Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When God Puts Us to the Test

I was thinking this morning after reading Mrs Julies post about Michelle about this very thought. Sometimes I believe God puts us to the test to see what we are made out of. I know there have been times in my life that I have preached, or taught, or made a decison for Christ that the next week he definitely put me through a test. God does things in our life for him to get the glory. We as Christians need to get a understanding that we need to allow God to do whatever he needs in our lives to get us to the point where he wants us. If we want to be surrender he is going to test us, if we want to be seperated he is going to test us, here is a big one if we truly want the filling of the Holy Ghost God will test us. As our preacher puts we will never be filled with the Holy Ghost until we allow God to do want he wants through us and to us. If your flesh is like mine I hate when God puts me to test, but I know it is needful. I was thinking of several areas God will put us through a test in.

Our Faith.
Remember there is verse in the Bible whatsoever is not of faith is sin. That is one of those toestomping verses because we don't have the faith we need to have in our lives. If there is area I struggle in my Christian Life is believing that God can. We believe he can do for others but we do not belive he can do for us. We know the Bible tells us the only way we can can be pleasing to God is if we have faith. I wonder where our faith is today. We have faith for us to save our soul and Praise God for that, but do we have faith when the bad health report comes that God will heal me, do we have faith when the bills need paid. I thank God that he still blesses me inspite of my faith because remember the disciples who walked with him lack faith many times.

Our Followship
You ever been in a meeting or a revival and you really made you mind up that you wanted Jesus to be your all in all. YOu wanted to breathe upon by the Holy Ghost. That was your hearts desire. You finally got tired of being in control and gave God the reins in your heart. What happen God tested you? How many times have I made a decision and the Lord tested the substance of that decision. If you open your mouth to the Lord testing will definitely come.

Our Fervency.
How fervent our we in our prayer life? I wonder if it came down to my prayer life to help a brother or sister in need. Would my prayer do? That is a tough question. If it came down to my prayer life if God would move in the service. Am I fervent enough. If it came down to my prayer life if God would saved a lost loved one. Am I truly fervent in my praying.

In Closing I am guilty of being weak when the testing comes. I again thank God that he gives me the chance to serve him and to love him inspite of what I am, and inspite of the fraility of my Faith, Followship, and Fervency. May God help us when the test comes to be ready for what is going to come behind. Till next Time God Bless.


Kate said...

You know, Bro. Tim, it is so true that the Lord puts us to the test at times. I think of the Potter's vessel at this point. The Potter makes a cup - what good is that cup unless it is tested to see if it will hold water? How good is the cup if the Potter cannot use it?

Today's blog was a blessing to me, Sir. God bless your blogging ministry!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I prompted a post huh? Well....I know that God has been testing me. I so want to be filled with the Spirit but I must go through much to have that accomplished in my life. My gentleness and goodness toward others has been tested for sure in the way of that on-call doctor that I talked to the other night. And so was my temperance. But I didn't let him get the best of me. He about did for sure just in the way he talked to me and had no compassion for what I was dealing with. I can say one thing....this whole thing with Michelle has caused me to lean on Jesus as the Great Physician. We lean on Jesus as our provider and our Rock and our Fortress and etc. It depends on the situation we face as to what He is to us. In this He has been so much but I've looked to Him as the Great Physician for my daughter's sake. Thanks for the post!!