Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quenching the Spirit

I Thess 5:19
The word quench has the meaning of putting something out. For instance putting a fire out or another example is quenching a thirst. To put the thirst out. We must understand that the Holy Spirit is very sensitive. I know I have been guilty of quenching the spirit before, and sadly to say I will probably be guilty of it again in my life. God gave us the Holy Spirit first as a promise of our salvation, but also as a help in time of need. He gave us the spirit to guide and direct us everyday in our lives. It really comes down to one thing with the Holy Ghost do we obey him or do we not obey him. The also talks about grieving the Holy Ghost I will probably put that lesson up later because I am teaching that this week in SUnday School. How do we quench the Holy Ghost thanks for asking I will tell some ways we quench the HOly Ghost.

I. By not Testifying in Church, or by Testifying when we are not suppose too. I have been guilty of both of these in my life. When the Holy Ghost moves upon our heart to testify we don't know who it is for. It could be someone struggling with salvation, and you give a testimony and that person trust Christ. It could be a brother or sister in Christ that is going through something that you have gone through. As bad as not testifying is testifying when you are not suppose to is as bad. I have seen the Holy Spirit quench by someone testifying when they were not suppose too.

II. By not going to the Altar. I know we don't have to go to the altar everytime but when the Holy Spirit deals with our heart and tells us too and we do not then we have quench him. Again I have been guilty of this in my own life.

III. By not singing or singing when you are not suppose to. I believe God wants things in order and but in the same way he may want someone to sing a special for his presence to show up, and if he don't then it will quench the spirit. If someone sings and they are not suppose to they can quench the Holy Spirit.

IV. By preaching or not preaching the Word of God as a Pastor. I have seen preachers preach when the Holy Spirit had already did his work and it quench the service. I have also seen when the Holy Ghost has touched the Pastor to have someone else preach and them not obey and the Spirit being quench.

To Close we have all been guilty of quenching the Holy Spirit. Our hearts desire should be to obey the Spirit all the time. Till next time God Bless You

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Did Hinder You?

Who Did Hinder You?
Galatians 5:7
Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth.
Paul tells the Christians they did run well. We live in a Christian World that many people have quit on God. They start out on a house of fire just to die off at the end. It is sad to me to see saints of God that live for God all their life and then at the end not finished the race. When things start getting harder at a church instead of sticking with the church they go down the road to another church. I wonder how are you running today. Are you running 100 precent for God or are you half empty. There are some things that will hinder us from running well. I don't only want to be said to have started the race but I want to be able to say I finished it to the best of my ability. I hope you will be willing to say the same.
I. Family sometimes Hinders Our Race.
Sometimes we have to go against family to run well. There are things that my family don't understand that I believe. They don't understand why my wife don't wear pants. They don't understand why we believe in going to church over family functions. Praise God that is right!! When you decide to run well more time than nought their will be family that opposes you. Even Christians in the family.
II. Finances sometimes Hinders Our Race.
YOu know we have to have money but sometimes I believe we put to much stock in money. I mean God says he will take care of us if we seek him first. I know people who finances got out of whack and they stop taking care of the house of God and slid out the back door of the church.
III. Flesh sometimes Hinders Our Race.
The flesh is our worst enemy. He wants control of our lives. He wants to tell us what to do and when to do it. As a preacher of the Gospel of Christ I get so tired of the wicked flesh, but I have to agree with Paul I do things that I really don't want too, and don't do the things I really want to. I one will be so glad when Jesus comes and takes us out of this world so we don't battle it anymore. The only way to be successful as a Christian is to die daily to the flesh. This is something that all that want to be spirit-filled must do.
Foes sometimes Hinders Our Race.
The devil will put everything possible to hinder our race. The devil hates us and really would like to see us dead, but if he can get us to focus on our circumstances and a Christian instead on a God who can, he will hinder us. Not only the devil those that the devil uses for us to lose our testimony whether in our family, at work or even at church can hinder us from running the race.
To conclude when we stand before the Lord on that day, and we are rewarded will he say Ye Did Run Well, or will he say you ran you race to the best of your ability. Till next time God Bless.

Friday, November 10, 2006

God is in Control

We serve a soverign God. He knows everything that is going on today in this world. We understand the kings heart in is in the hand of the Lord. As we see this week the democrats take over the Congress one has to be excited that we are about to leave this world. Of course my opinion is they are all the same. They say one thing on the outside and another when they are behind closed doors. We understand that everything is pushing toward that one world government. I believe Bush has one of the hardest jobs in the world. I believe he tries to do his best, but I also believe his agenda is out of this world. NOw I was thinking God is not surprised by anything that is going on today in this world. God wants to be in control of our lives also but he will not force himself on us. He will allow us to have our free will, and will allow us to make our dumb mistakes, but thank God that after I make those dumb mistakes he is there with opened arms to welcome me back in. I wonder how much control does God have in your life. Is he your everything? Have you divorce public opinion, and decided not to live for the applause of men but that you are everyday trying to please the Lord. Oh I know that my life don't always please the Lord because we are reminded that the only thing that pleases God is faith, how often we doubt the Lord in our life. We trust God with our salvation. I mean we are going to heaven there is nothing that can change that. We have given him control in that area of our life the day we realized that without him we would go to Hell. But how often we fail to realize that God is in control of our everyday life if we will allow him to be. When it comes to God being number one in our life, we have believe him by faith. Listen the bible says whatsoever is not of faith is sin. I wonder when was the last time we got on our knee's and confessed to our God that we doubt him and that we are sorry for doubting him. Maybe those that read this have great faith if you do praise God, but I believe most will have to say that their faith does waver sometimes. NOt a normal post with alot of scripture but hopefully something that you will think about this weekend. I don't know how many come by and read my posts but for those that do. Thank You and I hope you get a blessing when you read them. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Wallowing in the Hogpen

I put this on my xanga site, but I figured I would put on this site also.

Wallowing in the Hogpen
Luke 11:11-25
The story here is of the prodigal son. We all know the story and we all may have been in this place at one time or another. We can take this from two perspectives. We can take from a lost perspective which I do not believe the Scripture is talking about here or we can take from a backsliding perspective. This is the perspective I want to take it from today. We all have backslid at from time or another is our Christian Walk I would venture to say that most who read this post are probably backslid one way or another. Backsliding is I am not as close to the Lord as I once was. I have not been where I need to be with the Lord for a couple of days. I was listening to a song and the Lord convicted me. The name of the song is Lord your the Best Thing. In my life he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope he is in your life. But lets look at a couple of things and hopefully you will ponder them and obey the Holy Spirit.
The Son's Rebellion
We remember that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. The Prodigal son asked his father for his inheritance and the father let him have his will and went his own way. The same with us God will let us do what we want but we must always remember their are always consequences to our way.
He Rebelled against the Fathers Ways
He Rebelled against Fathers Word.
We rebell when we do not obey the still small voice inside of us. The Holy Ghost indwells us and that is his job. The son has really made a mess of himself in this passage. He has wasted everything and that is what we do when we do not live in God's Will We waste talent, time, treasures out of his will. Our father knows best.
The Son's Repentance
He repented. This is a word that is not used very much in our churches but it is in the Bible. The son came to himself and realize where he was at. He realize he made a mess and remember his father and said I will be a servant to my father instead of a son. Oh let me take time to shout on this one I thank God that no matter how far I go he is there willing to give me another chance. I would never give me another chance if I was God. He loves us and only wants the best for us. If we have walked outside his will either publically or in my case most of the time privately he is there always waiting for me as long as I repent from what I have done. Child of God understand the devil wants to lie to you and tell you God don't care about you, and God will never forgive you but I am here to tell you always forgives his child.
The Son's Restoration.
He came to the father and the father got the best things for him. A robe, ring shoes for his feet. God never puts us second as long as we do our part we are always able to fellowship with the father again. I asked you friend how is your fellowship today. If it isn't like it once was you must get it right. You must repent and the father will restore you. One of my favorite verses in Scripture is I John 1:9.
In closing you don't have to be in deep sin to be away from God. If you have unconfessed sin, if you haven't prayed, if you haven't read. You are away from God you must get this right or you will find yourself drifting away from God and most of the time in the hogpen.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mocking God

Gal 6:7
Be not decieved; God is not mocked.

What a powerful verse we find here in the Word of God. The strongs concordance says mocked me treated with contempt. I am reminded when some one is found in contempt they disregard the judges orders. We live in a world today that things they are getting by with things but one day they will stand before a Holy God and give an account of their life. The abortion doctors, the sodomites, the fornicatiors will all give account and sadly they will be met with a judgement of the Lake of Fire. I don't want to stay on lost people because I want to get to the meat of the thought today.

I want to deal with Christians. How often have we mocked God in our own life. I am ashamed to say I have mocked God. How do we mock God in our life.

By Disregarding the Scriptures.
When God shows us something in his Word and we do not obey I believe we are mocking God. God shows us things to get out of our life, or to put into our life. How many times have we just took the scriptures whether in devotion or when a man of God preaches and say he don't mean me. How sad but how true.

By Disregarding the Spirit.
How many times have quenched or grieve the Holy Spirit? You know the verses after this talk about sowing and reaping. When we do not walk in the spirit we reap corruption in this flesh. It will happen everytime. But when we do walk in the spirit we reap life. We reap peace of God, the presence of God, the protection of God.

Now for the greatest way we show contempt I believe.
By Disregarding Surrender.
The Bible tells us in Corithians that we not our own we our bought with a price. The Bible tells us in Romans that we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto God. The Lord died for my sins, he gave me his Holy Spirit, and everytime I live my life for myself I am showing contempt.

I pray you take these simple thoughts the Lord has given me and muse upon them. The Lord spoke to my heart as he gave them to me. I pray that when I show contempt in my life that the sweet Holy Spirit will show me and I will repent because I know I don't want to reap the corruption of that contempt. May God bless you till next time.