Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Trait Every Christian Should Have

But let patience have her perfect work James 1:4
Before we look at the thought this morning, let me give a little lesson on what the word means in the greek. hypomone-perseverance, endurance. The word perfect means mature, or finished. We all know we will not be the finished product God wants us to be until we get home but we can mature in this Christian life. We have all heard the phrase Don't pray for patience because God will teach you patience. A true fact but really a false statement. God tries to teach us patience through each trial we go through that is biblical the reason I got through trials is to perfect my character. Another place in Scripture that is word is used is in I Peter where the Lord tells us we need to add to our faith certain things and one of these is patience. A good way to know if we are growing in Christ is if we are patient. In that same passage if we do not add to our faith these things then we will be unfruitful. I wonder this morning how many of us our patient. This is something God is continuing to show me in my own life that i need to be more patient. I was thinking a couple of area's we need to be patient I hope they will challenge and bless us.
The first area we need to be patient is in our home. The one person that seems the hardest to be patient with is my spouse. I have got better but we got to realize our spouses are not perfect and they will make mistakes or in my case I am sometimes hardheaded that we need to be patient with them. Sometimes as a preacher I think my wife should be as strong as I am spiritually and I forget that I have to give her time to grow. Another area that I am learning to be patient in in my home is with the kids. We must be patient with our children. We can't let them treat us wrong but we must learn to allow them to make their bone headed mistakes, and then hope that they remember what has been taught to them. Children will either help you with patience or they will drive to a place where you have no patience.

The second area we need to patient in is with other people. Sometimes we impatient with people. I know I do. I sometimes don't show my patience and work and I must learn to do that. We sometimes get impatient with other Christians that we are close to. We get impatient because of their lack of faithfulness to the Lord. We must be patient with people that are unfaithful to him because the Lord is patient with us when we make are blunders, and mistakes.

The Third area we need to be patient with is with our Lord. We are alot times like a microwave oven. We want what we pray for now, and sometimes it does not work that way. We pray for love ones to get saved or get right and we give up if we don't see results. We do not know what God is doing in their heart. The area I get impatient with is waiting for God to allow me to Pastor. I love my church, and love my pastor but I want to preach badly all the time. I am learning that I must be patient with the Lord because he knows what is best for me. The older I get the more I long to Pastor a church. The Lord knows when the time is right and I must be patient in this area of my life.

To close I asked you to examine yourselves and see if this attribute is in your life. If you are doing well in one or two areas strife to do better in the other area. I believe every saved person probably can do better with patience in their life. May God continue to bless you till next time.


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy are you preaching to me Bro. Tim!! I am constantly battling with patience in one or all three areas..and sometimes all at once!! God has to remind me that if it is patience with others that I am dealing with that they are human and will make mistakes and as you said haven't yet reached the spiritual maturity level I may be at. And then when it is dealing with me He is faithful to remind me that I'm still a work in progress. I thank God for the patience He gives in certain situations but I so want to have that patience in other areas as well. Good post and good reminder to all of us!

Jessica said...

GREAT post Bro Tim!! If there is one thing that I need in my life right now, it's patience.... (and NO, it's not because I'm with Ronnie!! LOL!!) It's because of the needs that we have to have met before we can get married!! Sometimes... like you said... I want God to work right now! I like your illustration of the Microwave oven!! LOL!! That's how I feel so many times. But I know that God will work in our situation right on time!! I just have to remember that it is God's timing... not ours!! Continue to pray for us.

Jessica said...

LOL!! Bro Tim, I ment to say "Please continue to pray for us".... I left out the please, and it sounded more like a command than a request!! Oh, please forgive me, I'm just tired!! LOL!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Something I need to remember so much! I was recently reminded by God through Psalm 31:7 to wait and be patient "Be still before the LORD, and wait patiently for him".

Marsheila said...

that was a great post I enjoyed reading it I know I have to have patience about Kimberly's situation I just have to keep on praying for her.and not giving up.
thanks for posting that, it helped me.please continue to pray for kimberly.