Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Reality of Persecution

II Timothy 3:12 Yea, all that will live godly shall suffer persecution.

Our brother Paul here is writing this book to a young preacher by the name of Timothy. If there is one person that knew about persecution it was Paul. Before he became Paul he persecuted the church of the living God. After he became Paul Jesus told him he would suffer persecution. The post comes from a website I just read a few minutes ago. Here in Atlanta they have the gay pride parade. Well there was a preacher by the name of Billy Ball and two other preacher, and 20 people from those churches that decided to preach the Gospel on the street. They were arrested and thrown in jail with the charge of criminal tresspassing. THey say the arresting officers were lesbians. This is happening in America. I know in other countries like India, and Russia, and the Sudan people are killed for their faith on a daily basis. People can not go to church, read the bible, get caught praying or they will suffer the consequences. We have it made up to this point in America but those rights are getting taken away quickly. I wonder how we would react if we were thrown in jail in this country for the propegation of the Gospel of Christ. I wonder if people came into our home and told us to deny the Lord Jesus or die. WHich would we choose? I wonder what I would choose. God has been so good to us today in America that we ought to praise God for the freedom we have in this country. What if it was all gone tomorrow how would we react? The reality is most saved people would not suffer persecution because they are not living godly. If there is one thing missing in the church it is godly people. Sometimes Christians forget that they are to be Christ-like in every aspect of their life. Now to the thought that I want to get across. If we do the following things we will suffer persecution.
I. Our Conversation.
We are to have a Godly conversation. I work with people today that say they are a Christian but some of the most ungodly filth comes out of their mouth. I am telling that person is bringing more shame to the name of Christ. A Godly man is not going to use sarcasm(ouch), or cuss words or the words that sound like cuss words, or how about slang boy is that preach in pulpits across America.

II. Our Conduct.
We are to have a Godly conduct. How is our conduct today. Do we get angry of fly off the handle that is not Godly. We can be angry and sin not.

The Reality today is persecution is coming to our country. When we can not preach the Gospel on streets that is persecution. When I can't go to the mall and talk to people about Jesus that is persecution. The closer we get to his coming I believe we will see more persecution. The question is are we godly enough to suffer for the name of Christ. Till next time God Bless.


Jerry Bouey said...

Yes, the Bible does say, "all that will live godly shall suffer persecution." I have often thought that if today's Christian (in North America) is not being persecuted, then we are telling on ourselves! Praise the Lord I can say I have lost friends and family due to my stands on God's Word - though it certainly cannot compare to what some true believers in other countries are facing, it means that I am not trying to go with the flow of modern Christendom.

Thanks for addressing the issue of our speech - there are too many Christians that use God's name in vain, that use slang or even crude speech and feel no shame for it. That ought never to be. Our words should always glorify the Lord and be honourable and pure - not gutter talk or suggestive, etc.

Jessica said...

Great Post Bro Tim!! A friend of mine called me yesterday with the news about Bro Billy, Bro Doug, and the other men of God that were preaching at the Atlanta Pride Parade. How sad that they can take away our freedom of speech like that!! Christians need to take a stand, or we are going to loose all of our freedom, and end up like those other countries you mentioned!

Jeff said...

Pastor Ball's email didnt tell the whole story though. They were arrested for criminal trespass because they were inside the area which the Pridefest organizers had reserved. That means that Pastor Ball and his people could have shouted and screamed or whatever from the other side of the street, but one they're in the reserved park and refuse to leave when asked. They have committed criminal trespass.