Friday, April 07, 2006

The Joy of Being Content

Phillipians 4:11
Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content.

The the plagues that is facing saved people in our country is this thing of being content. Our Bro Paul here is in prison when he writes this. How many of us if we were in prison would be able to say we are content. You think about the shipwrecks, the beatings, the stonings, and all the persecution that paul went through and for him to give a statement like this is truly amazing unless he found the secret of being content. Today people are not happy with what they have in the world or in the church. What I mean is people have a house and then they have to get a bigger house and so on. People have a car and they have to get a better car before the other even starts messing up. Don't get me wrong if God blesses us then praise the Lord. However I wonder sometimes if we have missed what the most important thing is and that is the furthering of God's kingdom. Now lets get back to the thought this morning. If a person has sinned in their live they are not content. The secret that Paul learned was the same secret Job learned and the same secret we must learn to be content in our life and that is the Lord is all we need. Paul didn't care what he went through because he had the joy of knowing Jesus as his Savior and the joy of knowing that whatever he went through Jesus was there with him. Sometimes we get our eyes off the Savior and we lose the contentment in our lives. God so much wants to bless us but more than anything he wants us to be content with what he has given us our lives. As the preacher says you can take my friends, and you can take my family , and you can take my house, and take my car but you can not take Jesus from me. I asked a simple question to you and to me Am I content with Lord this morning if not maybe I need to get alone with him and tell him he is all I need. Till next time may God bless you.

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Jessica said...

Great Post Bro. Tim!!