Friday, October 27, 2006

Someone Cares

I Peter 5:7 Casting all you care upon him; for he careth for you.

I haven't real faithful in updating my blogger the last couple of months, I have a dry period.

I remember growing up that sometimes I wondered if anyone care for me or about me. I know I hear the phrase many times from people you just don't care. Sometimes humanly speaking people can get to the point where they really do act like they don't care. I know in my life I have been to the point I just didn't care anymore. When we go through the valleys people sometimes just don't understand us. Instead of praying sometimes Christians in general can do more harm than good. We all sometimes get to the point to where we wonder if our spouses care about us, or our kids care about us, or our relatives care about us, or our friends care about us. I have had friends close to me forsake me. I have had family that when I have been at my lowest it seem like they push further down in the valley. Have you been there, or at least felt like I have. Now to the good part I am so glad that I know someone who really does care for me. I mean inspite of my failures and my weaknesses he cares for me. I don't have to earn his love, he loves me just like I am. I am glad that when I wasn't looking for him he showed how much he really did care for me. He came my way and gave me a peace that passes all understanding. People today reject that name, they curse that name, and they are so empty. I am so glad that when I am at a point to where I wonder if anyone cares I don't have to wonder very long when the sweet holy spirit whispers and says I know someone cares about you. His name is Jesus. I know a little different post but this is what was on my heart. Maybe someone needed it. Remember cast all your care upon him for he careth for you. Have a good weekend and until next time God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that I have the assurance that no matter how the rest of the world feels about me or if they even care about Savior cares!!! I have had many times when I've felt no one cared...not even my husband...but I've always had that assurance that Jesus cares!!

Kate said...

Amen!!! I thank God that I know He cares for me!!! In my times of deepest sorrow and grief, He has been there for me! I also praise God that we have His Word to turn to so we can encourage ourselves!!! Good post, Bro. Tim.