Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Shaking From God

The Bible tells us over and over that we need to be right with God in all area's of our life. We can look at People like Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul that God did use in mighty ways even inspite of their failures. We all sometimes get into Christian ruts in our life. What I mean by that is we all get cold on God sometimes. There is none of I believe can say I am always on fire for the Lord. I am always being directed by the Holy Ghost of God in all areas of my life. We all have times where we are stronger for our Lord. In my own life I have got the point where I am tired of failing the Lord in the same area's of my life and I am ready for God to shake me. I want my life to be different than the normal Christian life. I know people that enjoy living in mediocre or lukewarm as Revelation Chapter 3 tells us, but there are some that want excell in the Christian Life. I know that this comes with a cost. I know most that read my blog read Mrs Julies posts. It should be the desire and motivation of all our hearts to live spirit-filled. The reason more people don't come to Christ isn't because of the day we are living in because the Holy Spirit is still convicting hearts, it isn't because everyone is saved. It is because when we walk in this world people don't see the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We need a shaking from in God in Several areas of our life I will hit them and then let you allow God to work in your life.

We need a Shaking in Our Study.
We need to be students of the Word of God. We don't just need to read it, it needs to be a part of our everyday life. I know this is area where I have struggle so far this summer but God has shown me and I am trying to study his word more. I want to know him in my life in more intimate way.

We need a Shaking in Our Supplication
As a Christian I humbly have to say that this has been an area where I have struggle almost my whole Christian life. We need to power of God and the only way that comes is through Prayer. We have to have a stable prayer life. I have preached and taught on this subject because even though I pray I can not say I have a prayer life that is always effective for the cause of Christ. I humbly asked all those that read this When was the last time you got ahold God?

We need a Shaking in Our Soulwinning.
I am not going to spend long on this thought. Just that I fail in this is area and need to do better. We need to reach people for the cause of Christ before it is too late in our lives. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?

Just a quick thought that was on my heart that God has been working me over on. Will you allow God to shake you to the point that you would be a more effective Christian. God Bless Till Next time.

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Kate said...

This was "boring" - it bore right down to my soul ;-) It made me think of Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2Ti 2:15) We're to study to show ourselves approved unto God - not for our own glory or to show off to others - but unto God! He knows why we're studying and will reward us with Truth!

Good blog today, Brother!!!