Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fearing God

I was thinking this morning on what to put on my post and I believe the Lord has led me to this thought. I asked a question this morning; Do you fear God? The scripture tells us over and over to to fear God Solomon even wrote it is the duty of all man. We know the world don't fear God. I mean you have murder after murder taking place. You have adultery after adultery taking place. You have abortion after abortion taken place, and we can go on and on. The fear of God isn't even preached in most churches anymore. There use to be a time where people would talk about the fear of God. THe fear of God is not being really scared of God but those that are lost should be afraid of what will happen as a result of their sin. The fear of God as more of a meaning of reverencing God. Do we realize that God has no beginning. Do we realize that today he is up in heaven and knows everything we have done or are ever going to do whether good or bad. I believe before we see revival we are going to have to get back to fearing God in our everyday life. The children of Israel stopped fearing God and they went into captivity. The worst thing we can do as a Christian is forget to fear God. So you asked how do I know if I fear God. I have several thoughts. First do you fear God enough to be in his house. He wants us under a man of God preaching the truth to us. Second when you turned that T.V. on do you fear the Lord. Do we even remember that we have the Holy Ghost with us and before we watch something we should remember that God is watching. Most people don't even take that in consideration. How about my conversation does it fear God. Is my conversation godly or worldly? How about my conduct does in fear God. We can go on and on but I wonder when people meet us or people see us do they see that we fear God. The reason most people don't take us serious is because they see nothing different about us. If we feared God like we should people would see a difference in us. I asked again Do you fear God? Till next time God bless.

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sis. julie said...

In response to your question. Yes I fear God. I respect Him and have so much reverance for Him that I don't want to do anything to shame Him or let Him down. I know that I do...I'm human....but I sure don't want to. I have had to make some unpopular decisions and take some unpopular stands but it is that fear of the Lord that keeps me standing. I pray I will always stand for right and for Christ!!