Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How we Can Know We Are Going To Heaven

As I begin this post I would first say I thank God I can Know I am going to Heaven. I thank God that is not depended on what I do for him, but what he has done for me. We have too many people in Religious circles that say you can not know you are going to heaven. I reminded of a verse this morning in I John 5:13 it tells that we may know we have eternal life. I thank God I don't have to think, hope, or worry about knowing I am going to heaven. This post is for all but me and a gentlemen have been going back and forth for almost a week on things about the Bible. He says the Bible has many inaccuricies. My Bible is perserved by God. So I hope the Lord will use this post to help someone get saved. Now to the post.

I. The Proof of Eternity.
People say you can not know you are going heaven. Our whole salvation experience is built on faith. A person that is looking for a physical proof of heaven will not find it. I put my faith in the Son of God.
The Scriptures declare it.
Rev 21, 22.
Until someone believes that God is the author of the book they will not be saved. The devil has blinded the eyes of them that have not the truth. That is why we have evolution, that is why we have atheist, that is why we agnostics because Satan has blinded those peoples eyes.
The Savior declare it.
He preached more on Hell than he did heaven but he still preached on heaven.

The Profession to get to Eternity.
First we must realize it is not what we do that gets us their. People say good works get us their but the Bible says in Rom 3:10 There is none good no not one. GOD EXPECTS PERFECTION TO GET TO HEAVEN. None of us are perfect. The Bible says FOr all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We all have missed the mark. If we rely on ourselves to get to heaven we will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. I don't care what some religion teaches, or some theologian teaches, or what some preacher preaches God said we have missed the mark. So how to I get there. First I realize I am a sinner until I know that I can not be saved. Then I realize their is a punishment for sin even if I think I am good I still have broken God's law and therefore I can not get into heaven so I need help. That help came in Jesus Christ who came to this earth lived a perfect live inspite of what the divinci code teaches and died in my stead on the cross of Calvary. For those that don't believe it read the Gospels. He died the death that I should have died and therefore he bridge the gap between sinful man and a Holy God. Thank God!!! I repented of my sins and trusted Jesus as the way to heaven. He says in John 14:6 He is the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by him. For those that want to continue to do good to fellow man and get there I am not saying you are not doing good things i am just saying you still miss the mark. I hope all those that read this have made the decision to trust Christ.

The Promise of Eternity.
John 14:1-3 Jesus said he was preparing a place and that he would come back.
Jesus is coming soon if you not know him you need to get saved if not your goodness is going to lead straight to Hell.

To close I do not expect those that don't know Jesus to believe what I am saying as I said before their eyes are blinded. I admit our salvation is all built on faith. Believing the Bible is built on faith, living for a God we can not see is built by faith. All I know I remember what God did when I got saved and I know how he walks with me today. I can not explain the joy I have in my heart, I can not explain the peace that flooded my soul after I trusted Christ. The bible says over and over we can have eternal life. I know I have eternal life because of what is inside me. For those that don't Christ today you can know this Savior but first you must put aside your intellect, and your thinking and do things Gods way. For those that know Christ lets serve him until Jesus comes back for us and try to reach all those that don't believe in him or who don't know if he exists. For the gentleman I have been conversating with for the last week. I am praying you see the truth but I realize I can't help you understand, and as we said before we are not going to change each others minds. However I know the Lord can tough your heart and convict you of your sin's. There are things I can't answer you but if you opened you heart up to God he will show you the truth. MY HOPE IS BUILT ON NOTHING LESS THAN JESUS BLOOD AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. You can put your hope in some man that says we evolve I believe I will put my hope in one that created all. Till next time may God bless you.


Anonymous said...

AMEN Bro. Tim!!! Good preaching Brother!! You told it straight and you told it true!! I pray that Corey gets those spiritual blinders pulled down in his life and he sees the truth through the Holy Spirit of God enlightening him in his spirit! There is nothing better than knowing you're going to Heaven!! What peace there is in that!! AMEN and AMEN!!!

Bro Tim said...

Thank You Mrs Julie. Corey actually has visited my site today. He left a comment on the post belows

Anonymous said...

He visited it yesterday or last night I was there then. I'm glad he's coming by your site. I hope he gets the help he needs even if he doesn't think he needs it. I'm praying God continue to use him. It's no mistake that God brought you two in contact with one another.

Corey said...

My reason for commenting on Kristina's blog was not upset her, but to explain why Kent Hovind is a false teacher. For instance, he says the moon dust proves a young moon. This is disputed by Answers In Genesis, a creationist minstry as false. For five years Hovind did not have a building permit for his Dinosaur Adventure Land. On June 8, he pled "no contest" to three charges and paid $225 for each count. In one of his blogs, Hovind states that God can stop the order to have Hovind pay up in zero seconds. Of course, it did not happen.

As far as my views, I am pro-abortion but I would like to see more help for women to prevent it from happening (here, in Canada there is no abortion law). I am pro-homosexuality and same-sex marriage, as my aunt was working on essay Paul's views of homosexuality. I am for the death penalty in "without a doubt" cases of serial murderers. I have no problems with euthanasia and divorce. I am anti-slavery, which the Bible supports, and pro freedom of religion, which the Bible does not.

You say my intellect can get me into trouble with God, but your denial of facts can get you into trouble as well. Calling what I write as garbage and saying I will go to hell, will not convince me that your way is any better. Is it not true that there are two exact verses at the end of 2 Chronicles and the beginning of Ezra? Is it not true that Letvicius 11:20-23 tells of four-legged insects like grasshoppers? Is it not true that Adam appears after the animals in Genesis 1, but before the animals in Genesis 2? What you are saying is that every other evidence is irrelevant to what you believe in.

If I am saved by your way, will I see my father, my aunt and my grandparents in heaven even though they were not saved? What is missing in my life is not God, I know that.

The scientific theory of evolution does not say anything about values or meanings. While some people may add on such constructs to the theory, in doing so they form a separate philosophy which should not reflect on the theory itself.

I have an idea, not a belief. Changing an idea is easy, changing a belief is trickier. People die for it, kill for it. People can exploit it, such as what Al Qaida has done to Islam.

You can lose it all, because it is God, and God only, who makes the decision of who earns their way to paradise. You cannot make an assumption just because you have been "saved" that you will be allowed in. It is your faith, not your knowledge to believe that.

As far as God bringing us together, now, I guess, God will separate us and we will go our own ways. And only God knows if and when we will see each other wherever that may be.

"One man's religion neither harms nor helps another man" Tertullian (160-240 A.D.)