Friday, October 27, 2006

Someone Cares

I Peter 5:7 Casting all you care upon him; for he careth for you.

I haven't real faithful in updating my blogger the last couple of months, I have a dry period.

I remember growing up that sometimes I wondered if anyone care for me or about me. I know I hear the phrase many times from people you just don't care. Sometimes humanly speaking people can get to the point where they really do act like they don't care. I know in my life I have been to the point I just didn't care anymore. When we go through the valleys people sometimes just don't understand us. Instead of praying sometimes Christians in general can do more harm than good. We all sometimes get to the point to where we wonder if our spouses care about us, or our kids care about us, or our relatives care about us, or our friends care about us. I have had friends close to me forsake me. I have had family that when I have been at my lowest it seem like they push further down in the valley. Have you been there, or at least felt like I have. Now to the good part I am so glad that I know someone who really does care for me. I mean inspite of my failures and my weaknesses he cares for me. I don't have to earn his love, he loves me just like I am. I am glad that when I wasn't looking for him he showed how much he really did care for me. He came my way and gave me a peace that passes all understanding. People today reject that name, they curse that name, and they are so empty. I am so glad that when I am at a point to where I wonder if anyone cares I don't have to wonder very long when the sweet holy spirit whispers and says I know someone cares about you. His name is Jesus. I know a little different post but this is what was on my heart. Maybe someone needed it. Remember cast all your care upon him for he careth for you. Have a good weekend and until next time God Bless.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trying instead of Trusting

John 15:5 I am the vine ye are the branches: He that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

As I start this post I am so glad that God knows how to keep his children right with him. I am so glad for the times that if I can use a phrase God hits you with a ton of bricks. I have been saved for 13 years I know I am not what I need to be but I thank God I am not what I use to be. I am so glad that he saved me by his marvelous grace even though he knew what I would be. That is a Wonderful God. Now to the post I know when I first got saved that I tried to earn God's love. I thought the more I did for him the more he loved me. What a wonderful day when I realize it didn't matter what I did God loved me. This Christian Walk gets difficult sometimes. I mean when roadblocks that sometimes we don't understand get in the way. I know in my life I want to do my best for my Lord. I want him to have full control in my life. I want him to be please with me. That should be the heart of every Christian that they are pleasing the master, but as a Christian sometimes I have to admit that I try to live this life through my strength. I try to read my Bible in my strength even though I realize the only way I will get something is if God shows me and I trust it by faith. I try to pray instead of trusting God to meet with me in prayer sometimes I just get impatient and get into a rut in my prayer life. I try to obey the Bible which in myself I can not do. You remember Paul said that their was nothing good in his flesh, and I realize as long as I continue to live my life without giving total control of every area to God then I will continue to just try to live this life. I know that God wants so much for our lives today that we will never see until we stop relying on ourselves. The reason we get in a mess in our trials sometimes, is because we try to get out of the trial with our reasoning. I believe this Christian Life that we live is the greatest life that can ever be lived ,but I believe that if we relied more on Him and abide in him that we wouldn't have so many bumps along the way. While I am on that sometimes we try to meet the needs of our spouses and our children which is our nature, but I believe God wants us to trust to meet the needs of our family. I asked you simply today I know most who read my posts are saved so I know you are trusting in Jesus for your salvation, but I leave a question that each of us need to answer in our heart. I we trying to live this Christian Life or are we trusting God to live his life through us. Please think about and obey the Holy Spirit. Until next time May God bless you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

When God Shows Up

This is a message I preached when our Pastor was sick, it seem to help our church so I pray it helps those that read it. We need this in our churches, and in our lives.

I Kings Chapter 8-12
God showed up to Moses and he shined to where he needed a veil. Exodus 33:18-25
God showed up to Isaiah and in Chapter 5 he saying Woe is Others, but Chapter six when God showed up he said woe is me.
God's GLory departed Israel in I Samuel Chapter 4 because the ark was taken.
How we must have God's Glory in our Lives. If we do not have God's Glory showing up then we are missing it. We must have God's presence everyday of our lives.
I. We need his Presence in Our Hearts.
I know we are saved, but we need his presence in our hearts everyday. When God Shows Up things change.
A. Sins Confessed. If we are going to have God's Presence in our life then we are not going to be able to keep sin in our life. God hates sin.
B. Self Crucified. We need to crucify the flesh everyday. If are controlled by the flesh then God will not show up in our life.
C. Spirit in Control. When God Shows Up the Spirit will have free reign in our lives.
II. We need his Presence in Our Homes. Ephesians 5:22-31
Husbands to be Spiritual Leader. If the Husband is not the Spirtual Leader in home, God will not show up.
Wifes to Submit. I have found when the Husband takes the lead in the home, most cases the wife has no problem submitting.
Children to be Suborninate.Ephesians 6:1-3
A child, teenager, or young adult can not be right with God if their relationship with their parents is not right. I have know many young people that didn't everything right concerning their relationship with God, but missed it with their parents. THey will not have God's presence if that relationship is not right.
III. We need his Presence in the House of God.
A. Sinners will repent.
B. Sliders will get right. If you are not closer to God today than yesterday you have backslid and you need to get it right.
C. Saints will be revived.
Praying for others to be saved, or other to get right. This is an element missing in our churches. How often do u pray for your preacher, for the members of your church.
IN Closing I pray that you want God to show up, if you do get right with him and beg for his presence in your life.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Desires of the Heart

Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

As we end another work week, and start are weekends I want to just give us a thought to ponder. Now I know the Bible says in Jer that are heart is deceitful and who can know it. But I wonder if people would look into my heart what they would see. We all have our faults and are failures but I wonder if people would see a heart that wants to serve Jesus. The Bible says in Proverbs keep thy heart with all diligence. That word keep means to guard our heart. Now this verse say if we delight he will give us the desire of our heart, but i wonder what desire we have in our heart. I just have a couple of thoughts this morning.
I A desire to be clean.
Is there a desire in our heart to not sin against God. DO we have desire to keep our sins confessed to him. Remember sin seperates our fellowship from God. David said renew within me a clean heart. I am so thankful that Jesus washed my sins away and my sins our remembered no more, but I am also thankful that when we messed up that we can go back to him and confess our sin and start with a clean slate again. Would we find a heart that desires to be clean.
II. A desire to be consistent. I have been saved for 13 years and one thing that bother me is saved people not being consistent. Are we consistent in going to the house of God? Our we consistent in our Bible Reading? Our we consistent in our Prayer Life. I have to admit that the last couple of months these things have slipped in my life. I still read and pray but not like I use to. We are going have are valleys, but will we be consistent in those valleys is the question.
III. A desire to be Consecrated.
If people would see our heart would they see a Christian that is consecrated to the Lord? This is what pleases God. If we are not then we do not please God. He expects to consecrate our lives to him. I know Christians that say the right things, and do the right things but they have not consecrated their lives to God.
IV. A desire to be Compassionate.
Do we have compassion for people. I remember a preacher saying that compassion is your hurt in my heart. Do we have a compassion for lost souls? Do we have compassion on those that are hurting that are brother and sisters in Christ. I know I can be more compassionate to others. The Lord is teaching this in my life.

I really wanted to have a positive post this morning but it seems like the Lord wanted to use me in a different way. Would the Lord help us to have these thing as desires of our hearts. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Are we Really Dead?

Galatians 2:20

As I sit here this morning at right this post I have been pondering this thought since I taught in Sunday School yesterday. Paul tells us in the scriptures that he died daily. I believe that is why Paul was used so mightily in the scriptures. I believe for us to live the life that Christ has for us we must learn to die daily. The problem with the church this day is there are too many alive people in it. I know this is an area that I must work in my life. I fail in this area too much in my life. There is too much of of me and not enough of Christ. The verse above talks about being crucified when Jesus was crucified he died. If we go to a funeral home today and see a dead body. It has no emotions, attitudes, say-so. It is dead. THe way we become fruit bearing Christians is when we die to self. As long as I am in control Christ can not do what he wants to in my life. The bible says we are no longer our own we are bought with a price. That means when I take my life back and live for myself I am robbing God. There are lot more people robbing God this way than with their money. I want to give a couple of things and let you ponder on them and maybe the Lord will challenge you as he has challenge me.
I. In Attitudes.
When I get an attitude with someone I am not dead. This is one that I have to work on daily. God expects us to have a christ-like attitude all the time not just sometimes. If we don't have a Christ-like attitude then we are in SIN. That is a hard pill to swallow as a preacher but it is so true. When I blow my top at work then I am not dead to self.
II. In Arguments. WHen you get in a disagreement with someone and it turns into an argument then we are not dead. The next time we start arguing with are spouse, parents, or brother or sisters let us remember that we are not dead. This is hard teaching but this is truly how we live a victorious Christian Life. God expects us to give him glory with are life.
In Closing we need people to see Christ in our life. The world has seen to many Christians live just like they do. They need to see someone that is different in their life. The only way people will see something different is when we are dead to self and allow the fruit of the spirit to be evident in our life. Please examine yourself and see what the Lord would have you do in this area of Crucifying the flesh. May God Bless till next time.