must repent to get to heaven. Repentance is not very popular with most soulwinners because they can not get that notch on their belts. We all know people that say they are one thing, but they don't live that life. The Bible says we need to Examine ourselves whether we be in the faith.

II. Some you would find Returning.
So many Saved people live their lives away from the Lord. No they may not stop going to church but they live their life to themselves. This is not right. God wants us to live our lives for him and through him. I believe many would be going to the Lord and asking forgiveness from the Lord. The Prodigals would come home if they knew tomorrow would never come.

III. Some you would find Reconciling.
I believe we would be amazed of how many people in church have ill feelings toward family. The Bible says we should live peaceably with all men. This is even family members that talk about us behind our back, this is family members that don't treat us right. How many moms dads children, aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents would be getting right if they knew tomorrow never came. How many in our churches would get right with one another if they knew tomorrow would never come? I believe we would see revival happen in the church if we live life like tomorrow would never come.

Just few thoughts for you all to ponder on this morning. Have a great and blessed day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Kind of Church do you Make Your Church

Yes Praise God we made it to Lake Butler, Fl. Though we had some hard see ya later's God truly blessed of with several people in our life that we truly love and will miss however we knew one day this was going to happen and now we are just where God wants us.

For my first post as an official Pastor(I like that) lol I was thinking this morning as I am going to give the church what kind of vision I have for the church that the Lord showed me something about this today. The Lord has told us that he will build his church in Matthew 16:18, and I believe this however I believe God uses his people to build the church. My question to you is if your church had a bunch of you what kind of church would you have. I want give a few things I hope we are being the best person for our church with the Lord's help.

I A Lukewarm Person
We know the book of Revelation tells us that God hates lukewarmness. However may of our churches our like this today. The reason many of our churches our like this is because many in the pew will not get off the fence. They want to live for God with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. This is not possible. God wants us to choose what side we are on. Our we going to be on the hot side. ON FIRE for him, or are we going to be on the Cold Side. We are told in I John 2:15-16 that we not to love the world neither the things in the world. What we need in our churches is people to get fire for the Lord and then we will see God do great things.

II. A Lazy Person
Do you do anything in the church for the Lord. God has not called any of us to sit on a pew. Too many people sitting on the pew while the world is going to Hell. I know that God has a specific job for every person in the body to do. Some are to teach, some to preach, some sing, some to usher. He has something for you do do. Please find it and get busy doing what the Lord has called you do . If you are doing something are you doing it with all you heart.

III. A Labouring Person
God wants us to labor in his vineyard. I would hope that all that read this are labouring in the church God has put them in. One of the greatest ways we labour in the church is telling a lost and dying world that Jesus wants to save them. The only way a church grows is two ways by telling our family and friends, and secondly by finding people that need Jesus. I have been here for four days and already have seen several people that need Jesus.

I wonder as we ponder upon this thought if we can help make our church a better church. Until next time God Bless you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taking a Few More Days Off

First I want to thank everyone who still visits my blog. I will let you know right now that once I get to Florida we will be posting more. I am not going to go as far as everyday but hopefully at least three times a week. We are so excited about going to Pastor down in Florida that we can't wait to see what God will do. I am also a saddened that we are leaving a church full of great friends. I asked all those that may read this that you would pray for Eaglesview Baptist Church. The Lord has allowed me to be a help for the few years to my Pastor Bro Ron Brown, but now we are leaving and he needs help in several area's of the church. I know that we serve a God that knows all about it, but I ask you to please pray that God would allow someone to step up or someone to come in. Again I asked that you do pray for me and my wife this weekend. We will be packing the truck on Friday and then spending the night at her Mom's. We will be leaving somewhere between 8 or 9 in the morning Saturday arriving somewhere around two oclock in the afternoon to start this new journey God has called us too. We will be posting sometime next week Lord Willing until then keep looking up he may come today.

Bro Tim

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quench Not the Spirit

I know I haven't posted in a few days but I have been real busy with the move to Florida. I wanted to share something with you that I hope is a blessing and a help. Thank You for all your prayers.

I Thess 5:19 Quench Not the Spirit

THe word quench means to supress or stifle.When we get saved we get indwelled with the Holy Spirt. Thank the Lord for that because we are sealed until the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit wants to do so much in our life that will bring honor and glory to God. He is there to lead us into all truth, and to keep us on the right path. We like straying off the good path in our lives. However it seems in this preachers life I lots of times quench the Holy Spirit. The Lord tells me to do something and I stifle his presence in my life. When was the last time you prayed to the Holy Spirit remember according to scripture he is the one that prays for us when we don't know what to pray for. I was thinking how do I quench the Holy Spirit in my life.
I. Stubborness When I want my way and no one can change my mind. I know most of you are not stubborn but when I put my mind to believing something you are not going to shake me on it. It is good in the since I won't waver on the doctrines of the Bible it is bad because it tends to show up a lot in my life.
II. Speech Ephesians talks about grieving. When we get saved we are suppose to talk like a Christian. So many saved people you can't tell the difference between them and the lost. We should have godly speech. We should be slow to wrath, and think before we talk. One of the greatest ways I stifle the spirit is my reaction to things people say or do to me.

III. Silence on Soulwinning.I don't know but God has got me back on this thing of soulwinning in church and on posts and in my everyday life even though so many times I fail him in this area. We are to reach souls for Christ. When he speaks to me to witness and I don't I quench him in my life.We should strive not to quench the Holy Ghost in our lives. When we disobey the Lord whether it be him directly or by the way we treat pastors parents or other people the Lord is not happy and definitely the Holy Spirit is not happy. May the Lord help us to do better in the area of not quenching. If the Lord will let me on my next post I want to look at this thing of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in our lives. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Praise the Lord

I am a little late getting this out. I have been telling everyone that I went and candidated at a church in Florida. Well the Lord open the door and now I am the Pastor of Johnstown Baptist Church. THank you for praying and I do plan on putting more blogs up but the next few weeks are going to be crazy. We will be leaving Georgia on August 15 to start pastoring.

Bro Tim

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What We Are in Christ

It has been a couple of crazy weeks. I wanted to let everyone know that reads my posts that after preaching two weekends in a row in Florida, and having a question and answer time with the church. It is now up to the church to decide if they want me as their Pastor or not. They will be voting this Sunday Evening after their service. I really feel like it is God's Will for us to be there, but it is still up to them to feel the same way about it being God's Will. I will let you all know when I find something else out.

Who have himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.
I was sitting here pondering about this thought that has been on my heart most of the day. I thank God that I am saved. We have so many benefits of being in Christ that sometimes I think we forget all we are in Christ. I thank God that I don't have to go to hell, and I thank God that I get to go to heaven. I thank him that he gave me his Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in all truth. I thank God that he has given me the joy of serving him. There are some things in this verse that we are to be in Christ.
I. We are a Purchased Person.
We are been purchased. The word here is redeem. We have been bought with a price. That price was the Lord Jesus shed blood on Calvary. The bible tells that we no longer are own. We are not to be self driven but spirit led. The problem with most saved people including myself is that I have too much self in the way. Self controls so much in our life that it is no wonder we don't have the power of God today.
II. We are a Purified Person.
He purified us. He cleanse us with his blood and gives us a brand new start, and expects to live right. He expects us to live godly in this present world. He has purifed us from sin. He washed them all the way, the sad thing is that we let sin reign in our mortal body and we fail so much because we forget that we are purifed.
III. We are Peculiar Person.
We are different now that we are saved. There are things now that we do that people say we are weird. When I read the Word of God at work that is weird to a lost and dying soul. When I talk about the Lord instead of what world offers that is weird to people. When I listen to good preaching instead of the ungodly music people listen to that is weird. We are pilgrims in this land, we are to be in the world but not of it. I am reminded that This world is not my home I am only passing through. People should think that we are weird. The problem is too many have the stench of the world that are saved that the world sees no difference. Therefore they just live the same way. People should be convicted by the way we are different. I thank God that i am different.
In closing I just wanted to remind us today of what are in Christ. We need to as Christians get serious about how are lives effect other people. They either effect positively, or negativily. We are to show the Love of Jesus but we are not to compromise that love. Till next time God Bless.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Still Around

Hello Everyone.

This week I decided to take a break from blogging. My plate has been full, and I really just didn't feel like posting this week. I would ask you all who read this to again pray for me this weekend as we are going back to Florida to preach for Johnstown Baptist Church, after the evening service we are going to have a question and answer time. Please pray that the Lord would give us total peace before we make this move. I believe it is very promising that we will be going to this church, however it is in the Lord's hands. The plan right now is for them to vote on my next week at the church. I have to get 75 percent of the vote however I am praying that if this is the right church that I will get 100 percent of the vote. Lord Willing when I get back Monday I will be posting again. Until then may you all be blessed by our God.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Keep God First

Keep God First
First before I start this post I would ask you all to please pray for me this weekend. This Sunday I will be candidating at a church to be a Pastor. We are driving down to Florida Friday Night and will preach both services Sunday, and they have already asked me to come back the following week. Pray that I would have his power and that God would give us wisdom and the church wisdom concerning if I should be there Pastor. I appreciate your prayers in this matter.
Matthew 6:33a
But seek ye first the kingdom of God
The Lord tells us we need to seek him first. Another passage tells us that that he want the preeminence. He wants first place in our lives. We need to understand this is the most important thing we can do in our lives. So many young people, and older people have failed in this area of their lives. For those that are young God wants first place over any relationship. I have seen since I have been a youth leader that young people tend to try to find a girlfriend or boyfriend instead of concentrating on the Lord. If young people would learn to put the Lord first, and obey the Lord if it is his will he will bring the special someone to them. I was young once I wished I would of heeded the advice I am trying to give. Many broken hearts later I promised you waiting for the Lord to do his work is a much easier way to go. So the first thing is Relationship's.
The Second thing is Recreation.
I love to play sports, and love watching sports but that can not be in first place. I have seen people I respect see it more important to have their kids in sports than to be in the house of God. This is so sad. I have also seen kids that did this end up on their back because of some injury. God want first place and He will not share it with anyone. If he is not in first place he will get his way.
Why keep him in first place?
Because he Commands it.
It is not a suggestion that he be first, he commands us to have no other god's before him. What God have you put before him today?
The Consequences of him not being in first place.
No Fellowship- The most important thing we can do as a Christian is keep right fellowship with him. We need to have his presence in our life.
A little scattered but please look at your life and see if he has first place if not asked him to forgive you and put him back on the throne of your life. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Go Forward

Exodus 14:15
and the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward.

The Lord gave me a thought on this passage of Scripture a couple of weeks ago that we may preach but he put it on my heart this morning to share with you all. We all know the story of where God chose Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. We have the ten plagues and finally Pharoah lets them go. After Pharoah lets them go he has a change of mind and goes after the children of Israel. The children Israel come the Red Sea and are now complaining to Moses that it were better for them to be in Egypt and instead of coming out here to die. This is how it is in our life sometimes. God took us out of the bondage of this world and now we are on a path but sometimes we get the Red Sea experience and Satan whispers it would better for you if would of just stayed in bondage. Life was easier when you just didn't care about what happen. The Lord told Moses to Go Forward, and he is telling us today to Go Forward. We may have the opposition breathing down our necks ready to destroy us, and we may have Obstacles before us that we just don't think we can get over, but when then happens we get to see the Power of God working in our lives. So we need to go Forward inspite of a couple of things.

I. Go Forward inspite of Discouragement.
We all have times of discouragement in our lives. We look through the Bible and people had times of discouragement. Family or friends or our finances may discourage us but we must Go Forward. Someone close to us may have let us down and we must go Forward. David encouraged himself in the Lord, and sometimes the only way we are going to make is learning to spend time and hearing the Saviors voice.

II. In times of Defeat Go Forward.
In my life I am my own worse enemy. I don't know about you but I so get tired of failing the Lord it seems on a regular basis. I know in Christ we have the Victory over all sin in our life, but it is a matter of dying to self and surrendering all and until I believe as the body of Christ we learn this we will fail more than we have too. The devil again is good at whispering oh you failed the Lord so maybe your not even saved, or you failed the Lord he can't use you anymore. Maybe you don't face those challenges in your life but I know I do but again the Lord tells us to go forward.

Inspite of the Devil go Forward.
He is a liar.
His Time is short.
The Lord has already won the victory over the devil.

When God told Moses to tell the Children to go forward inspite of what is going on in your life God expects and is telling us to go forward. GO FORWARD CHILD OF GOD.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yet Not I

Galatians 2:20

We all know this powerful verse in Scripture. This last week the Lord allowed me to teach a little on this verse on I hope it helped us in Sunday School at our church. When the Lord saved us he bought us with a price. The Bible tells us that we are no longer our own. The greatest robbery in the church is not tithes and offerings. The greatest robbery in the church is us taking our life back when God bought us. We are to conform into the image of Christ. The Lord brings trials in our life to get us to the point of looking like his Son. The greatest thing we can do as a Christian is to die to self every single day. This is something we must do. If we do not die to self then we are not surrendered to the Lord. If we are not surrendered to the Lord then we are not right with God. I know that is a great big punch to our pride but it is the truth. I have been going over a series in Sunday School on what is wrong with the church. One of the problems is we are still in control of things. This verse says yet not I in it. We are living in this life but we are not suppose to be living Christ is too be living through us. I know again a great big punch to our pride. When it comes to decisions in our life am I living or am I letting Christ live through me to make that decision. When a person is dead they are dead. They have no more attitude( One of the ways I know most the church is not dead is by attitudes} They don't control their actions, the Lord does. Maybe one of the reasons the body of Christ goes through what they go through is because the Lord does not have come complete control. When we are dealing with family I am living yet not I. When we are dealing with finances we are living, yet not I. When we are dealing with future decisions we are living yet not I. Please get what the Lord is trying to say today. You may be breathing, and living but it is suppose to be me living through you. I know in my own life the Lord has shown me that I am not dead on the way. When dealing with anything in our life may we remember this verse and say yet not I. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Committed to Christ

Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.

I taught a lesson a few weeks ago in Sunday School on commitment. People just are not committed to anything. This is one of the greatest problems with the church today. You have a handful of people that do all the work while many just sit back and watch, but if something goes wrong they are the first ones to open their mouths and criticize the preacher, the church, or another Christian. It starts with the basics to be committed nothing new this morning but hopefully something we will check in our lives this morning.

People are not committed to the Word of God.
Most people in our churches don't even pick up the Bible to read it during the week. The Lord tells us in II Timothy 2:15 to Study the Word of God, in the Psalms he tells us to Meditate on the Word of God. A person that is not in the Bible is not committed to Christ. The Bible is God's letter to us on how to live our lives.

People are not committed to the Work of God.
As I said it seems like a handful of people do all the work. Now don't get me wrong I love working for the Lord, the sad thing is people that do not work for the Lord don't understand the blessing that they are missing. There is such joy in our hearts when we know we are doing something to help the Lord's work. I have never understood how people can continue to sit and do nothing in church when I know what the Lord done for me when he saved me. He gave me a desire to work for him. I believe it would be amazing to see what God would do with a church that 100 percent of the Christians began doing something for the Lord. I believe that church would have much fruit.

People are not committed the Will of God.
Most people never find out what God perfect will for their life. I preached this last weekend at the Preacher's daughters graduation on the Will of God. Let me give you the points the Lord put on my heart.
I. Find the Will of God.
II. Follow the Will of God.
III. Finish in the Will of God.

I want to more committed to Christ in my life than I was yesterday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Light is Growing Dim

I preached this yesterday at a Preachers meeting. I pray you allow the Lord to speak to your heart. We are living in a day where light in most churches is growing dim.
I Samuel 3:1-5
Before we get started with the message we must realize that according to Exodus the lamp in the tabernacle was to burn continually. The lamp went out in the tabernacle. I am afraid to say again that I know churches that the light has went out and I know churches where it is growing dimmer and dimmer by the day.
When the Light Grows Dim.
The Presence of God is missing.
In Hearts
In Homes
In House of God.
We must yearn for his presence there have been times in my life that his presence wasn't around and oh how miserable I was.
The Power of God is missing.
We must have the power of God in our lives so it can be brought forth in the House of God. We still serve a powerful God who is all powerful but we limit him when we have sin in our lives.
The Peace of God is missing.
How many people come in our churches and it looks like they lost their best friend. Many have made peace with God but many our missing the peace of God in their lives.
Why the Light is Growing Dim
Because of Spirtual Abandonment
Abandon the study of the Word
Abandon supplication
Abandon being Spirit Filled
Because of Spirtual Apathy
Apathetic toward the Worship of God.
Apathetic toward the Will of God
Because of Spirtual Adultery.
If Christ is not first in our lives then we have another lover. How dare us put anything, or anyone above Christ after what he has done for us.
Because of Adversaries
Of Course Satan is our biggest advesary, but I was thinking of the move today going on, going away from the truth. I am glad that the Lord has shown me the truth and by the grace of God I will stick to it.
What to do about the Light growing Dim
Preacher need to keep Preaching the Word. II Timothy 4:2
Praying- We must continue to pray for God to touch our churches with Revival.
Praising- We just need to keep praising him for all he has done, and realize he is still in control
I Pray that those that read this will pray that the Lord continue to allow the light to burn brighter in our churches till next time

Monday, July 02, 2007

One of the Greatest Faults of Our Young People

Please if you read this please send your feedback.
Ephesians 6:1-3
Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and thy mother(which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.
Being a youth pastor for several years this is one of the greatest downfall our young people have in our churches. They are Bible Students, Prayer Warrior, and even Soul-winners but if they miss these verses they have missed it. One of the things that bothers me is how are young people treat their parents. I have seen several young people who seem on fire for the Lord yet they treated their parents like dirt. We are told in this passage that it is right to obey your parents in the Lord. You parents do make mistakes but unless they are leading you into sin you are to obey them. Lets look at a couple of things and I beg you if you have trouble in these area's please get them right so God can use you to your fullest potential. I will say this at the end again, but YOU CAN NOT BE RIGHT WITH GOD if your relationship with parents is wrong.
I. Disrespect your parents.
I see this all the time, children, teenagers or young adults that show no respect to their parents. How do they do this. One is by backtalking their parents. Young person is never right for you to backtalk your parents this shows disrepect. Another way is by yelling at your parents this is also not right, just to throw something is is never right to yell at anyone. This shows are lack of self control. I know that the Lord helps me in this area in my own life. It is never right to get the last word as a young person either. I am tired of seeing young people showing no respect to their parents. I don't care how old we get we are not to show disrespect toward are parents we are always to honor them according to the scripture no matter if we are in the home or not in the home.
II. Disobey their parents. Oh how many times have I seen this as a youth leader in the last 8 years. Delayed obedience is disobedience. How do are young people show their disobedience let me give a couple of ways and then close.
Is by their Actions. They have been taught right from the Bible and then go against what their parents teach them. By changing their standards of living once they get away from Mom and Dad. Yes this is obedience mostly to God, but is disobedience to parents.
Is by their Attitudes. One of the things I have seen is young people do what they were told either after they showed their attitude, or while doing it showing an attitude. Most young do what their parents want but their heart has an attitude.
To Close the reason I share this with you young people or for those that may be adults that read this is because one I love you, secondly is I want to see you do great and mighty things in this generation until Jesus comes. Please examine you heart toward you parents, and remember you can not be right with God if you are not right with your parents.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is He Real to You?

remember when I heard Bro Tony Hutson preach that he said when his Dad was dying that he pulled to the bed and said Son it is real. Christians that claim to be saved will stay home and not go to church. Some because they are just too lazy and some because they have been hurt. The sad thing is their is a lost and dying world out there watching our every step and they see when a Christian don't go to church how real the Lord is to them. I really don't want to take it from that point of view. I want asked you a question How real is he to you this day? Other people worship their Jesus, or their God and they are very sure that what they have is real but it is not. We worship the true God and many Christians live their life like he is not real.
When you wake up how real is he? I am guilty in what I am about to say but is the Lord the first person we talk to in morning thanking him for another beautiful day, and thanking for another day to live on his earth to be a blessing to someone. If he is real to us like he should be he will be the first one we talk to in the morning.
When you go to church is He real?
Is his presence flowing out of you that you are anticipating what the Lord can do. He wants to show himself so real in our services but we hinder him. We hinder by not obeying the voice of the Lord. That means if we have sin in our lives we will not obey his voice, but how about when he wants us to testify of his grace do we obey or when he tells us to sing whether with music or without do we obey him. The only way God can do want he wants in the church is when the members have been obedient to all the Lord has said.
When we are in the valley his he real?
I know when he drops blessing in our life he is real, but what about when we go through the hard times is he still real. Many people have turned their back on the Lord because they went through a hard time. It may have been a lost of a love one, or it many have been a financial lost, or someone may have done us totally wrong. Remember every thing that happens in our life the Lord allows. Sometimes it is to get us back in line and sometimes it is to help us just grow a little closer to our Lord. There have been many valleys that I thought I am not going to make it the Lord is no where to be found and then suddenly he shows up and makes himself real in my life.
In closing so many other areas of our lives we can talk about but the one thing I know is I want people to see God real in me. There have been times people have but I hope from now until Jesus comes back people by the grace of God can look at my life and say God is real to him and in him. May that be all our prayers. Till next time God Bless.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slow To Speak

James 1:19 Wherefore, My Beloved Brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

The Bible has a lot to say about are tongue. It has a lot to say about are speech. We are to be careful in what we say. Our brother James took the whole third Chapter to talk about this. Some things about this tongue.
It is powerful.We can build people up or we can cut them down. We have that ability with our tongue. How many times have we said something that we regreted? You may be more spiritual but I have many times. It says no man can tame the tongue. Sometimes we are sarcastic or blunt and we don't think about what we say. Remember slow to speak.
It is poison Sometimes things we say tear people's character up. What I mean is usually when use are tongue wrong someone else is sharp to speak back which leads into arguments and sometimes it brings worldly people to fighting.
How do we control the tongue?
Realize we Can't.We can not control the tongue. So many times we say I can control what comes out but we can not. We must realize that no man can tame it. All the animals in the world are tame.

Respond Cautiously.Remember slow to speak. When someone berates us or lies about us or gets on our nerves we MUST be careful in how we react. Jesus is our example. He was slow to speak always.

Rely on the Comforter
God gave us the Holy Spirit. He is the only one that can control our tongue. We must yield to the Spirit if not then we will get in the flesh and what comes out most of the time is not good.The Lord just reminded of this today. I believe we can have a godly speech at all times. Maybe I am just carnal in this area. I am not talking cursing I am talking about being mean with are speech, joking about people, cutting people being sarcastic. If no one get help I did. I hope this is a challenging post. Lets do a better job at being slow to speak.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Servant of Christ

Phil 1:1Paul and Timothy the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi with the bishops and deacons.I will again be short tonight. I was just sitting here and thinking about what Paul started some of his letters out with. He said he was a servant of Jesus Christ. Paul probably the greatest Christian in the Bible said this. I was thinking are we really servants of Christ. I was just thinking for a person to be a servant they must have a greater love for the Master than anything else in this world. Do we love Jesus more than any other. The bible says we either serve God, or mammon. Just a couple of thoughts on being a servant.I. We must be Humble.If there is one thing that I believe the Lord wants us to do in our lives that is is humble ourselves. To Many people are prideful. The only way God can use us is when we are humble. When we enter the throne room of Grace we must come humbly before the throne. Are you humble?II. We must be Honoring.We must bring honor and glory to our Savior in our daily lives. The bible tells us Whether therfore we eat or drink or whatsoever we do. do all to the Glory of God.I. We must honor him in our habits.II. We must honor him in our homesIII. We must honor him in our hearts.III. We must be HelpfulWherever you see Jesus he is trying to help people. There are many people crying out for help tonight. A servant helps others.Souls Cry out for Help.People are dying every second and meeting God in the judgment.Sliders Cry Out for Help.The backslider most of the time is crying out for Help. They may like living in the sin for a season but I believe they are always looking for away back to God.Saints Cry Out for Help.We need one another in the Body of Christ. We all need people that will rejoice with us, cry with us, and just be there for us. I believe this is being a servant.Are we a servant tonight. After you read this really think about it. Because remember what Jesus said. Well done thou good and faithful servant. The greatest words we can hear when we get to heaven. God bless you till next time.

Monday, June 04, 2007

God is Keeping Track

For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister.

As I begin this blog this evening this verse is so helpful in my life. I had the opportunity to go to a old church I served in last night. I served in this church for 3 years. I had a lot of high times, and some very low times. God called me away from the ministry mainly because I believe I needed to go to a little church in Rex, Ga to be a help to a Pastor that needed it. I served my purpose at this church and I am so glad that God did not forget my ministering at this church. I got to see a young lady who the Lord allowed me to get their family in church to sing in the chior last night and she did a tremendous job. I got to see several young adults that were in my youth group still serving the Lord. Sometimes as a preacher of the gospel you never know how much influence you have had a group of people until the Lord moves you, nor do they know what kind of influence you were to their life. Even better than that seeing this on this earth is that God in heaven is still keeping track and there are many rewards I believe the Lord has a result of just being faithful to him. It is a blessing to go back and see God still working in these peoples lives. It just makes you feel like maybe your time in the ministry is not a waste of time. Now I am serving in the church as a associate pastor, I teach the Sunday School for the adults, I get to spend time with the young people at the church, and fill in from time to time preaching the Word of God. Sometimes as a preacher people just don't care for what you are preaching or how you preach and this is discouraging at times, however God is keeping track and as long as one is faithful to the Lord in what they are doing he will reward them. It is a blessing when you have people come to you and say that helped me, but I believe even greater than that there will be a time we get to heaven that people will come to us say you may not know it, but you were an influence on my life. That will be a great joy. Pastors, and Preachers, Sunday School teachers sometime pour their heart out to a group of people and it seems like it does no good, however if we stay faithful ,God is keeping track. I just wanted to share this tonight a little different than really giving you a thought or preaching to you, but more from my heart I am so glad that God is keeping record. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Church that Makes God Sick

As was planning on teaching this last Sunday But God had a change of plans. We find our passage in Rev 3:14-21. Today we live in a society where many Christians live a defeated life. We are told in scripture that we have victory in Jesus. I find myself at times even living a life that at times seems even void of God. Of course when people get this state normally they have slack off in their quiet time with the Lord. I want to give a couple of points this afternoon on a church that makes God sick. I will not develop them as much as ususal since I may preach on this Sunday.

A Comfortable Church.
In our passage it says that God wants us to either be hot or cold, but the majority of the church is lukewarm. They are comfortable. They come in to church with none of the following.
They come with no expectation. They are there out of obligation instead of wanting to see God move in a mighty way.
They come with no excitement. I know you can not build a church on excitement but it sure does help when there is excitement. I wonder if we can remember a time in our life where we were excited to go to the house of God. We couldn't wait to see what God was going to do. Oh how those days are few in number now.

A Carnal Church.
I still believe with all my heart God wants his people to live Holy lives. I know everyone of else can probably in our life find an area where we could live more holy. The church has become so worldly. As I said in the previous post they bring people in for excitement and there is no power of God. The reason there is no power of God is because the Holy Spirit is grieved by how many people live their lives. They watch the wrong stuff, listen to the wrong stuff, and go to the wrong places.

To close this short post today we need to examine the facts that God has laid out and see if we are making God sick to his stomach because of the way we are living. I don't know about you but I want to please my Heavenly Father everyday even when I have shortcomings I want to get those confessed so I have the presence of God. I have a couple more points but felt the Lord would stop us on these two today. God Bless till next time.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh How the Church Has Forgotten

Jer 2:32
Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet my people have forgotten me days without number.
Ps 106:21
They forgat God their Saviour which had done great things in Egypt.

I went to revival last night and I have heard this song that Bro Ricki Akinson and Bro Lance wrote called I have not forgotten. As I have been meditating on that thought the Lord gave me a few thoughts that may challenge us or encourage us this morning. Oh how we live in a nation that has forgotten God. We know the sin that is running rampant today in our nation and that God I believe is sick to his stomach. I believe one of the reasons why we have not been judge severly yet is because the church has tried to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. We kicked God out of schools, most Christians have kicked God out of their homes but the filth they allow into their home, and sad to say that the church in general has kicked God out of the church. We live in the Ladociean age spoken of in Rev 3. The church where God is on the outside knocking to get in. We have replaced God with entertainment such as Christian Rock, Christian Rap, Contemporary Christian music, because their is no power of God in most churches. Churches have dropped their standards of Holy Living because they can't draw crowds because their is no power in church. How sad but you would have to admit most places don't see the power of God move like it should. Church has become a bore to most people they come sing the congregations, take the offering up ,have a couple of specials, a preacher gets up and preaches his heart out, while many in the church are thinking about bills, work, or where they are going to eat at. I still believe God has not changed, he still can do great and mighty works. What have Christians forgot.

They have forgot the Grace that Saved Them.
Many Christians forget where God brought them from, I know in my own life I have forgotten at times where my God has brought me from. Oh how sad. Let me remind us today that God brought is up form a horrible pit. Sin had a strangle hold on us and would not let go. We had no desire for the things of God, but God in his grace reached down his hand for us and set us on a Rock and established our goings what a blessing. It was his grace nothing that I did. He found me, convicted me, clean me up and changed me. What a wonderful Savior we have.

They forgotten the Goodness of God that Sustains Them.
God has been so good to this preacher this morning much more than I ever deserve. We allow circumstances whether with our health, our family, or our finances to forget how good God truly is. I don't know about you but sometimes the only thing that gets me through a hard times is I remember the Goodness of God and it sustains me.

They have forgotten the Growth that Stabalizes them.
I thank God that we don't have to be a Christian that is up one minute down the next. We don't have to be a Christian that is tossed to and fro. When we grow we are stable. We are stable in our walk, our worship, our witness, and our work for the Lord. When we stop growing we sometimes forget what God has done in our life and therefore we end up on that sea tossed to and fro.

To conclude I thank God this morning that I am not same as I used to be because of Calvary, however I am not content where I am at spirtually I want to reach a more devoted life to Christ. The only way this happens is we don't forget his grace that leads us everyday in our lives. May God bless you till next time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Good Shepherd

Before I give the post the Lord has on my heart. I just want to let every know that I am still blogging. I have been having some difficulties between me and the Lord concerning the ministry. As a preacher sometimes I go through a little season of discouragement why God hasn't given me a church to Pastor when I am 110 percent sure that is what he wants me to do. So when I go through those periods my study of the Word suffers and therefore no post because I don't want to put anything up on this blog that does not help me first. I am doing better now and with the Lord's help I am going to try my best to at least post twice a week if not more than twice.
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Ps 23:1
This last Friday I had to preach a funeral of someone I didn't know at all even though I knew some of the family so I started meditating on this scripture and gave a couple of thoughts at the funeral to the people. As I meditated the Lord gave me some thoughts to share on him being our shepherd to the blog readers.
I am so glad that this shepherd wants to have a relationship with each one of us. I am glad on Aug 10 1993 that I entered into a relationship with the shepherd. Now before I got saved I had religion with the shepherd which I believe many professors have. This shepherd thank God sought out this lost sheep to come into the fold. I want to give a couple of thoughts about the shepherd that I pray will be a help and blessing to you.
The Shepherd Cares for Me.
I am so glad that when I get to the point where I think no one cares I am reminded a shepherd that does care for his sheep. I am so glad that he loves me tonight. I mean when I am in his will he loves me, and when I am out of his will hel loves me. This is truly unconditional love. He died for us on Calvary and then he came our way and showed us how much he cares for us. Sometimes I get to the point where I wonder if any person on this earth really cares, but even if they don't even though they do the shepherd cares for me.
The Shepherd Comforts Me.
As I preached this mans funeral this last Friday much of the family was lost. Many our letting alchol, drugs, immorality to fill that void, but I tried to plant a seed that Christ will comfort them if they let him. I am so glad that when I am sorrowful, or hurt that this kind shepherd comes and picks me up and comforts my heart. When my dad died I remember when I was in my prayer closet that it seem like the shepherd came and put his arms around me and showed me he would comfort me.
The Shepherd Corrects Me.
I am so glad that the shepherd will not allow me to get far away before he starts to correct me. The word is chastisment. The Bible says it shows that the shepherd loves us if we are chastized. If there is not chastizment when we are out of his will we need to make sure that we are not a bastard because that is what the Bible says in Hebrews12. Are you not glad the shepherd cares so much for you that he will not allow you to get out of the fold with out correction.
As we close this short thought I am so glad that this kind shepherd lives in my heart and wants to direct my ways. I believe it is whole lot better if he directs than if I do. A whole lot calmer in my life. Till next time God Bless.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A few verses to help in time of need

Just a Few Verses to Help
We all go through times when we are in trials, or when it seems like the world is caving in on us. I have learned the greatest way to make it through anything is by going to the Word of God. I don't feel led this week to put a message or a blog up but I thought I would share this with my readers something I came across this morning I hope it is a blessing.
What to read when you are:
Discouraged: Isaiah 51:11; I Peter 1:6-9; & Galatians 6:9
Worried: I Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:6-7; & Isaiah 26:3
Lonely: Isaiah 41:10; John 14:18; & Deuteronomy 33:27
Depressed: Psalm 30:5; Isaiah 40:31; & II Corinthians 1:3-4
Dissatisfied: Psalm 34:10; Philippians 4:12-13; & Psalm 103:1-5
Confused: I Corinthians 14:33; James 1:5; & Proverbs 3:5-6
Angry: James 1:19-20; Ephesians 4:26; & Proverbs 15:1
Tempted: I Corinthians 10:12-13; Psalm 119:11; & I Peter 5:8-9
Afraid: John 14:27; II Timothy 1:7; & Psalm 56:11
Grieving: Psalm 23; Psalm 147:3; & Hebrews 4:15-16
Troubled: Nahum 1:7; Psalm 4:8; & Psalm 138:7
In Financial Need: Psalm 37:25; Matthew 6:31-33; & Philippians 4:19
Deserted by Loved Ones: Psalm 9:10; Psalm 27:10; & Romans 8:38-39
In Doubt: I Thessalonians 5:24; Psalm 18:30; & Isaiah 59:1

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Thy Heart Right With God?

Prov 4:23
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

This thought I have taught on a couple of times in Sunday School. I believe most saved people have the wrong idea of what being right with God is. I believe most think as long as they go to church, read their bible, pray, and soulwin then that they are right with. These things are neccessary for us to be right with God but they do not neccessary mean we are right with him. I remember in the Bible when Jesus said that they did serve with lips, but their heart was far from him. I believe the Lord gives us a blueprint that shows where we are spiritually. I pray this challenges but also encourages us to go farther with the Lord.

If our Heart is Right then are Speech will be Right.
One of the best ways to show that we are right with God is what proceeds out of the mouth. I am not just talking about people cursing, I am talking about how do we talk to people. Do we edify or do we cut. If we cut or use idle words we can not be right with the Lord. Our speech should be seasoned with Godliness. How do we talk to our spouse or if we are a young a person how do you talk to your parents. I believe one of the greatest way we quench the Holy Spirit is by what comes out of the mouth.

If our Heart is Right then are Sight will be Right.
As a Christian this is one of the hardest area's people have to keep right. Because what ever comes through the eyes becomes part of our mind. We have to be careful with T.V. but most of all even though this internet is a tool trouble will come looking for you. All it takes is one moment of weakness with the flesh and we could ruin our testimony. Remember the song be careful little eyes what you see, why because God is watching.

If our Heart is Right then are Steps will be Right.
If you our controlling your steps you can not be right with God. The only way we can truly be right with him, is when we relinquish all are rights and allow him to direct everything. The places I go, the decisions that are made should all be with the Lord having control. Truly the only way that we can really be right with God is when he has absolute control.

Now that the Lord has given these how do we measure up. If you are like me I have to examine each of these area's and the only conclusion I can come to is Thank God for his mercy and longsuffering because I need to help in these area's. The heart desire should be relinquished my rights and let him live his life through me. Again the only way this is going to effect us is if we right to go above the normal Christian Life. May God bless you till next time.