Tuesday, March 07, 2006

God is Good all the Time

I went to revival last night and it was a good meeting. Pastor McCoy everytime we go down there at least once a service always has phrase he has people in the congregation say. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. That has stuck with me since we have been going down there to revival. On his website he was talking about his daughter who got shingles and now is in the third stage of shingles and he said that the doctor said take the worse pain you have ever had and times it by 100 and that is how much pain she is in. But still he says God is good all the time. I said something to this effect yesterday and was reminded that God is good all the time. Now I said all the to introduce this thought. It seems as Christians when every thing is alright that we can shout it out. When we are on the mountaintop it seems like we have a joy in our hearts and it shows on our face. When the bills are being paid, and the health is fine and everyone is walking in harmony it is easy to say God is good. However when it seems like we are in a hole finacially which remember God owns everything and can get us out of messes we make we sometimes forget that God is still on the throne. WHen we go to the doctor and we or someone we love gets a bad report whether it is cancer or something else God is still a God that heals and can perform miracles we sometimes seem to forget that he is still good all the time. I remember in my life before I got married that me another girl were talking but she abruptly ended are conversations. The furthest think from my mind was God is good, but now I look back and see how crazy and weird she is, and see how God has blessed me with my wife and I see how now God was good in that situation in my life. Even when we go through heartaches children leave the will of God, people we love turned their back on God, or family members that aren't saved that sometimes we wonder are they ever going to get saved we must remember God is good all the time. Remember this morning we are saved and we are on our way to heaven that should give us enough to shout about from now until eternity. We should have joy in our hearts and on our faces. We let the devil sometimes get a foothold in our life and allow him to dictate our peace and joy. The preacher preached last night on being and encourager. He preached on barnabas which means consolation, or encourager. I am convinced what we need to do is encourage one another in the Lord, and remind each other that no matter what comes in our lives God is good all the time. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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Sis. Julie said...

You are so right Bro. Tim. God is good ALL the time!! We tend to forget it because we are human and we tend to get our eyes off of God and on our circumstances and that is when we forget that God is good. When we keep our focus on Christ it is hard to forget that God is good. Let us always keep our focus on Christ and His goodness to us!!