Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why We Fall into Temptation?

Luke 4:1 And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the spirit into the wilderness.

In beginning this post we must remember that Jesus is suppose to be our example in everything. If we read Scripture and see how Jesus dealt with situations we would be must stronger Christians if we did as he did. We all face temptation everyday, and most of us even fall into temptation on at least a weekly basis. Last week I fell into temptation a couple times. The devil wants us to quit on God and alot of times the reason saved people quit is because they fall into temptation and get tired of fighting the battle. I believe there is a way we can get victory over every temptation and it is in this passage of scripture but first why do we fall into temptation. I believe three reasons why we do.
I. We rely on Our Strength.
Sometimes we think we our stronger spiritually than we actually are. We have to remember the only strength we have is of the Lord. We so many times face the enemy in our strength and get whopped by him. If we relied on God's strength we would get victory.

II. We rely on Our Smarts.
Sometimes we rely on what we have in our brain to face the temptation. The battle is in the mind. We fail in the mind before we ever fail in the action. We rely on biblical knowledge of so many times to get us through temptation instead of relying on God's knowledge.

III. We rely on Self.
We in the most part our self-driven people and that is the problem. We allow self to control too much of our life. We live our every day lives being controlled by self and wonder why we make a mess of things in our life. The thing we must remember is that we are not our own and that we are bought we with a price. We control too much of our lives and God will let us make our mistakes and continue failing as long as we want control of our life.

NOw I said all this for what i am about to say. The reason we fall into temptation is because we are not spirit-filled. THe Bible says Jesus being full of the Holy GHost was led into the wilderness. Most people I know are not filled with the Holy Ghost and I know this something I strive for but I have not reached in my own life. I do know that I am tired of facing temptation and falling into temptation because I am controlling things. Maybe the reason we fall so much into temptation and fail the Lord so much is because God is trying to get us to the point where we truly surrender all and live a life led by the spirit. I hope something I said here helps us to even make further in our journey but instead of us leading the way lets let the Holy Ghost lead the way. Till next time God Bless.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alive and Well

Hello all in the blog world. I figured I would write a post today letting everyone know who checks my blog that I haven't quit blogging yet just haven't really felt like blogging this week. It has been hot in the warehouse this week and I really haven't felt the greatest since Saturday. I was thinking today about how sometimes we go through periods in our life that it seems like you can't get in touch with God this has been one of those weeks. This has been a week of attacks from the enemy in my life and I have won some battles but I am sad to say I have lost some battles also this week. I thank God that he is a God of another chance that when we mess up that we can go to him and confess our sins and he will forgive us and cleanse from all unrighteousness. Do you ever get tired of failing God and you just wish he come back and get us out of this mess that we make so many times in our life well that is how I have felt this week. I don't want to leave a a pessimistic attitude so I will leave you all with this God is good when we are on the mountain and he is good when we are in the valley. God is good all the time because he can not help it. So Lord willing we will be back to our regular blogs next week. Till next time have a great weekend and remember always keep your eyes on the Lord. God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Trait Every Christian Should Have

But let patience have her perfect work James 1:4
Before we look at the thought this morning, let me give a little lesson on what the word means in the greek. hypomone-perseverance, endurance. The word perfect means mature, or finished. We all know we will not be the finished product God wants us to be until we get home but we can mature in this Christian life. We have all heard the phrase Don't pray for patience because God will teach you patience. A true fact but really a false statement. God tries to teach us patience through each trial we go through that is biblical the reason I got through trials is to perfect my character. Another place in Scripture that is word is used is in I Peter where the Lord tells us we need to add to our faith certain things and one of these is patience. A good way to know if we are growing in Christ is if we are patient. In that same passage if we do not add to our faith these things then we will be unfruitful. I wonder this morning how many of us our patient. This is something God is continuing to show me in my own life that i need to be more patient. I was thinking a couple of area's we need to be patient I hope they will challenge and bless us.
The first area we need to be patient is in our home. The one person that seems the hardest to be patient with is my spouse. I have got better but we got to realize our spouses are not perfect and they will make mistakes or in my case I am sometimes hardheaded that we need to be patient with them. Sometimes as a preacher I think my wife should be as strong as I am spiritually and I forget that I have to give her time to grow. Another area that I am learning to be patient in in my home is with the kids. We must be patient with our children. We can't let them treat us wrong but we must learn to allow them to make their bone headed mistakes, and then hope that they remember what has been taught to them. Children will either help you with patience or they will drive to a place where you have no patience.

The second area we need to patient in is with other people. Sometimes we impatient with people. I know I do. I sometimes don't show my patience and work and I must learn to do that. We sometimes get impatient with other Christians that we are close to. We get impatient because of their lack of faithfulness to the Lord. We must be patient with people that are unfaithful to him because the Lord is patient with us when we make are blunders, and mistakes.

The Third area we need to be patient with is with our Lord. We are alot times like a microwave oven. We want what we pray for now, and sometimes it does not work that way. We pray for love ones to get saved or get right and we give up if we don't see results. We do not know what God is doing in their heart. The area I get impatient with is waiting for God to allow me to Pastor. I love my church, and love my pastor but I want to preach badly all the time. I am learning that I must be patient with the Lord because he knows what is best for me. The older I get the more I long to Pastor a church. The Lord knows when the time is right and I must be patient in this area of my life.

To close I asked you to examine yourselves and see if this attribute is in your life. If you are doing well in one or two areas strife to do better in the other area. I believe every saved person probably can do better with patience in their life. May God continue to bless you till next time.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What is Missing from Churches

I have a tremendous burden on my heart this morning. I went to revival last night and I realize something in my own life something I have been missing and that is excitement in church. Now don't get me wrong I love my church and I love my Pastor, but I believe most churches in general are missing the excitment of God. I hate bringing up another church I attended but I remember the excitement. I know you can't always go on excitement but does us good sometimes to see people get happy in the Lord. There are many ways people can get excited everyone don't have to shout the house down. Some get excited by laughing, and some get excited by crying, and some get excited by vocally praising the Lord. Two messages I have heard this week have dealt with this thing of excitement. People don't want to come to something dead. When you stand in a leadership position and see peoples faces it sometimes looks like their best friend has died, or that God is not alive anymore. I have also been in this place of dead as four oclock in the morning. I am here this morning to tell you God is still on the throne he knows where his children are and he wants to bless their socks off. Now lets get to the meat of the thought this morning. How does excitement come into the church. I believe three ways the Lord has shown me this morning.
I. Sinner getting Saved. The Bible tells us their is joy in the presence of the angels when someone repents. I wonder sometimes if we take for granted someone getting saved. We forget they were on their way to Hell and that without Jesus they had no hope. WHen someone gets saved their should be praise and worship because of the greatest miracle ever. Especially when someone gets saved later in life because most professions are before the age of 18 the older you get the less likely it is for that person to get saved. However remember with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

II. Backslider Getting Right.
Another thing that should help us be excited is when someone comes home to the Lord after being in the HogPen. I know some churches people say I wonder how long it will last. They have the same attitude of the Prodigal's brother. It would probably amaze us of how many people we go to church with that outwardly they are fine, but in their heart they are cold. I know I have been there before also.

III. Saints Getting Prayer Answered.
When someone get a prayer anwered we should shout with them. God is still a God that answers prayer. We I believe sometimes get so selfish that if God don't do it for me, then why should I shout for someone else. This is not right. WHen God heals someone or God provides a need that only he can provide, or God saves a love one. We should shout with that person.

In Closing I am not a shouter but sometimes I wonder if I hinder myself because of the way I was brought up. I know after these last two messages I have heard I need to praise God more in church. I know I want to see more excitement in the House of God but if I am not doing my part how can I expect others to do their part. May the Lord help us to bring excitement into the House of God. Till next time God Bless You.

Monday, May 08, 2006

God Always See's

I heard a message last night on T.V. about Joseph at Potipher's House. It was a great message. I was thinking today about A Christian never gets away with anything. We sometimes think we do because Mom or Dad didn't see, or Husband and Wife didn't see, or the Children didn't see so therefore we think we get away with it. We do not get away with sin we are reminded in the Bible of a verse Be Sure Your Sin Will find you out. I had to confess to God than even though people don't see my heart he does. He knows every thought I think and every thing that is in my heart. Most sin takes place in the dark. God sees everything and knows everything. He see's us when we are on the computer even if no one else knows, and even though the computer can be a good tool of God, it is also used as a tool of the devil and many strong men have fallen by it. Sometimes people don't even have to look for it, it finds them. God see's everything we listen too, whether we are and adult or a teenager even if the pastor, or parents, or spouse see's God see's. God see's what we watch on the T. V. He see's everything. God see's how faithful we are to him. He know's if we read our Bible for the right reason, He knows if we pray, or if we don't we can tell people that we do these things, but God know's if we do. God see's our heart when we have a attitude against the things of God even though on the outside we look fine. I believe we forget sometimes that the Holy Spirit lives in us and know's what we are doing in our life. How times have we grieved the Holy Spirit thinking we got away with something. I have been guilty in my life. To Close this post today God see's if we are giving a 100 percent in our life or not. Col 3:23. I just wanted to give a reminder today that God always see's us whether we are doing bad or good God See's. Till next time God Bless You.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Devils Goal during Revival

First I want to thank God for all those that read my posts I am going to try to get more people reading my post's by going through different blogs and leaving comments and telling them about my site. This is 101 posts for me. Now to the thought today. The Bible tells us the thief cometh to steal, kill and destroy. The devil does not like us. He wants all mankind to go to Hell and then burn with him in the lake of fire. However when we got saved he no longer could are soul so now he wants to destroy us. This week we have had a good revival. God has met with us, but you know what the Devil knows what is going on also. He don't want hearts to be revived and he don't want us to decide to stay in the Battle. So he puts much pressure on God people. I have had some major attacks this week from the devil. I have made some decisions and he is trying his best to make sure I don't go through with those decisions. Lets be honest today in our lives we tend to grow cold on the Lord sometimes. I am not saying we are frigid but just cold, or the big one in my life is I grow complecent. I just get into the ho hum attitude and I what I mean about that is Prayer just is prayer, and reading is just reading and if I witness I do and if I don't oh well. Have you ever been there and the Devil knows when we are in that attitude he hasn't nothing to worry about. It is when we decide to humble ourselves, and never wanting to be the same when he gets in the picture. The devil wants us powerless, and noneffective for Christ. The sad thing is many Christians our not efffective and have no power. A powerless Christian does more damage to the kingdom of God than a lost person. We need his power during this time of the age. I have asked God to give me his power and whatever needs to go needs to go and you know what the devil is trying his best to make sure I don't. I have faced more temptation this week than I have in a long time. I have failed by thank God for his grace, and I have victory in some of them. I asked those that read this I hope our teenagers read this post. I am praying for God to shake them. We need some teenagers to get on fire for the Lord and maybe some of our older people will follow. Teenager to you want to live mediocre, or do you want God to do the impossible with you. My adult friends do you want God to do the impossible with you or do you want to live without victory the choice is up to us. We must yield or we will live defeated Christian lives. Till next time God Bless You

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where has the Joy gone?

Neh 8:10 for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

I was talking to one of my coworkers today and we were talking about joy. He says that his joy is gone. The sad thing there are many who have lost their joy, or given their joy away. In our churches today there are many saved people who look like they got ran over last night. I know we are all guilty of losing or giving are joy away. God's people should be happy, they should have a smile on their face. One of the reason's we don't have joy is because we are not filled with the spirit, or walking in the spirit it is part of the fruit of the spirit. Their are several things that rob us of our joy. We need to have joy because a lost and dying world must see something different about us.
I. Storms Robs us of our Joy.
We let storms come in our life and beat us up. We must remember most storms are their to help us to conform into the image of Christ. So many times we get discouraged in the storm or get defeated and forget that Jesus is their to help us to go through the storm. When we go through the storm we need to go through it with joy.

II. Sin Robs us of our Joy.
I was talking to that same coworker and the reason there is no joy is because he is living in sin. A child of God can not live outside of God's will very long without losing their joy. When we sin against a Holy God our fellowship is immediately broken and until we get our heart right we will not have joy again. Remember David he said he wanted God to restore the joy of his salvation. I believe one of the greatest evidences we are saved is when we sin against God we lose that joy. If we don't lose joy after sinning we are either lost, or we are backslid.

III. Self Robs us of Joy.
The Word of God tells us we are not our own and that we are bought with a price. When we control things or we are put something else on throne of our life we will not have joy. God wants us to give him complete control. I wonder sometimes if we gave God everything in our lives if things will get easier or if we just get to the point where it doesn't matter what comes in my life as long as I have Jesus I have everything. The reason most saved people have no joy is this reason right here.

In closing sometimes someone says the devil stoled my joy I would like to tell that person he can't steal my joy, I have given him my joy. I know in my life I am so tired of living the mediocre life with no joy that I need God to shake me like he has never shook me before. I want the Joy of the Lord in my life to affect others for the cause of Christ. When a lost person sees the joy you have after something terrible comes in your life , they will see something they need. May God bless you till next time.