Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting Ready for Revival Part2

As I said in our last post we need revival. We need God to sweep in our lives and do something life changing. I have heard and read about revivals where God breathe on people and those people turned their world upside down. Remember our world is wherever we are at this time. I am at work that is my world at this moment. As I said Monday we have to get to the end of ourselves. The second way we can get spiritually ready for revival is realize we need him. I have had the song on my mind I need thee every hour. I wonder how many of us show we need him every hour. We sing the song but to we really show we need him. I have been guilty of showing Jesus that I don't need him every hour. We as Christians so many times make our own decisions. We make a decision without talking to our Lord and we make a mess out of our lives and then we go to God and asked him to fix it. Shame on us. Before we ever have revival we got to get to the point where we eat, breathe, work, go to church knowing we need him every hour. This is the second reason I believe we haven't seen revival in our own life. I mean don't get me wrong we have all seen God work in our life. We have seen God add things in our life and we have seen him take things out of our lives but I am talking about God breathing in our life where we will never ever be the same. Remember what John says without him we can do nothing. I will take a step further without him we are nothing. If it wasn't for Jesus today we would be in a life of sin, some may be in Hell. SOme may be divorced, some maybe in jail, most all of us before we got saved was shipwrecked. Could you imagine today where we would be without Jesus. It is so sad that many saved people used God as a spare tire. I have been guilty of that before, but God wants to have his way in our life. I asked you do you need him to be your companion , comfort, friend, every hour of the day. If not then I believe we must get to the point that we need him every hour before we ever see God breathe revival in our lives. Till next time God Bless You.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Getting Ready for Revival Part 1

I was thinking today that after teaching yesterday morning and hearing a great message last night at church and at another revival that maybe the reason people don't get ready for for Revival is because they don't know how. I mean physically we know how. We invite people to come, we may get flyer and hang them on mailboxes, or we may go to stores and hang them up but I believe one area people miss on getting ready for Revival is by spiritually being ready. As I was teaching the lesson yesterday morning the Lord spoke to my heart on the fact that most people are not spirtually ready for revival. So many times people wait until a series of meetings to have revival. This is a sad state because many never get revived during the meetings. The thought today that I want to get across is the following. The first way I get ready for revival is I got to get to the end of myself. The reason we need revival in the first place is because God is not in control but self is in control. Many Christians live their life pleasing self. THey never get to the point in their life to letting God have it. The only way we will ever see a holy ghost revival hit our lives is if God gets all of me. He commanded us Romans 12:1 to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto the Lord. I believe before we ever can get to II Chronicles 7:14 we have to come to the end of ourselves. I asked this question to myself who is on the throne of my life. I would have to say many times it is me. I more now than ever want to give Jesus everything. I want to be a person that God can use to shake a church, a community, a city, and who knows maybe a country. I am sick of myself and I am ready for Revival. I asked a question to you are you tired of being in control because if you are not you will NEVER have revival in your life. I asked you to please check back during this week as I know I at least have one more post on this subject maybe more. Till Next Time God Bless.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Power of Prayer

Pray without ceasing!
This will be a short post this morning. I was thinking about how important prayer is to the Christians life. If we don't pray we have no fellowship with the Father. God commands us but not only that God waits for us to come to his throne. It would be sad if we lined up all those that name the name of Christ yet they don't even pray. I wonder how much time each us spend in prayer on a daily basis. Do we pray 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or longer. I know in my own life I can pray more. I need to pray more. It is not always the quanity of time but the quality of time we spend with the Lord. The reason we struggle so much in our life is we don't pray enough. Every problem we have in this life can be dealt with by prayer. We look through the Bible and there are many examples of people that prayed the one that I am thinking about is Hezekiah. He was about to die and he asked God for 15 more years and God gave it to him. I believe the reason being Hezekiah was faithful to praying. Now we can pray for ourselves and we need to but I wonder how many of us have interceded on someone else's behalf. We need to pray for others needs. We need to pray for people we know and their salvation. We all know people that have health issues we need to pray for them. Lastly I believe we should pray for those at the church. We need to pray for the Man of God because the devil everyday is trying to get him to fall. We need to pray for the Pastor's family. We need to pray for our church members. I don't think we need to pray everyday for them but we should pray for them once a week. So to close this morning may God help us to pray more each day. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What Sins are Forgiven at Salvation

Heb 10:17
And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.
First sorry I haven't posted in a few days I just haven't had anything to post, but the thought I have this morning I have been thinking about for a while because to many people are mixed up on this thought. I hope to shed light on this thought through what the Bible says. First thank God that we are saved from the wrath to come. I believe that Jesus is coming soon and that we need to be ready. What I mean by being ready is we need to be walking closer to him than we ever have. Now for the thought. Before Christ died on the cross the old testament and people in the gospels had to take an animal and sacrifice for their sins. This happened once a year and it only took care of that one year. God has always used blood sacrifice for sins all the way from the Garden of Eden. He used the blood in Exodus in the killing of the first born. Those that lived before Christ had to do this once a year. Now the ultimate plan was for God to be born in flesh to die for his creation. This goal was met at Calvary. Thank God!!! Now what sins are forgiven we would all say every sin however we have preachers in denominations that do not believe this. If they did believe this there would be no way for a person to lose their salvation. Or how about this one you will give account of every idle word in when you get to heaven or this one secret sin on earth is opened scandal in heaven. The last one every you have done in this life will be made manifest in heaven. If we believe that Christ was offered once for sins then that is what it means. THe bible says as far as east is from west so far hath he removed are transgressions from us. Now those that are lost will stand before God for every idle word and every thing they ever done that broke the law of God. The Christian will give an account for their works for Christ. ( Another thing remember when we see Christ we will be like him why would we have to see everything we have done in this life) we will know. We will stand before a holy God for are motives in serving him. We will stand before God for our faithfulness in serving him. The bible says he will say well done though good and faithful servant. Then we have another question to asked are ourselves why would I asked forgiveness for sins I have committed in they are already forgiven thanks for asking. We don't have too. The bible says he If we confess(agree with God) he will forgive us. I believe we asked forgiveness because we have been taught all our life and it makes us to feel better. We agree with God so we can have fellowship with him. Positionally in Christ we are justified. Just as in I never sinned. IN Christ we have is righteousness. It says his righteousness was put on us. Remember we are dirty rotten sinners saved by the grace of God. Nothing we do in this life merits God's favor toward us. This does not give us a license to sin because any saved person wants to please the father in their lives. I can give you verse after verse about are sins all being forgiven at Calvary. If we were to stand before God for any sin in our lives then that means Christ sacrifice was not enough. We know that is not true. I said all this to say thank God my sins are forgiven and buried in the deepest sea and GOd will remember no more. Till next time God Bless you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Have We Almost Persuaded Anybody?

Acts26:28 Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.
Paul is before King Agrippa here and has just given his testimony of Salvation and told the king what God told him to do. Whenever Paul was brought before someone he always gave his testimony. The King says that Paul almost persuaded him to be a Christian. I wonder today how many people we have almost persuaded lately in our life. The Bible gives us the command to preach to every creature the Gospel. If there is one area I believe every Christian can do better in it is this area of Soulwinning. Now we all understand God does the saving, we do are part in giving the Gospel. We have been left on this earth to give the good news to those that don't have so they can go to heaven with us. I was thinking of a couple of ways we persuade people.

I. Our Lives.
I wonder what kind of testimony we have today. The world is looking for a difference in people. THe sad think is more Christians live worldly than godly. I wonder if our conversation when we go places is godly. I wonder when the doors of the church are open if we go to the house of God. I know people today that say they are Christian but don't even go to church. THis is a poor testimony. WHen we go places most of the time you can tell who may be saved or may not by their dress. YOu to the store and see a lady with a dress on you think business woman, or christian. I don't believe that we only use are lives to persuade people but I do believe it is part of it.

II. Our Lips.
We have to tell people about Jesus. God have us a mouth to talk to those that are lost. I have said this many times but I wonder how many people will go to heaven without ever reaching one soul for Christ. By the Grace of God I have been able by the leading of the Holy Spirit to lead people to Christ. HOwever in my own life after being rejected or told when visiting that people are saved I have grown cold in this area. I believe there are still lost people that need Jesus who waiting on me or you to tell them. I made a Godly Resolution to present Gospel once a week I have failed in this area however I can from this day today with 8 months left try to reach one for the cause of Christ. My challenge to all who read this is try to reach one by the end of the year. May God bless you till next time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Joy of Being Content

Phillipians 4:11
Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content.

The the plagues that is facing saved people in our country is this thing of being content. Our Bro Paul here is in prison when he writes this. How many of us if we were in prison would be able to say we are content. You think about the shipwrecks, the beatings, the stonings, and all the persecution that paul went through and for him to give a statement like this is truly amazing unless he found the secret of being content. Today people are not happy with what they have in the world or in the church. What I mean is people have a house and then they have to get a bigger house and so on. People have a car and they have to get a better car before the other even starts messing up. Don't get me wrong if God blesses us then praise the Lord. However I wonder sometimes if we have missed what the most important thing is and that is the furthering of God's kingdom. Now lets get back to the thought this morning. If a person has sinned in their live they are not content. The secret that Paul learned was the same secret Job learned and the same secret we must learn to be content in our life and that is the Lord is all we need. Paul didn't care what he went through because he had the joy of knowing Jesus as his Savior and the joy of knowing that whatever he went through Jesus was there with him. Sometimes we get our eyes off the Savior and we lose the contentment in our lives. God so much wants to bless us but more than anything he wants us to be content with what he has given us our lives. As the preacher says you can take my friends, and you can take my family , and you can take my house, and take my car but you can not take Jesus from me. I asked a simple question to you and to me Am I content with Lord this morning if not maybe I need to get alone with him and tell him he is all I need. Till next time may God bless you.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Listening to God

I Samuel 3:10 Speak Lord for they servant heareth.

For those of you that came to Sunday School yesterday this was what I was trying to teach on yesterday. For one reason or another the Lord just wasn't allowing me to teach yesterday. So I thought I would post a condensed version of what I wanted to say yesterday. I hope it will be a blessing. Samuel was born as result of the prayers of Hannah. Hannah prayed because she was barren and God gave her a son which she promised back to God. So after she weaned him she took him to the temple and this is where we see the calling of Samuel. Samuel once he knew it was the Lord obeyed the Lord immediately after God talked to him. God has a calling for each of his children in their lives. Now we do have a free will. Some God calls to preach his Word, some he calls to the missionfield, some he calls to sing or do things in the church. We can have three responses to God calling us. Two are bad and one is good.
I. We can Disobey.
We understand that when we disobey the Lord the only way we can get fellowship back is by confessing our disobedience and asking God to cleanse us. We have to many Christians that have hard hearts because of disobedience. Every time we disobey the voice of God gets harder to discern. Would we learn never to disobey what the Lord would have us to do.

II> We can Delay Obedience.
I am more guilty of delaying my obedience which is still disobedience. Many times God speaks to us and we have every intention to doing what God tells us but we do it in our own time. This is still sin. For instance God tells me to talk to my neighbor about their soul. God I believe means soon and I wait until I feel comfortable then I am delaying my obedience. Would to God we would learn to do what God tells us when he tells us we would avoid alot of heartaches.

III. Obedience.
We should strive to always be obedient when God tells us something. God tells me to get something out of my life I should do it immediately. God tells me to pray for someone I need to pray right then. God tells me to do something in church whether it be sing, or testify, or teach, or to keep my mouth shut I need to be obedient. The only way we are happy as Christians is when we obey God the first time. How many trials, and tribulations we would avoid if we just obey God. Remember God says that disobedience is like the sin of witchcraft. I believe what we have in churches today are people with no power, no plan, no peace in their heart because they did not obey.
In closing My prayer for myself and for those that read this is that we would learn to obey the first time. Every Christian should strive to do better in this area if they are failing. Till next time God bless.