Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Worth of A Soul

I tried to put this post up yesterday but it not let me. I was thinking about this yesterday. I wonder if we really have ponder the fact of what someone's soul is worth in the eyes of God. I know I don't witness like I should but I do try to give the gospel to people. I was sitting in the warehouse yesterday and started to think about the people I work with and realized that many are going to Hell. Not that I have not tried to talk to them about the Lord, but believe as long as they go to church and try to do good God will let them into heaven. It is very difficult to witness to those because the devil has blinded their eyes. NOw lets look at a couple of things that I hope encouraged us but also move us to do more in this area of telling the lost about Christ.

I. What is a Soul Worth to God?
It was worth is only begotten son Christ. Remember Jesus was at the beginning and created all things according to Col 1:16. This was the first time that Christ was away from the father. A soul was worth God allowing his Son to come to this earth and die for the souls of man.

II. What is a Soul Worth to the Son of God.
It was worth his blood. He shed his precious blood on the cross of Calvary. It was worth being spit upon, and smoted in the face. It was worth him getting his beard plucked out. It was worth them taking the cat of nine tails across the back multiple times to where you could see his insides. It was worth them taking nails and nailing his hands and feet to the cross. It was worth every laboured breath he took as he was on the cross. What love the Son of God showed us on the Cross. He died for the souls of the whole world. What a great Savior.

III. What is a Soul Worth to Christians?
A. Is it worth us taking the time out of our life to try and talked to someone about Christ.
B. Is it worth putting in a little more time of prayer praying for lost loved ones, of co-workers or just people we know that need Christ.
C. Is it worth us shedding some tears as the Bibles tells us in Ps 126:5-6 to see someone trust Christ. ONe thing that is missing in most Christians lives is weeping for lost souls. I know I am guilty of this in my own life.
In closing I believe if a soul is worth Christ dying on the cross then it is worth me trying my best to reach one soul for the cause of Christ. I hope this challenges us. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Trials Are Good for Us

I normally try to do different posts on my two sites but I really impressed today to put this on both sites. I almost preached something on this last night but could not get liberty on this thought. This is something we all will either now or later need.

Trials are Good for Us.
I Peter 4:12
Beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to TRY you as thought some strange thing happened unto you.
What a subject we will try to tackle this morning. This is something that all who read can relate too. We all go through trials no matter what age we are. It was said a long time ago that we are entering a trial, in a trial or leaving a trial. My title don't sometimes make since but the truth of the matter is trials really are good for us. ONe thing we know is if we go through trials then we are a child of God. The one man in the Bible we can learn much from about trials is Job. He got attack in all areas at one time.
We have Physical Trials. Health issues.
We have Family Trials.
We have Financial Trials.
Job had the right answer The Lord giveth and he taketh away blessed be the name of the Lord.
I would like to give a few thoughts this morning about trials, and I hope they are a blessing and a help.
I. The Reason for Trials.
We have Self-Brought Trials. When we don't listen to God sometimes God has to bring trials in our life for us to get right with him. I believe many ways God chastens us is to bring trials in our life.
We have God-Brought Trials.
God also brings trials for us to get closer to him. Remember we are to conform to the image of Christ our Savior. God wants us to reflect his son. Therefore he brings trials in our lives.
Why Trials?
1. To build our faith. We have trials so we can lean more on God and less on ourselves.
2. To bring honor on glory to God. The whole point of trials is for God to get the Glory.
II. Our Reaction to Trials.
1. We can run away and turn our back on God. I pray none of us will do this but their have been many good saved people that have done this in their life. They can not handle the pressure of the trial so therefore they crack under pressure.
2. We can praise God through the trial. No matter what we go through we can still praise God. He loves us and he knows what is best for us.
In closing thank God he may not get rid of the trial when we pray but he will go through the midst of our trial with us. So when you look back in your life you realize that trials really were good for us. Till next time God bless you.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please Pray

Hello I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have had a lot on my mind the last couple of weeks. We are moving this Saturday, and then the Lord been dealing with me on some things and then we had court this morning. This is where my prayer request comes in. March of this last year we welcome to foster children into our home. There names were Savannah who is 4 and Kassidy who will be 6 months in Sept. I can go into details about why they were in care, but we found out this morning that the momma of the kids was able to get weekend visitation. This was a real surprise this morning, and we took it kind of hard. My prayer request is that you pray that if it is God's Will for the kids to go home, that you would please pray with me that God will give us the peace and grace to get through it. For those that don't know my wife is not able to have children of course God can bless us in that way if it is his will. We know God makes no mistakes and the kids were not in home for no reason. The judge has not ordered reunification yet. So we know we will have them on the weekdays for the next 5 weeks at least. If you have never went through this it makes you wrenched in you heart. Again I just asked that you would please pray for the Ellison family before you go to bed this evening. I still know this that we have to Thank God and Praise God inspite of the situation. Your brother in Christ Bro Tim.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When God Puts Us to the Test

I was thinking this morning after reading Mrs Julies post about Michelle about this very thought. Sometimes I believe God puts us to the test to see what we are made out of. I know there have been times in my life that I have preached, or taught, or made a decison for Christ that the next week he definitely put me through a test. God does things in our life for him to get the glory. We as Christians need to get a understanding that we need to allow God to do whatever he needs in our lives to get us to the point where he wants us. If we want to be surrender he is going to test us, if we want to be seperated he is going to test us, here is a big one if we truly want the filling of the Holy Ghost God will test us. As our preacher puts we will never be filled with the Holy Ghost until we allow God to do want he wants through us and to us. If your flesh is like mine I hate when God puts me to test, but I know it is needful. I was thinking of several areas God will put us through a test in.

Our Faith.
Remember there is verse in the Bible whatsoever is not of faith is sin. That is one of those toestomping verses because we don't have the faith we need to have in our lives. If there is area I struggle in my Christian Life is believing that God can. We believe he can do for others but we do not belive he can do for us. We know the Bible tells us the only way we can can be pleasing to God is if we have faith. I wonder where our faith is today. We have faith for us to save our soul and Praise God for that, but do we have faith when the bad health report comes that God will heal me, do we have faith when the bills need paid. I thank God that he still blesses me inspite of my faith because remember the disciples who walked with him lack faith many times.

Our Followship
You ever been in a meeting or a revival and you really made you mind up that you wanted Jesus to be your all in all. YOu wanted to breathe upon by the Holy Ghost. That was your hearts desire. You finally got tired of being in control and gave God the reins in your heart. What happen God tested you? How many times have I made a decision and the Lord tested the substance of that decision. If you open your mouth to the Lord testing will definitely come.

Our Fervency.
How fervent our we in our prayer life? I wonder if it came down to my prayer life to help a brother or sister in need. Would my prayer do? That is a tough question. If it came down to my prayer life if God would move in the service. Am I fervent enough. If it came down to my prayer life if God would saved a lost loved one. Am I truly fervent in my praying.

In Closing I am guilty of being weak when the testing comes. I again thank God that he gives me the chance to serve him and to love him inspite of what I am, and inspite of the fraility of my Faith, Followship, and Fervency. May God help us when the test comes to be ready for what is going to come behind. Till next Time God Bless.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Spiritual Birthday

I have been really busy lately with dealing with certain downfalls in my life. I still been looking at everyone's pages just not responding as often. I appreciate Bro Jerry's and Sisters Kates posts this week. I do plan on starting a series soon just needing liberty to do so.

This post is a little different but I didn't want today go by without out saying something about the greatest day in my life. That is when I met the Lord. I thank God for a bus captain by the name of Burl Skiles that first started picking me up to go to church at a Baptist Church at the age 11 or 12. I thank God for a Sunday School teacher by the name of Bro Taulbee who at 60 years old told us the truth about God's Holy Word. I thank God for a man by the name of Bro Dale Hibsman that took an interest in a troubled teenager. He was my youth pastor. He also was the one the really wanted me to go to the Wilds camp in NOrth Carolina. I thank God that he kept encouraging me to go to camp. It was on a Tuesday Night 13 years ago that the sweet Holy Spirit came down and convicted my heart and showed me my need for a Savior. I thank God for the preacher Bro Steve Pettit that preached on the Spirtual Mask. I am so glad that I gave the Lord my life that night. What a peace I felt for the first time ever in my life. I realize that I have family that right now are alcoholics, drug addicts, adulters, and fornicatiors but God saved me from that mess of junk. Yes I had sin but I thank God that I can stand say I have never drank liquor, smoke a cigarette or done drugs. That is the testimony of the grace of God in my life. I do thank my Lord that he changed my life. I was a brand new creature. I stand to testify that I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not what I use to be. Thank God that I know that I know I am going to heaven when I die that is the greatest hope any of us could ever have. God bless you till next time.
Bro Tim-

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Shaking From God

The Bible tells us over and over that we need to be right with God in all area's of our life. We can look at People like Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul that God did use in mighty ways even inspite of their failures. We all sometimes get into Christian ruts in our life. What I mean by that is we all get cold on God sometimes. There is none of I believe can say I am always on fire for the Lord. I am always being directed by the Holy Ghost of God in all areas of my life. We all have times where we are stronger for our Lord. In my own life I have got the point where I am tired of failing the Lord in the same area's of my life and I am ready for God to shake me. I want my life to be different than the normal Christian life. I know people that enjoy living in mediocre or lukewarm as Revelation Chapter 3 tells us, but there are some that want excell in the Christian Life. I know that this comes with a cost. I know most that read my blog read Mrs Julies posts. It should be the desire and motivation of all our hearts to live spirit-filled. The reason more people don't come to Christ isn't because of the day we are living in because the Holy Spirit is still convicting hearts, it isn't because everyone is saved. It is because when we walk in this world people don't see the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We need a shaking from in God in Several areas of our life I will hit them and then let you allow God to work in your life.

We need a Shaking in Our Study.
We need to be students of the Word of God. We don't just need to read it, it needs to be a part of our everyday life. I know this is area where I have struggle so far this summer but God has shown me and I am trying to study his word more. I want to know him in my life in more intimate way.

We need a Shaking in Our Supplication
As a Christian I humbly have to say that this has been an area where I have struggle almost my whole Christian life. We need to power of God and the only way that comes is through Prayer. We have to have a stable prayer life. I have preached and taught on this subject because even though I pray I can not say I have a prayer life that is always effective for the cause of Christ. I humbly asked all those that read this When was the last time you got ahold God?

We need a Shaking in Our Soulwinning.
I am not going to spend long on this thought. Just that I fail in this is area and need to do better. We need to reach people for the cause of Christ before it is too late in our lives. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?

Just a quick thought that was on my heart that God has been working me over on. Will you allow God to shake you to the point that you would be a more effective Christian. God Bless Till Next time.