Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Test Of Our Spirtuality

A Test of Our Spirituality
James 3:2-10
I was reading a blog I read often about the tongue. If there is one area of my Christian Life I find myself struggling in it is in this area of what comes out of my mouth. We know people that talk about how spiritual they are, and then they backbite or gossip about someone. That little pink member in our mouth causes many problems. We can go to church, read our Bible, pray and things like that but if we don't allow the Holy Spirit to control our tongue then we are CARNAL. The Bible says death and and life our in the power of the tongue. THe Bible says that we are to edify one another. The word edify means to build up. Are you building people up all the time or do you find yourself cutting people down, or gossiping or backbiting? What comes out of our mouth shows how spiritual we really are? Lets talk about the tongue for a minute or two and I pray that if you have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to control that tongue then please pray for those of us who still have a problem. We need to think before speaking in many cases. Now lets look at the tongue.
I. The Tongues Problem.
Now God gave us a tongue for several reasons. He gave us a tongue to produce saliva so food can go down. He gave us a tongue to taste foods. He gave us a tongue to build people up. He did not give us a tongue to curse. Now I know some Christians that are babes in Christ have a problem with this, but those that have been saved for years should not have problems cursing. People say well that is how I am, exactly you are a carnal or worldly Christian. He did not give us tongue to talk about people behind there back. That is gossip. Now how many of us have been guilty of that. Many times we gossip and it don't even bother us, or we don't realize we are doing it. How carnal? Remember the goal is to edify. I learned long ago if you don't have nothing nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all.
II. The Tongues Poison.
The tongue is poisonous. The Bible says animals have been tame, but no man can tame the tongue. It is is full of poison. If we do not learned to yield to the Holy Spirit in this area of our tongue then we will cause much hurt and damage to others. Remember the the goal is to be spiritual, or holy. We will never be what God wants us to be until we learned to give control of our speech up to God. Think for a minute when was the last time you spoke something that you didn't want to. Did it hurt the feelings of someone. If we have a tender heart God will convict us and he will make us to get things right with other people. He will either have us to get right with the person we are talking about or who we cut down, or he will have us get right with those people we told the gossip to.
I will leave it at two points today. We have enough to chew on with those two points. Remember we are to be conforming to the image of Jesus Christ God's Son. The Son of God never gossip, cut down, or hurt people verbally. I believe many who read this blog including the one writing this can definitely use Jesus as our Example and do better in this area.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Reason for the Season

I don' t know how many more blogs I will do before Christmas if any. I am about to be very busy getting ready to go to Ohio. This season again they have been trying to take Christ out of the season. I am all for presents and the Christmas holiday, but Jesus is the reason for the season. As we come to end of another year I have a question What will you Do With Jesus this next year. I know most who read this are saved, but I am talking about our walk with him. I know I have failed the Lord much this year, but I also have seen victories in my life this year. I have three questions for you to ponder on going into this next year. These same questions I am asking myself also.
I. Will you Worship the Savior?
If there is one area that I am trying to do better in and that is worship. You say well I go to church that is great. I am talking about private worship. I am talking about adoring the Savior. The only way we worship is in spirit and in truth we have to be right with God. We should try to start everyday out right with God.

II. Will you Witness to the sinner?
I failed miserably in this area this last year. I talked to people about the Lord but I sure didn't give the plan of salvation out like I should have. If this next year we were to go home to heaven through the rapture how many people do you know need Jesus. Would you try to reach them with the gospel? Since we do not know when Jesus is coming back we should try to reach as many as we can. I read something the other day. There are over 200,000 people that die in this world a day. If ten percent were saved then 180,000 burn in Hell. We may not be able to reach the world at one time, but we can reach a neighbor, relative, or coworker with the gospel. That is all that is going to matter when we leave this earth. Money, and houses, and cars will burn up, but those we reach with the gospel bring a eternal reward. I thank God I have been able to lead people to Christ,but I could do more.
III. Will you Work in Service?
The last question is what can you do to help your church be a more sucessful church. Can you be more faithful? Can you teach? Can you Sing? God did not save us to sit on a pew, he expects to be doing something in the church. There are some things I let slip at the end of the year in my church that by God's grace we are going to do better starting next year. I want to do more with our young people. They are the future of the church. I need to sing more next year in our church whether solo or with my wife, or with a group. I mean I want to be obedient to my Savior and what he wants me to do in my church. Are you a help or a hiderance to your pastor?
To close three questions we need to answer. Prayefully consider what the Lord would have you to do. If I don't post anymore this year which I will try to and for those I won't see. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Till next time God Bless You.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Trying of Faith

The Trying of Faith
I Peter 1:7
That the trial of your faith being much more precious than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
As I start this post I believe today that we are going through one of the biggest trials of our faith. The devil has already whispered to me God don't love you, if he did you he wouldn't put you through what you are going through. First I want to thank God that he loves me uncondionally, second I want to say God is sovereign he knows what we are going through and he is going through it with us.
Most people have little faith. If there is one area that I struggle in it is trusting God through every circumstance in my life. It is easy to trust God when everything is alright. It is easy to praise him when you are on a mountain, but most of our lessons are learned when we are in the valley. I have learned many lessons in the valley. Sometimes going through the valley is not fun, but when we learn our lesson in the valley in makes us a better Christian. I see some points in this verse that I want to look at for a few minutes.
I. Trials Will Come
You can mark in down if you are a child of God trials will come. It was once said that you are entering a trial, ending a trial, or in the middle of a trial. God wants us to trust him whole-heartily. This is hard sometimes so he allows us to go through a trial so he can show is glory to us.
II. Trials are Precious.
First when you go through a trial it shows you know God. Second when you go through a trial you have the sweet holy spirit of God inside of you that if you will let him he will help you through the trial.
III. Trials will bring honour and glory to God.
I thank God for I Corinthians 10:13 God will not allow us to be tried more than we can handle. SO you can mark it down what ever you are going through today is one ordained of God, two you can handle it with the Holy Spirit leading you.
In closing many times the reason we go through things is so we can get our eyes off of the circumstances or the problems and fix our eyes upon the Savior. The sad thing is many Christians run from the Savior when if we get our eyes on him he may not take the trial away, but he will go through it with us, and as long as we got Jesus on our side I can go through anything he wants. May God bless you till next time.