Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Reality of His Coming

I Thess 4:16-17
I have really been thinking these last couple of weeks of how close we may be the coming of Christ. If we look at what is going on in the middle east prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. Am I saying he is coming on a specific date no I am not. I believe we are about to go home to be with our Savior Jesus Christ. 90 percent of me wants to go but there is still a percentage that I would love to see him be longsuffering because I have lost family members that would go to Hell. Now the thought we need to be ready for his coming as Christians. The Bible tells us that their is crown for those that love his appearing. The only way we will love his appearing is if we are right with him. I just wanted to give some thoughts of motivation for the soon return of Christ. Whether that be one day, two days, a week, a month, or a year or more.
I. Repentance of Sin.
We need to make sure our hearts our right with our God. I know I have just went through a battle of complanency but Thank God I am over that. We need to confess all our unconfessed sin. We need to make sure our fellowship is right with God. We need to make sure we are right with all men that we are able to get right with. I believe Christians live mostly a carnal life, and I believe God is going to find many ashamed when he comes.
II. Reaping of Souls.
We need to make sure that we have done all we could to reach our family. I KNow in the case of my family that people have rejected Jesus and I have had the priviledge to give them a clear cut presentation of the Gospel of Christ. We don't only have to reach our families, but we need a bigger burden on reaching the lost for Christ. If he came back today would you be in heaven with someone you personally led to Christ. What a question? I believe most Christians never win one person to Christ. What a shame? I thank God by his grace I will have some up in heaven that God gave the increase to while I was on this earth. Are you a Soulwarner?
III.Rejoice in the Santuary.
Rejoicing is missing in the church. I believe if we do the first two things that we will be able to rejoice. The reason we don't have more rejoicing is one because of sin or two because of storms. The church should be rejoicing that Our Savior may be on his way to get us. The sad thing is many in the church are not ready to go to heaven. Yes they are saved but there are things between them and the Savior. We need to rejoice in our salvation, but also we need rejoice because we will finally see the one who died for us.
In Closing Are you ready to meet God? If lost you need to get saved, but if you are saved you need make sure you are right with him, and try your best to live for him the rest of the days of your life, or until he comes. May God Bless You till next time.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Storms of Life

Mark 4:35-41
This story takes place while Jesus is in the ship sleeping. The disciples come across a storm and are afraid they are going to die. We all know the story here. The post this morning comes from my heart. We all face storms. A preacher one time said we are either in the storm, getting ready to go into a storm or leaving a storm. We could be going through a financial storm, emotional storm, physical storm, or we may know someone that is going through a storm right now. We know we are going to go through storms, it is matter of how we react when we are in the storm.
The cause of the Storm.
Self brought. When we get away from the Lord we sometimes put God in the place of sending something are way so we can get back in fellowship with him. The Bible tells God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. When we are in the storm we need to look and see if we are in the storm of our own doing.
God-brought. Sometimes God puts us through storms to get us closer to him. We need to be conforming into the image of his Son Jesus Christ. WHen God brings a storm we should always go to our knees and get help from God. The sad thing is that we most of the time run from the storm and try to figure things out our own way. Not only is it to conform us it is also there to build our faith. This is a area that I struggle at times in my Christian Life. I have saving faith but sometimes I don't have living faith.

II. The Calm of the Storm.
Thank God that storms do pass. We look at hurricances they do lots of damage but eventually it does go away. In our life we may think sometimes that this is it, but we must realize this too shall pass.

III. The Captain of the Storm.
Thank God that we are saved and when we go through storms we have one that will go through them with us. Thank God that He will never leave us nor fosake us. Thank God that he will not allow us to go through something that we are not able to bear. God sometimes sends storms just so we will put Jesus back as the captain of our life. He wants first place in all that we do. Thank God that at any moment he can calm the storm in our life, but if he don't at least he is going through the storm with us.

The next time we go though the storm lets identify why we are in the storm and learn what God wants us to learn to make us a stronger Christian. May God bless you till next time.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Is Repentance Neccesary for Salvation?

Acts 17:30 And at the times of this ignorance God winked at;but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

I know the subject I am dealing with today has split the independent baptist movement. I know great men like Jack Hyles, Bob Gray texas, in their writings disagree with what I am saying. I never heard say Hyles say what he believed about repentance in person but I have read enough to know where he stood. Bob Gray on the other hand I heard from his mouth that repentance is a change of unbelief to belief. Is this really true. Is it true for a person to be saved all they have to do is belief on the Lord Jesus Christ only. Those that believe in repentance are told that they are making salvation to hard. Does that mean that if a drunkard gets saved and never gives us drinking he is saved? Does that mean when I lead someone to Christ that if they never ever have a desire for godly things that they are going to heaven just because they believed? These are some great questions that if you asked most preachers would say yes they are going to heaven because God know there heart, or have we got to number hungry leading people down the romans road and them praying and pronoucing them saved and they still live like the devil. Something is very wrong with someone whose life never changes. Lets look at this thing of repentance from a Biblical standpoint and hopefully we will understand better what repentance is.

I. What is Repentance?

Metanoia is the greek word. change of the mind, repentance, the of changing any or all the elements composing of ones life; attitude, thoughts, and behaviors, concerning the demands of God for right living.

II. Who preached Repentance?
Paul preached repentance. Acts 17:30, Acts20:21.
Peter preached repentance. Acts 2:38, and then he tells us in II Peter 3:9
Jesus preached repentance. Luke 13:3
There are other passages that show each of these men preaching repentance.

III. Why preach Repentance?
Because it is the Scriptures. The bible tells us that a person that is saved is a new creature.
Because it is neccessary for Salvation.
Unless a person repents they will perish.

IV. How do I know if I repented of my sins. The best way I know how to say this is through the scriptures.
I. First you got lost. No one ever repents without being lost first.
Because the Holy Spirit came and lived inside of you. God can't move in and nothing change.
Second you desires change. A person will now desire to read, and pray, and go to church.

I close with this repentance is a gift that God gives us after we have been convicted of our sins I believe we truly want to turn from sin unto a Holy God. The reason their are so many shallow professions is most of the time that person has not been convicted. NO conviction then no repentance, and lastly no salvation. I hope this helps because yes I do believe a person must change after they are saved. Till next time God Bless You.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Danger of just a Profession

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Jesus was winding down his sermon on the mount when he gets to the passage that is Matthew 7:21-23. This should be a sobering thought to all those that read this. Some that may read this may just have a profession, and some that read this may think they know someone that may be in this state. As the pastor preached the other morning I just started thinking about someone having a profession and not the real thing. I believe our churches in America are filled with these type of people. I remember making a public profession of faith at the age of 12 but that is all it was. I remember going to bed at night and asking Christ to save me, because one thing I knew even at that age is that I did not want to go to Hell. I believe the ones we really should be concerned about are those that under the age of 12 that have made a profession. The more I have been in this Christian way the more young adults or teenagers I see getting saved after making a profession of faith. I am not saying people can't get saved under this age but what I am saying is that people that make a profession at a young age should at least examine theirselves to see in they be in the faith. I talk to people all the time that say they were saved at a young age, but they have no desire for the things of God. Now to the thought for the day there are a elements I believe must be present for someone to truly get born again. If you have not had these elements I pray you at least seek God and make sure of your profession. If you know someone that may only have a profession I pray you at least pray harder for them. Now lets look at this thought a little further.

I. A person must realize they are Lost.
This is the key to anyone being saved they must first be lost. We have kids that have raised their hands popping bubble gum coming down the aisle or people that just get saved because they had a parent or friend get saved. This person is still as lost as can be.
II. A person must be under conviction.
The Bible tells us unless the spirit draweth. The reason my profession was in vain was because I never was under conviction. That is what bothers me about the easy believism most of the time they don't give the person time to be under conviction. You asked how do I know if I was ever under conviction. All I can say you would of known.
III. A person must REPENT.
This is a word that is misinterpeted by some great preachers. There are preachers that say repentance is a chage of the mind from unbelief to belief and they are right to a point, but it is so much more than that. Repentance is a change of the mind which consitutes a change of heart, which then changes the action. Repentance is necessary to be saved. A person that makes a profession and has no desire to change has missed it. I am not saying you change at one moment and drop all the bad things in your life, but what I am saying is now you have the Holy Spirt and you desire a change. Also John preached repentance, Jesus preached repentance, Peter preached repentance and Paul preached repentance. I believe that is enough of an example.

IV. Faith. Faith in who Jesus Christ. We must realize he is the way. John 14:6. I don't get to heaven on good works, baptism, my prayer. I get to heaven by trusting Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9, and Romans 10:13. Faith is I stop realying on myself or things I do and totally rely on Jesus Christ.

In closing I said all this for this reason. The danger of just a profession is this standing before the Lord and saying BUT LORD I was faithful to church, I read my Bible, I prayed, I gave to the church, I taught Sunday School, I sung in the Chior, I sang solo's, I preached the Word, and the Lord say DEPART I Never knew you. You trusted those things instead of me. I ask you dear friend Where do you stand with the Lord? May God bless you till next time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Seriousness of Our Christian Walk

Before I get started this post is not done in a mean spirit. This post is not to throw stones at anyone that reads my blog. This post is specifically from the heart on this issue. How serious are you about walking with God? How serious am I about my walk with God? This a great question. THis last weekend I taught on Sunday about fellowship. We had a few people testify that God had dealt with them about the area of fellowship. It seems like today that many Christians have used God as a fire escape. It is great that I am not going to hell, and that I am going to heaven, but our Christian Life can be so much more than that. I see so many professing Christians that have no joy, or no peace, or sometimes not even a sound mind. I believe this has to do with their walk. I myself have been guilty of having no peace or joy at times in my life. I believe it is time for Christians to get serious about their walk for Christ. We need to get more faithful for the cause of Christ. Everyday we have people quitting the battle. The reason many quit the battle is because they try to live life their own way. If we live our life it is hard and full of burdens if we let Christ live through us it may be hard, but at least we have one to walk with us through the hard times. I believe there are a couple of areas I believe we need to get serious about in our Christian Walk. Again if you are doing these things praise God however I believe none of us have arrived and we all can do better.
I In our Scripture Time.
How much time do we spend in the Scriptures? Or better yet Why am I reading? Is it because I love Jesus and want to get closer to him, or is it because of obligation. We should all have a reading time in our walk. This time is for reading, meditating, and memorizing God's Word. As I told those in church Sunday if we don't read we will not grow, and when something does not grow it dies from the inside out. When a Christian quits it always starts on the inside.
II. In our Supplication.
HOw much do I pray? Or better yet when was the last time we got ahold of God in our Prayer life. I read much on prayer, and it amazes me that it is preached, taught but seems like the least practice in most people's lifes. If I have sin in my heart God will not hear me. If I am praying out of obligation most likely my prayer life is stale. The closer and more serious we get about praying the more we will grow in our CHristian Walk.
III. In Our Soulwinning.
Now lastly this is area where I know I have struggled in lately. The reason we are here as Christians is to make disciple out of those that are lost. If I fail in the two area's above then most likely my soulwinning is naught. It will be sad one day when countless millions will stand before God empty with no souls to their account. This is a area I believe we must get more serious in our lives. People every second go into eternity and have to face a Holy God. What are we doing to help them find Christ.

In closing I hope this is a reminder, and that it strengthens us to do more for Christ. If we are lacking in any of these area's I hope God will help us to do better in them. Remember people are always watching us when we say we are a Christian, and maybe if people see we were more serious about being Christian more people would turn to Christ. Till next time God Bless You.